Taylor Swift Parodies Twilight

Taylor Swift Parodies Twilight

Taylor Swift is all smiles after hosting Saturday Night Live and heading to the after party held at Oceana in NYC on early Sunday morning (November 8).

The 19-year-old songstress served at host and musical guest during last night’s broadcast. Did you watch Taylor?

Check out the clip below where Taylor and the SNL regulars parody Twilight! Taylor and Bill Hader are Philip and Stella in Firelight.

FYI: Taylor was wearing a gorgeous Marchesa strapless ombre silk chiffon gown during her performance of “You Belong With Me” and carried a Lauren Merkin “Eve” clutch on her way to the after-party.

Taylor Swift Stars in “Firelight”

Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me” – SNL, 11/07

Taylor Swift – Opening Monologue – SNL, 11/07

“Fox News Election Open” SNL, 11/07

“Driving PSA” SNL, 11/07

“Really?” SNL, 11/07

“Update Sarah Mclachlan” SNL, 11/07

“Penelope Wedding” SNL, 11/07

“Nicholas Fehn” SNL, 11/07

“Carter and Sons BBQ” SNL, 11/07

“Bunny Business” SNL, 11/07

“Roomies” SNL, 11/07
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Credit: Roger Wong/Jackson Lee/Andrew Rocke; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Raquel


  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    She’s my hero. <3 SNL was amazingg.

  • Romildavane

    Monologue song was the best!

  • http://twitter.com/chiiatok chiiatok

    haha you gotta love T-Swift!

  • bailey

    that was amazing!!

  • Kat (:

    veeery funny !!!!

  • http://www.isupportdemi.com Goosip Girl

    Let’s have fun and count of the number of times the Jonas Teenies are going to call her a B!TCH for this one …READY? GO!

  • jackkk

    you jut gotta love this girl :)

  • jackkk

    you jut gotta love this girl :)

  • heat

    T.Swift owned SNL, it was great. Monologue Song was amazing looooool

  • AJ

    Are these the only skits she was featured in?

  • jo!

    i loved her outfit!! :)

  • lmao

    nicely done tay:)

  • angiee

    i didnt that was funny at all…

  • yo

    dang she has some long fingers.why is she still not over joe that gets on my nerves and i dont find this funny at all.but taylor is cool so i checked it out.

  • gold baybay

    @Goosip Girl:

    Oh shut up. The Taylor Swift fans are no better. I respect Taylor Swift and her music is really catchy and well written but she has her own faults aswell. So how about…lets not. And, most of TSwifts fans are “teenies”. So what was your point?

  • gold baybay

    @Goosip Girl:

    Also, are you supposed to be “Goosip Girl” as opposed to “Gossip Girl”? If not, interesting..name?

  • Em

    haha i love how she makes fun of herself in her monologue. lol :P

  • wow

    @Goosip Girl:

    you are right! there are over 2000 comments on the ocean up site and most of them are so stupid from the JB & they have called her that & worse. They can’t take the fact that Taylor Swift is much more popular than they JB & has sold & continues to sell millions & millions of records.
    I thought Taylor was hilarious on SNL – loved her. The tweenies can’t get the SNL concept of comedy & making fun of yourself & the situations that have happened in your life.

  • wow

    I meant to say the JB FANS called her that & worse

  • heather

    I’m not a fan of Taylor’s, but I thought she did a brilliant job!

  • taylor fan forevrrrr

    my fav are the TRAAAPD & Sarah Mca-whatever w/ the dogs!!! LOL!!!!

  • chelsea

    love her! i watched it on tv last night it was amazing!! Especially her monologue and impersonation of shakira!

  • lol


    That part was hysterical – loved it.

  • leila

    she was hilarious on snl!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!! the monologue song was the best!!!!

  • holly

    loved the show! monologue was great the the parody of twilight was PERFECT!!!

  • shery

    I am either Taylor S nor Joe’s fan. Taylor Swift and Joe are the worse couple/girl-boy friend all time, they foul mouth each other especially taylor swift even 1 year after the breaking up. Taylor swift needs to overcome her ego to the fact that she was the one being ” dumped”.

  • chelsea

    @Goosip Girl: haha so true! the jb part was the funniest in the monologue! *sigh* tweens will never understand the concept of comedy on snl…

  • me.

    ugh. the videos take AAAAAGGEEES to load. )’:

  • lokomotor


    Well said! Taylor is long over the Jonas Brothers.Which is why she can poke fun about Joe,host SNL,do an album re-release and headline a sold-out tour.

    The JB fans don’t get it : Taylor’s a megastar now and her career is just getting started.She’s fully focused on dominating the music industry for the next few years–if she thinks about the JBs at all,it’s to figure out how use them as a throwaway line in her monologue.

    The JB fans have more important things to worry about–like their deteriorating album sales of their heros and the fact that they’re in danger of becoming has-beens–compare the media attention and awards that Taylor is getting from the mainstream while the JBs are only famous in tween/Disney blogs like Oceanup. :)

  • Tiffany

    I love Taylor! Get all of her clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • http:///justjaredjr.com o

    i am a taylor swift fan but i don’t know if she is over joe she kinda keeps bringing him up and so what f the jb r becoming has beens it’s not like taylor is going 2 b here 4ever.

  • http://gmail.com lazzy


>>>>>>> staging1