Taylor Lautner: I Find Jacob Attractive

Taylor Lautner: I Find Jacob Attractive

Taylor Lautner jokes around with Access Hollywood‘s Shaun Robinson during New Moon promo on Friday afternoon (November 6) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old dished on his Wolf Pack costars, why he likes Jacob better than Edward and snack packs. Check it:

On what he ate to gain the 30 lbs required for the new Jacob Black: “I had a snack pack filled with meat patties, raw almonds, sweet potatoes. It’s a lot of protein.”

On the Wolf Pack: “They’re a joy to have on set. We would be playing football on set. They’re troublemakers. They all fit their characters perfectly.”

On Jacob vs. Edward: “I, personally, find him more attractive. He can keep Bella warm. We just finished one scene in Eclipse where Bella is freezing and Edward is forced to let me [as Jacob] crawl into the sleeping bag with her to keep her warm.”

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  • kiarita´sKiss

    he can keep me warm any day he want!!!1 xD taylor i love u!xD

  • Sandra


  • http://twitter.com/mileyluver15 sarah

    I love how hes not obsessed with his good looking bod i like that alot about him.!!

  • http://twitter.com/helyahitsagnes agnesaur

    i find jacob attractive too lol

  • tamara

    He is extremely good looking. Like a young Rock Hudson.

  • marzipan

    New Moon fever is going around!

  • http://www.twitter.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    He is just so adorable! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Taylor is what makes me Team Switzerland.

  • c

    ughh hes whateverss!


    no hot bod will ever make me switch teams :P

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    kristen stewart is sooo lucky!
    i wish taylor would crawl into MY sleeping bag hahah x

  • w

    Love him!

  • xo

    @Naomi: me too

  • Jannii
  • Izzie

    I love him so much! I’m ADDICTED to him,seriously…completely.
    But who would’nt be?… I loved this interview. All of them. But I didfind the woman annoying,too,well… I guess she’s more Team Jacob ’cause she was’nt actin’ so jumpy when it was Rob’s turn. Ha! Another Team Jacob girl! Are we not just DOMINATING the other team,girls??! I hope so. Screw you,Robert.

  • OH

    why the hell is he so obsessed with his silly body…lil silly duck

    East or West, Edward Cullen and his Body is the best :)


    I can’t choose I luv vampires but thats one big hearted (smexxi) wearwolf so i’m TEAM SWITZERLAND and btw the switzerland thing came from a chapter in 1 of the twilight books but i 4got which 1 but anyways its the best team there is!!

  • elliee

    hes so adorable :D
    ahhh so excited for new moon!

  • Anne

    I just want to point out something, it seems like everybody only likes Taylor because he is cute AND he plays Jacob if he did NOT play Jacob I bet more than half of you wouldn’t give a crap about him. I have been a fan of Taylor Ever since Shark Boy and Lava Girl and it just really bugs me. If all you think about Taylor is that he’s hot well you need to realize that he is more than just that. Also to any of you who just like Robert because he is Edward find a good reason to like him. I have been a Robert fan since he was in “Vanity Fair” and that was when he was 16. I just hope you guys actually have a good reason to like them.

  • twilight lover

    I love him!!!!!!!! <3 And I love that chapter of Eclipse!!

  • Kristina

    he’s so adorable and goofy and shy. ahh i always liked him better than robert, and i always liked jacob better than edward. coincidence? i think not

  • sweetness

    I find him so inspirational. Yes, he has a hot body, but he’s in a cut throat industry and had to throw himself 100% into convincing money maker studio heads he could do the role of Jacob. For a young guy to have that much commitment to his career ..is inspiring. And he’s not cocky or sarcastic….so sweet!


  • gaga

    sweetness your message is so sweet its great to see fans admiring taylor for his personality and his acting aspirations and not just his looks xxx even i think taylor is a great inspiration

  • JULES60

    Oh please, I rather Emmett’s body vs. Jacob! As far as Taylor vs. Rob no contest! Rob’s body is sexy enough for me. Not to mention all his other attributes, I would never switch to annoying Jacob from Team Edward. Rock Hudson, are you kidding, Taylor looks nothing like Rock Hudson in anyway. Kobe Bryant as a better body then Taylor, Rob is sexy, gorgeous, multi-talented, humble, witty, and an intellectual to boot! He has the whole package, my kind of man. The tent scene, Jacob was just a heater for that situation; however Edward kept her cool on their honeymoon in the tropics. Obviously Bella chose Edward and I don’t blame her.

  • http://twitter.com/chelsgomes Chelsea

    @Anne: Well said, it absolutely gets on my nerves when people claim to be avid fans of a particular celeb. When really they dont know much about the person. I watched Taylor Lautner from Sharkboy and Lava Girl and immediately i knew that he was an awesome actor, and its not just his looks. But im not too worked up about this whole issue about girls liking him only because of his body, cos well its just natural! Its girls we’re talking about. Thats the kind of thing that we would do :) More people for Team Jacob, all the better! :)

  • katie

    So do I Taylor, so do I.

  • jason

    He’s a good actor, and has GOOD taste in girls! :)

  • aaron

    He should be with Victoria Justice now. I think she’s hotter than Taylor Swift.

  • seth

    He must be sick of talking about gaining 30 pounds for the role. If I were him, I would be too.

  • emma

    he is absolutly amazing :) very fit!

  • emma


>>>>>>> staging1