Kristen Stewart Walks For Diabetes Awareness

Kristen Stewart Walks For Diabetes Awareness

Kristen Stewart helps boxer Sugar Ray Leonard cut the blue ribbon during the 2009 JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (November 8).

The 19-year-old actress was a surprise guest at the event where thousands of walkers showed up to raise awareness and money for a cure for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

The 2008 walk raised more than $1,800,000 dollars for diabetes research and JDRF hopes to raise a minimum of $2,000,000 dollars!

10+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart walking for diabetes awareness…

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  • Andrea

    Kristen Stewart is so cool. I love when celebrities go to these events.

  • Rachel

    Kristen come back to shine, shee’s realy amzing. Brazil love you Kristen.

  • Cyn

    Its so great that she’s doing this. love her

  • Flora

    love her so much x

  • russian girl

    Kristen Stewart is smart. She really does. She’s natural beauty and talented. And she has a good heart, probably. Soooo she is GREAT.
    I adore this girl.
    Russia love you, Kris:)

  • http://Nope Sarah

    Heey look, she’s wearing the bella ring from twilight ;P

  • LISA

    Kristen Stewart is probably one of my idols! i love her SO much, and she really inspires me, no matter what the press have been ranting about her. I love her alot! she’s awesome!

  • Gigi

    Really nice of her to do before her tour in Paris today.
    Reminds me of her College ape video she did a few years back.

  • laura

    I love Kristen. First she did the Sexual Assault Awareness PSA and now this? The girl has a good heart and I don’t understand how people can hate her so much. Diabetes runs in my family and my best friend also has it, so it’s nice to see my favorite actress supporting something so close to my heart.

  • claudinha


  • lulu

    it’s great all the celebs doin this. it shows that they’re not all drugged up like people make out they are. and plus, nick jonas will be pleased!! xx

  • Jan4ik

    She is sooo nice!
    I Love her! <3

  • chloe


  • Em

    that was really nice of her. : )

  • Mj

    I love her.

  • jess

    Im so happy for them! go kristen she change her hair…she has a good heart Im agree with you LAURA

  • CS

    soo sweet! she’s seriously THE BEST :)

  • Manuel

    i’m not into teenage vampire stuff..that’s why i never watched or read twilight..but it’s amazing that she was investing her time for a great cause :-)

  • maferktten

    I love her so much!! kristen stewart is amazing, sweet and the most biggest actress young precious with talented. In Mexico we love you so much kris. Please it returns soon!

  • Audrey

    #9, PEOPLE don’t hate Kristen. If you read the blogs and comments, most people really like Kristen. They like that she is unique; they like that she doesn’t give cookie cutter rehersed answers during interviews; they like the way she stands her ground on issuse close to her heart. What is not to like about Kristen?? She is a beautiful actor who puts her entire being into her work. She has really touched so many people with her work. And now she is stepping up to help public awareness issues and charities! She is amazing!

  • Kel

    Kristen,you are amazing.
    Thanks for doing this and you’ve just made the world a better place…

  • renee

    Love all the twilight gang. Why do they take pics of her biting her nails? Not nice!

  • Kaaatyyyy

    ah! i did the same walk in UCI!

  • Khristi

    How sweet is that…..she must have sugar. It’s nice that she’s doing something positive other than complaining about the media and Twilight fans. Good for her.

  • aaalex

    THE END.

  • helen w

    i’m extremely satisfied that all the comments are positive about her. she’s amazing, people started confusing her with twilight. and twilight fans were prejudiced when they talked about her peronality. they confused their jealousy.

    she’s amazing, she really is

  • Sarah

    She is SO cute! I love how she’s all smiley these days when she does press and doesn’t seem scared like before. Great actress and so pretty. And great jeans too!

  • sandra

    She’s awesome. Always thought so. We need to see more of her.

  • lorilei

    LOVE HER!!! NM coming up quick!

  • banana1


  • Paige

    what are the brand of her jeans?
    I love them

  • kat

    Love Kristen Stewart so much. She’s so great in everyway and a very unique person.

  • min

    Kristen looks cute

  • asia_fan

    in the PHILIPPINES, we LoVe and AdOre KrisTen. i think she’s CooL, and DowN To EarTh. we LOVE you, kristen!!!

  • Marina *brazilian*

    I really love Kristen… the fact she doens’t care about what the rest of the world thinks about her and wants her to be. She knows exactly what she needs to do… and doesn’t care if people aprove it or not.

    She knows what’s more important in life.. and she’s certainly an AMAZING person.


    Brazil loves you too!

    Foi íncrivel o fim de semana que você passou em São Paulo, mesmo que eu more no Rio de Janeiro XD

  • sara

    Not a fan of twilight at all, or any of the cast. But i must say i am commenting on this section because my son has diabetes and it has been very hard on him and us. I am extremely proud when popular celebrities use their fame to promote awareness of important health issues. Thankyou Kristen and i hope that with you being part of this will bring more awareness to this health issue.

  • riahaha.

    i think this is like, a step into selling out. i mean yes, great cause and awesome that it happened and they raised that much, but come on man, like a year ago. she would of just stuttered and walked away at that suggestion.

  • Nine

    mesmerize. I love Kristen. Hai..c’mon visit INDONESIA. It’s biutiful..!