Jonas Brothers Cancel Zurich Concert

Jonas Brothers Cancel Zurich Concert

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are having to cancel their Zurich concert for tonight.

Youngest of the trio, Nick, 17, has come down with a respiratory infection.

The JoBros announced on their Twitter, saying, “We are sad to announce the cancellation of the Jonas Brothers concert for this evening in Zurich. Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is ill with an upper respiratory infection of the nose and throat and the doctor has advised that he not speak or sing. This is the first time that the Jonas Brothers have ever cancelled a show for sickness and deeply regret that they will not be able to perform as a group tonight.

“The band, the management, and the promoter apologize that the show must be cancelled on such short notice. We will do everything we can to revisit Zurich in the future and perform for our wonderful fans. Tickets can be refunded as of Monday, 9 November until 31 December 2009 at the presale agency.”

Get well soon, Nick!

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  • mariana

    #GETWELLNICK, i’m soo worried. i hope my baby is ok (L)

  • palma

    poor Nick. Get well soon! :)

  • nickj.lover

    OMG that’s terrible! I love him SO much! I hope my prince is feeling better. Get well soon, cutie!

  • Ewa

    oh God!! i hope that everythings gonna be alright!! poor Nick:((

  • Judith

    we hope that u get better nick (L

  • Jonas lover

    I am so sad that he is sick i hope he feels better :)

  • Wouldbeokay

    let’s pray for him <3

  • Jamie

    This totally sucks. I’ve been looking forward to this concert for half a year! I hate that I don’t live in the US, now i’ll never see them

  • Ally

    Aww Nick! Get well soon, because that sounds like a nasty throat and nose infection you have. We are all rooting for you baby.

  • Deborah

    I hope you feel better soon Nick.It sucks that you are sick when your not in your house with your bed.I know you will pull through and come back bigger and stonger then ever.

  • JoeNickev jonas

    ohhh poor Nick!! but I know my baby is gonna be OK !!

  • denise moreno

    i hope you get well soon i love you verry match

  • Marina

    I hope Nick gets better. I REALLY HOPE IT!
    I’m so sad for that.

  • amanda

    nick get better soon your swiss fans will not be mad they will be worried .
    love u nick so much and i will pray

  • lovex33

    oh my!! my prince charming!! :’(
    get well soon nick :) hope u feel better soon

  • msfreek93

    oooh i hope he’ll get well soon love him

  • VAshFanForLife

    u r all talking about GET WELL NICk. but what about all those fans who can’t go to the concert. think of that!!! Of course nick get well but also come back soon to zurich! don’t be so selfish like ah it’s not the concert I’m going soo don’t matter…

  • http:/// hmmmmm

    oh my god i hope Nick feels better

  • meee

    aww, hope he gets better.
    man both miley & nick are sick, something must be wrong

  • lulu

    aw poor thing!! he must rest his little body! i hope he gets better, not just coz i love him, but im going to see them in 2 weeks!! i hope to God it doesn’t get cancelled, il be gutted!! xx

  • gabenceto

    i hope nick’s gonna be OK . We love you Nick :((

  • Future Mrs. Nick Jonas

    Get well soon Nick !! I love you <3

  • mrsnickjonas

    omg feel better babe i love u with all my heart ill pray for u i love u nick get well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    Hope you feel better Nick Love you nick

  • Marceline

    Nick I am sorry to hear about this :( Hope you feel better I love you! <3

  • jonascyrus

    OMG!! get well soon Nickyy.. this is like the FIRST concert they have ever canceled so i really hope everything is ok!! we love you boys

  • jo!

    i hope Nick feels better!!
    Get well soon Nick !

  • cassie

    for the pass couple of days nick didn’t look so great, so i’m glad he’s taking the time off to take care of his health and get better!! :-) b/c that’s what’s most important….is that they stay healthy. the fans will understand and there will always be other shows….get lots of rest and get well soon nick :-)

  • silvia

    i wanna die!!!!!!!!! :’(
    this was th ONLY chance to see them!!!!!!!!! 3 fucking months was i looking forward to go to their concert….. and look now :’( life is sooo unfair!!!!!!!

  • silvia

    of course i hope that he will get well soon!!

    but life is unfair :(

  • Evy

    great, couldn’t he get ill on another day?! -.-

  • DEbby

    I hope he’s better by saterday when he come’s to Belgium.
    Otherwise my birthday present for my best friend is ruined :D

    Hope He gets better soon!!

  • athena

    Wow, hope Nick gets better soon. I know the weather can be brutal if you’re not used to that coldness…it seems to get much colder in Europe than in America…anyway…Get all the rest you need and be well. And that’s my blessing to Nick Jonas.

  • M:M:

    nick! hope you feel better! iloveyoou!!!

  • Alicia

    I hope you feel better soon, Nick. I love you so much. I hope it has nothing to do with your diabetes.

  • rachel

    NICK!!!!, hope you feel better <3
    why are kevin and joe wearing that?

  • Katarine

    awwwww. get well soon nick! we all love you.

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Get well soon, Nick! I’ll be praying :)
    I love their sweaters! :D
    They’re cute!
    Get well soon Nick!
    OMJ I love them!

  • gabenceto

    love you!!! nick
    Sorry for concert but you are much more important!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shani

    oh please this shxt sounds so fxcken fake, such attention whores. hope he dies

  • kehinde

    why are they dressed like douches??

  • silvia

    @ athena
    yeah!! it’s much more colder here!!!!!! the weather here realy sucks!!!!

  • Mitchie

    those poor fans!
    I feel bad about Nick, but seriously, have JB ever done a show in Zurich before?
    I would be sooo depressed if they canceled the show I was going to, especially if I waited SOOOO long for them to finally come.
    I hope they go back to Zurich as soon as possible!
    (And now, Get Well Soon Nick! <3)

  • Bea

    Please tell me he’s getting better and they’re not going to cancel more concerts, the Madrid concert is in 4 days, I don’t wanna miss it! Well, the most important thing is Nick’s health…

  • andrea

    OMG!!!! poor nick….he must be soo sad for canceled the concert….of course hes gonna bee righht…poor fans

  • Joe’s #1 fan

    OMG! I hope he feels bttr!!!! Oh! get well Nick!

  • Addie

    aw nicky I hope he feels better and its not something worse

  • Courtney

    We totally understand, we hope Nick feels better!

  • Feli

    i’m so worried…
    I feel something if i listen your songs..
    So ..I can’t listen your songs now…
    ’till u get well…

  • jonaslover988979


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