Jennette McCurdy Gets a Big Time Rush

Jennette McCurdy Gets a Big Time Rush

Jennette McCurdy takes a break on set with costar Nathan Kress and Big Time Rush guys Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt.

The 17-year-old actress quickly introduces the guys and they joke a bit about being snappy. Jennette posted in the notes section, saying, “We all had so much fun hanging out at this promo-shoot, shot at Paramount Studios.”

Big Time Rush is about four best friends who get the opportunity of a lifetime to move to LA and be in a music group.

Jennette McCurdy hangs with Big Time Rush
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  • Serena

    She looks really diff. Haha.

  • Deen

    the guy that tells her to cut the camera, actually hits the camera , and so bad! poor girl!

  • Hannah

    @Deen: He hit the camera because she was being disrespectful to the boys in the band and the crew who were trying to work.

  • sean

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??!! Can’t you tell that he was kidding around. They were on set probably.. and were just messing around. I remember Pena from Making Menudo and he would NEVER hit anyone :)

  • Katee

    @Hannah: okay hannah you have made it clear too many times on every post envolving jennette you do not like her so why do you waste your time posting on her. I know you like miranda and i don’t so guess what i don’t waste my time posting on her post.
    Anyway she was not being respectful to anyone she was just playing around the is no need to constantly look for a reason to hate on her. I am also almost positive that you go by starbreakers on by the way you constantly put down jennette and praise miranda on this site.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Hmm. James Maslow. That was Shane from the episode “iSaw Him First.”

  • Someone

    you guys are taking this too seriously. I think they were just joking. Jennette would not upload the video if they were serious.

  • robsten lovin


  • jacob

    She capped her teeth! OMG she is so gross!

  • jacob

    @Katee: Jennette just can’t stand that no one cares about her!

  • katy

    Jennette rocks!!!!!

  • tommy

    Jennette WINS – she is so cool!

  • Tooty


    I can’t stand Jennette either.

    Why would you think that there’s only one person that doesn’t like her?
    Seriously, you think there is only one person who goes around to different boards posting under different names? Give me a break!

  • keN

    . . . . . kinda looks like she’s helping to promote
    the new Nick show ‘BIG TIME RUSH’. It appears
    as though she might actually be using her own
    phone to ‘intro’ the cast to the masses. Nick must
    be dang glad she’s in their camp. …”Now sit back
    with a pound of bacon and enjoy the show” . .’SAM’

  • jas

    haha… cut the camera!!!! ahhh i love carlos!!

>>>>>>> staging1