Zac Efron Wears Jeans For Eight Weeks Straight

Zac Efron Wears Jeans For Eight Weeks Straight

You read the title right — Zac Efron admits to wearing his G-Star raw denim jeans for eight weeks straight.

The 22-year-old actor dished to WWD at the Nylon Guys Launch event about his favorite pair of jeans, saying, “They’re my favorite jeans. I wore them all throughout High School Musical 3. I even wore them hiking. You have to wear them everywhere to get them right.”

We just hope Zac washed them — Eek!

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  • LG

    As long as he washed them than it’s okay.

  • gaby

    i dont believe this because theres been paparazzi pictures and he’s not wearing the same jeans.
    but even if he does, he’s normal. :]
    i’ll wear the same jeans like 3-4 times before washing them.

  • kami

    that’s funny. long as he showered and put on clean underwear.

  • pop86

    Zac looks great. Although he looks bored at the party most of the time, I’m sure he had a nice time with his friends Britney,Ryan and Ashley.

  • kami

    here is what he said:

    DENIM DUDE: At 22, Zac Efron is meticulous when it comes to his clothes. Consider his raw denim jeans by G-Star, which he wore continuously over eight weeks to weather the stiff dungarees for the too-cool-for-school look, complete with dusty yellow whiskers on the front pockets. “They’re my favorite jeans,” the actor said Wednesday at the dinner G-Star threw for him at XIV to celebrate his turn as cover boy of Nylon Guys’ November issue. “I wore them all throughout ‘High School Musical 3.’ I even wore them hiking. You have to wear them everywhere to get them right.” :)

  • pop86

    It sounds like he would that particular brand of jeans for eight weeks not he wore one pair of jeans for eight weeks.

  • Melissa

    That is what you do when you have Nudies, you wear them until you get them to look worn like you want them and then wash them! they are not your typical was every time you wear jeans

  • kami


    right. he doesn’t say that he didn’t wash them. you can wash them every other day and wear them every day. washing them weathers them too.

  • wow

    he seems unhappy in a way…. for the past few days… without vanessa. sad boy

  • kami


    i’m sure he misses vanessa, but he may not feel well. hope he’s not getting sick like so many people are.

  • abby

    its kinda like robert pattinson when he never washed his hair!

  • lmao

    @pop86: yeah

  • Katty

    I personally don’t wash jeans until I wore them, like, three times. If you don’t stain them, and they don’t smell, why not? I wash them, then repeat. I doubt he didn’t wash them, so it’s alright. And, clean underwear was under there, so it’s fine.
    I love you, Zac, can’t wait for all your projects. I hope you go see V before your promotional tour! At least for a one last visit before TG

  • taperjeangirl

    if his jeans are raw, they’re not ever getting washed.

  • Bradley Bobst

    That great news that Zac has Favorite Jeans he likes to wear.

  • roxana

    i’ll be happy to wash his jeans for free just to get a stick of his smell ;p Vanessa has said before that he smells good, so if his gf doesnt have time to wash them i’ll do it for her-anything for that hottie..

  • lil d


  • me.

    lmfao. i do that with my jeans. but not for 8 freakin’ weeks. that’s like, 2 months!

  • den

    If Zac says he wore them all throughout ‘High School Musical’, then he couldn’t have worn them continuously because of the wardrobe changes for his character. Although, they didn’t say when he wore them continuosly….

  • den

    I meant HSM3…

  • nathan

    they’re raw jeans, most would advise against washing them for at least a couple months, with frequent wearing. otherwise you’ve wasted your money and shoulda just bought wal-mart pre-washeds and saved $150.

  • Kami

    heard its not good for guys to wear skinny jeans for too long

  • kami

    show how much i know about young fashion. just found this. you’re not supposed to wash them for 6 mos:

  • kay

    A guy like him can get away with it !!! :D<3
    love yaa zac!!

  • sheila

    actually, i’ve talked to many store owners who sell high end jeans and they recommend that you don’t wash jeans for even 6 months.

  • sheila

    oh, i just saw your comment kami. lol. i just read the write up and had to comment.

  • duuumm


    unhappy?? look, i’m okay with all the vanessa zanessa thing, but it really annoys me when people have to attribute every single thing with her. according to an eyewitness at the nylon boys party, zac was described as “extremely lively and complimentary to both the restaurant and magazine staff.” He also seemed “social and went out of his way to greet guests/party-goers.” the person continues to note that the “photos almost seem to not do him justice. It really was a fun evening.”

    also, the only reason he doenst look happy in the recent pics you’ve seen him in is because those are pap shots of him. zac hates paps. of course he’d look unhappy.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Phua, who cares ? He loves his jeans, I love him. I see guys at my school wearing the same jeans every. single. day. And @kay: totally agreed !! :D He can get away with anything. ;)

  • kami


    you’re right. he must be getting very tired of the paps. they seem to be following him. i’m sure zac was a very gracious to everyone and had a good time at his party. he even took pics with fans.

  • Sina(its cold in germany xD)

    Why exactly would you wash jeans if they dont smell and finally fit you perfectly.. Its a jeans not some random jeans.. You dont wash jeans every 3rd day or something like that.. Leave him alone with wearing them straight 8 weeks.. Why would you think he wouldnt shower -.- this is so non of your business.. Its ridiculous.. Hes like every other person on this earth.. Get over it.. I can tell you that he smells good ;)

  • mhay

    I just love this guy.

  • ellinaa

    hess soo fitt :D x

  • Xen

    it’s alright even if he wears jeans for a month!jeans compliments on his fashion and look. .
    love you zac=)

  • svenja**

    It doesn’t matter at all. He’s amazing. Period.

  • boji

    Eeeeyew, how many times can you wear a pair of jeans and not wash it? I doubt that Zac wears his jeans 8 times before washing them. I guess the weather in the US is dryer and not so sweaty. Where I’m at if you wear them more than twice, they will begin to pong especially if you wear them outdoors. Oh well, in Winter perhaps you can get away with wearing 8 times, barely.

  • Elena Clayton

    He’s just perfect.

  • ANNE

    whatever, he’s still hot.

  • Tiptoes

    Ask Zac Questions

    The teen heartthrob best known for his roles in High School Musical and Hairspray is hanging up his dancing shoes and flexing his dramatic muscles. On Nov. 25, Efron makes his grown-up role debut in Me and Orson Welles, as an up-and-coming actor starring in the stage production Julius Caesar directed by the famed auteur. Submit your questions for Zac Efron below, then read the interview in an upcoming issue of TIME magazine.

  • Pinkster

    Oh come on, I’m sure he washed them since that helps break them in and he probably has more than one pair too. What I got from his comment is that he just likes the brand. Articles like this is how bad, negative rumors get started.

  • Karen


    That was very interesting and strange all at the same time! But as someone said, I’m sure Zac showers everyday and puts on clean underwear. That makes a big difference. However, I am like the article said, being a female, I would not much want to go 6 months not washing an item like jeans. Plus, as the author was saying, “I don’t want to have a relationship with my jeans”…..

    And I might add for a medical reason here: I used to work at Planned Parenthood years ago and we would see girls come in—especially during hot weather–with all kinds of infections and one of the reasons was because they did not wear underwear but would wear their jeans more than once before washing them. TAKE NOTE this is NOT a good thing to do EVER.

  • lilli

    @ kammi : haha

  • hehehee

    It’s raw denim, you can’t wash them for a couple months because they will bleed and turn to crap. You have to febreze them all the time. Eventually you can wash them but it ruins the idea of raw denim, it’s not recommended until at least 3-6 months after. You can get them dry cleaned also. Don’t judge Zac Efron for this, Nick Jonas wears his RAW a.p.c New Cure’s all the time so he doesn’t wash them either. The whole Jonas crew wears Raw Denim, it’s hardly gross. You’re supposed to wear raw denim all the time because it becomes a second skin so to speak. Do some research before you talk about something you know nothing about!

    I’m glad some people are smart enough to recognize this, I wear raw denim all the time and I’m a girl.

  • athena

    Ha Ha…what a funny topic. Everyone knows you don’t wash your jeans after wearing them for a day or two…besides…jeans don’t look nice when they look like they can stand on their own…LOL….I say, after three days…put’em in the wash. lol. Y’hear that ZAC!

  • Pinkster

    I agree Karen that it is not safe and also manufacturers use formaldehyde in garments to keep them from wrinkling and for that reason all clothing should be washed before wearing.

  • mrsefron.

    awesome!! makes him a down to earth guy and I LOVE that bout Zac,
    and everyyone has their favoritee pair of jeans! i know i do! :]]


  • brian

    Smart guy. I don’t wash new jeans until they’re stained. And no, they don’t stink. It’s the proper way to treat jeans, imnsho.

  • mykamicks

    Mostlikely its one of his favorite jeans. He wore it 8 straight weeks but it did not mentioned or he meant that he worn it everyday. Personal hygiene wise, I believed, he does all his body rituals everyday.

    Even just on his looks and with his bluish eyes, he stil smells great w/ that 8 straight weeks pants.LOL!

  • John

    Its incredibly funny how gullible some people are about celebs, its like you guys beleive anything the internet says.

  • nikki

    such a hoottiieee