Demi Lovato: Jordan Francis Kicked My Butt!

Demi Lovato: Jordan Francis Kicked My Butt!

Raven haired Demi Lovato sports a vintage AC/DC t-shirt as she leaves a dance class in North Hollywood on Friday afternoon (November 6).

The 17-year-old powerhouse singer met up with her Camp Rock 2 costar Jordan Francis, who was teaching the class and big sis Dallas.

Demi tweeted over the past week since she has been working out with Jordan, saying, “@officialjman is killing me right now. hahaha dance class with him. This routine is siiiick.”

10+ pics inside of Demi Lovato walking out of dance class…

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demi lovato jordan francis dance class 01
demi lovato jordan francis dance class 02
demi lovato jordan francis dance class 03
demi lovato jordan francis dance class 04
demi lovato jordan francis dance class 05
demi lovato jordan francis dance class 06
demi lovato jordan francis dance class 07
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demi lovato jordan francis dance class 09
demi lovato jordan francis dance class 10
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demi lovato jordan francis dance class 12
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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • lmao

    her super dark hair its cool

  • EvErY1RoXx

    how do i say this without being mean……….shes very unfortunate looking. =/

    shes a cool person, but looks wise……..

  • Sofifreydel

    DEMI YOU ´RE THE BEST !! <333

  • Gracedimond

    demi is beautiful :)
    she looks gorgeous

  • anonymousS

    #2 “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. that’s ur opinion. everybody thinks different and i think she’s gorgeous. i’m sure some ppl think ur ugly and others will think ur pretty. that’s how it is.

    is her hair wet or just greasy from all the sweating? lol
    love her!

  • gal


    unfortunate how? it blows my mind how people can talk nonsense behind a computer screen and not even be direct…

    how old are you? 12?? are you trying to sound like a middle school snob? because the lack of intelligence behind what you stated put it on full display. PLEASE refrain from making an ass of yourself in the future.

    :) grow up.

  • lo

    She just came from a dance workout. Would you be looking your best after working out?

  • eVeRy1RoXx


    LOL! how can u say im a middle school 12 yr old / snob from what I wrote??? its like 2 sentences , if that. haha

    its my opinion. I don’t think she’s pretty. she’s cool but that’s it.


    no. not because she came from the gym just in general.

  • holly

    she has a Mercedes :) well at least thats what it looks like on her car keys

  • boosh

    what happen to going green!!!!! mercedes = GAS guzzler

  • agnesaur

    demi is awesome love her:)

  • Goosip Girl

    @boosh: all cars are gas guzzlers dear, What do you expect her to do, ride a bike ?

  • xo

    @Goosip Girl: haha ride a bike? why not!

  • Dianaa

    @jezz: wow why would you come to a demi post then? THINK! besides she actually HAS talents she can sing AND act AND play Piano AND play guitar AND even dance Selena can only act. and b4 u say NEthing bout her acting, Demi can act good, Disneys scripts are just stupid sometimes, happens with all shows a lot actually..

  • camu

    she’s so beautiful=) I love how chill and cool she looks.. also her black hair :D

  • jason

    She looks….weird. /: very unattractive

  • bella

    Demi is beautifull
    demi is beautifull
    I love DIOSA
    DEMI you are the best
    da gusto verte divina
    I love demi

  • Tanya

    Demi has a lot of talent as well as has a Selena!
    But personally, I like Demi!
    She’s the best!

  • Ella

    She misses JOE a lot!!!
    Love love her dark hair!!!!!! :)

  • demilovatofan!!!

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE demi lovato soooooooo muchhhh…iam BIGGERRRR fan of demi, she is soooooo prety and her voice is beautiful love it and her songs too,demi you is my idooooool and my role model FOREVER…demi you are THE BEST,BEST,BEST ,BEST,BEST,BEST,BEST,BEST,BEST , BEST EVERRRRRRRR… I LOVEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU demiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjard mejustme

    kristen stewart wanna be..

  • Kerry

    @mejustme: yeah, she does seem like a kstew wannabe nowadays…thats why i’ve lost interest in her…..i don’t like her personality, i don’t like her shows/movies and i don’t like her music anymore

  • Goosip Girl

    @mejustme: Please, nobody wants to be a POT SMOKER

  • demilovatofan!!!

    I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE miley cyrus nd hannah montana she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUKS and her voice is tooooooooooooo I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUU MILEY 4EVERRRR…

  • m?

    @demilovatofan!!!: get some therapy

  • http:/// o

    how is she being a kristen stewart wannabe

  • olivia

    @demilovatofan!!!: what the hell does miley cyrus have to do with anything? this is a demi post. it has nothing to do with miley. i hate it when people go into a post about one celebrity and talk shit about another celebrity when they have nothing to do with the post! dont hate.

  • Shelma Ce

    Really now?
    People are arguing about whether Demi is a Kristen Stewart wannabe?
    Come on now kids, lets be fair.
    How many girls do you see in the street now with dyed black hair because Kristen has it that way? It’s the ‘fad’ right now, and hopefully it goes away really, REALLY soon.

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    I think demi and jordan are cute together XD

  • Demilovatolover

    Demi looks so beautiful!!! I love her dark hair and her black clothes :) she looks awesome and shes very talented. I LOVE YOU DEMI!!!!!!