Zac Efron Still Loves His Lakers

Zac Efron Still Loves His Lakers

Zac Efron pals around with a guy friend as they sit front row and watch the L.A. Lakers battle the Memphis Grizzlies at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday night (November 6).

The 22-year-old actor has been an avid fan and supporter of the Lakers for years. Zac and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were seen at several games last season.

Other celebs at the game last night included 90210 starlet Jessica Stroup, Jack Nicholson and Warren Sapp. The Lakers beat the Grizzlies 114-98.

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Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • Skylar

    I love him!!!!!!
    I miss Zanessa pictures though. :(
    They’ll be together soon though. :)
    Glad to see he’s watching the Lakers again!
    MAOW comes out soon YAY! :D

  • carol

    oooooh ZAC *———-*
    i miss Zanessa too!

  • agnesaur

    haven’t seen zanessa in awhile miss those two together but anyway zac looks good..


    I LOVE YOU ZAC EFRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • irene

    *___* wwooow he’s sooo hooot
    i love hiim <33

  • i love Vanessa

    I want some new Zanessa pics at a basketball game ! :P

  • mac

    Efron,looking good…honestly hez lookin so damn fine!MAOW release date anyone?

  • maichi

    I love him so much!

    Come back Vanessa. :(

  • jb

    hummmmm can I say that you Mr. Efron get better looking as the days go bye!!!

  • MilenaBest
  • Fernanda

    so hot!! love you zachary <3

  • Karen

    He is one handsome young man and getting better with age. He has incredible eyes for sure.

    I have read recently that MAOW will have nationwide release as of December 5.

  • star in the hood

    oh how i love this guy!!!!!… Zachary ur too hot!!!!

  • kami

    zac brings the lakers good luck.

  • kay

    omg jared wowww ur posting excessive posts on zac efron :)

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    and i still love ma zaccy!!! lol one hot young dude!

  • tabia

    Pics of zac at Pace again

  • athena

    Out and about, and he looks hot as always…I wonder what script he was looking over the other day?

  • Tiptoes

    he looks good…

    and hanging out with friends afterwards –

  • marie

    go lakers!

  • athena

    @Tiptoes: TipToes….wow, thanks for those awesome pics of Zac after the game….wow…he looks even hotter when just being casual. Dang….wish I were the one taking the pic and meeting him.

  • carly

    @MilenaBest: thanks for the picture that was when zanessa went to the hockey game in canada and even lucas was there =D

  • Tiptoes


    per the MAOW facebook: USA

    NY/LA November 25th, NATIONWIDE December 11th

  • SUSAN1

    I just coming back from holiday oh my god i missed six post already and those lovely photos of zac .
    he looks hot as always.
    i can’t wait to see him at the premiere in london.

  • gaby

    his smile is just ADORABLE!!

  • teamhudgens

    HOT! <3

  • Cynthiia

    LOVE HIM !!

  • kami


    those are from the same day just a few different shots. it’s when he was tehre with ryan.

  • Karen


    I thought I after watching the new clip from the movie that it said the nationwide release was December 5. LOL I’m also going blind. But whatever, at least it looks like we will get to see it very soon! I can’t wait.

  • tena

    He is looking hotter and hotter for sure and for me personaly i think he will be a great actor, it will take time with all the twlight stuff but zac is the one geti ng the good reviews to be honest :)

  • ANNE

    and we still love zac!

  • istar

    i love how his eyes sparkle. amazing pics, looks great to see him smile :D

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks great.

  • ryanefron

    dayumm zac you so fineeee

  • tiffinay

    i miss zanessa

  • jazmin

    OMG!!!!OMG!!!OMG!!OMG!!!! sooooooo cute so hot !!!so so so so hot!!!! so beautiful!! zaaac my love i looooove youuu!!!!!! why you have to be so cute!!??? :P:P:P:P


    What a freakin doll-baby! Too bad he plays for the other team.

  • samantha

    damn…helooks amazingg HOOOOT WOowo
    i loveeeeee zac
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee zanessaaaaaaaaaaaa
    butt wooow zac looks veryyy very sexy

  • boji

    We’re getting like what, 2 threads a day average on Zac, not that I’m complaining. It is nice to see him enjoying himself and getting on with his life. Zac does not need a twitter to let the peeps know where he’s at. In this case if there’s a Lakers game nearabouts then Zac is not far away. Anyway, he’s always under their radar, why you may ask, easy peasy he is Hot property right now.

  • kami

    plus his friends tweet abut him. tom lennon just tweeted about zac canceling a fondue party.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    *siigh* His smile just makes me want to melt !!! How adorable can he get !? He loves his Lakers. I love him. ♥

  • pop86

    Zac doesn’t have to twitter because everyone( fans and friends) does it for him.

    Zac looks great,relax and casual at the game.

  • Katty

    I’m glad Zac is having some fun before he gets busy again. He deserves some down time.
    Love you, Zac, can’t wait for everything you are doing!

  • me.

    only 3?
    anyway. HOTTTT

  • ti3m

    three pictures of zanessa together in the hockey game! :)

  • mhay


  • http://zanessa nathalia

    anyone could see the video of zac on x17? after the game?
    I can not access, it appears as removed?

  • kami


    probably they removed it cuz there was nothing to it. i think the “car full of guys and girls” was the ppl sitting with zac at the game. the guy next to zac and the bald guy had dates/wives/gfs with them. x17 always tries really hard to make zac and vanessa come across as being shady people.

  • SawBaby

    Zanessa still around! They were at a hockey game but they were working on different movies, so now that hes done with one it just leaves Vanessa with Beastly. But Im positive we’ll see more of them now because they aren’t far from each other.

    LOVE ZAC! SO FUCKING HOT! Glad he’s back to basketball <3 lakers xD Can’t wait for him and V to go together though. They’re adorable together.


  • http://zanessa nathalia

    thanks for answering