Kristen Stewart: Taylor and Rob are Both Husband Material

Kristen Stewart: Taylor and Rob are Both Husband Material

Kristen Stewart lets out a sweet smile as she sits down to chat about her upcoming movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon with Access Hollywood on Friday afternoon (November 6).

The 19-year-old actress dished on break-ups, loving two people at once and who exactly would make the better husband, Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. Check it:

On channeling past break-up for Bella: “I’ve never broken up with a vampire before, so it’s a job…it’s like ‘How do I reference?’ You’re always trying to play the intensified version of reality. And it’s hard because in the movie, I’m also very open and alive with another character — Jacob. So, in a day I would have to go back and forth and that was draining.”

On who would make the better husband, Rob or Taylor: “I’m sure they would both be great husbands. They’re both different…Taylor is great, he’s steady and sure. He’s a really good guy. Rob, if you’re into…he’s more analytical. He’s more thoughtful. It depends on what you’re into. They’re both good guys.”

On if she believes in loving two people at once: “Yes, I do. Oddly enough, that’s Eclipse. That’s just what I left. The love triangle that we’re just setting up in New Moon is that and Bella has to deal with that.”

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  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    love ya kristen!

  • teamROBWARD

    i love how she put way more thought into describing Rob than Taylor… LOVE HER!

  • ceci

    aww i love this girl! She is awesome! and Rob.. He is just to gorgeous for words!

  • jess

    yess team BELLA she has both go kristen i love her!! the picture is very sexy roooooooobbb Im agree with you team ROBWARD

  • She’s awesome, I love her.

  • ninnia

    she is really clever and I love to read her interview


  • Danny

    I love her! so cute.

  • herewegoagain

    Good Interview.

  • chloe

    I love you Kris

  • anna21

    she is getting WAAAAAY better at doing interviews,. she is way more confident now than she was before.Its very obvious and I love that.
    And it is true.. its her life and she should protect her privacy but i think that at some point she will have to give away a little more than she wants to… that just happens with ALL celebrities. She should just say.. Yes we are, no we are not, and i really do think it would slow things down.

  • xoxo

    she definitely handles herself so much better than before. she seems a lot nicer.

  • laura

    She’s grown up so much just in the past year. She’s definitely a lot more comfortable now. She’s a very intelligent girl as well.

  • robsten lovin

    Do I love this girl, or what? The media can say whatever they want to say about her, but in reality, she’s a sweet down to earth girl. Proud to be a fan of such talent.

  • sarah

    I hate her look at her attitude wen she was like im not gonna tell his name…her hair her face her attitude and everything is gross i hate her and i hate bella!

  • Sandra

    She is fantastic! love her.

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    Cant wait for NM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Absolutely STUNNING!

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    I love her in all she does. My favorite is Twilight of course.

  • zebra

    More cast please.

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    shes so down-to-earth :)
    i think taylor would be a better husband
    or booboo hehe :D
    but the BESt husband is of course
    (read my name… yeh hhhhaaa:])

  • me.

    lmfao her hair.
    well… it looks funny in the pic.

  • julia

    Shes not THAT friendly, right?
    I mean, I really like her, but I think she could smile more!!!

  • OH

    she need more laughter in her life…..LOL

  • Grace

    you sad sad person..
    if you hate her soo much why would you come out of your way to say this!
    Kstew is a great honest person so screw you! not to mention great actress!

  • CS

    I absolutely love this interview. Kristen looks gorgeous (as usual in my opinion) and her hair is not as mess now. Plus, she’s soo much better in interviews! she’s getting more confident and out going.

  • Lisa


  • sarebear

    Wow What a great interview, I think she had really matured over the last year. She seems to have accepted that this fame is apart of her life now.
    Im so glad that she admitted how much she has loved doing these movies……. I mean c’mon who wouldnt love working with Rob Pattinson :-)

  • Emily

    Wow, she’s definitely improved a lottt in interviews. I love her so much! I can’t wait for New Moon. I’m ecstatic :D ahha

  • Luana

    I LOVE Kristen!!! She’s so cute… :)

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