The Veronicas Khaki It For Steve Irwin Day

The Veronicas Khaki It For Steve Irwin Day

Lisa and Jess Origliasso hold onto slithering reptiles as they promote Steve Irwin Day 2009 for the Australia Zoo.

The Veronicas twins in the video, “We believe that khaki is more than a color, it’s an attitude. It’s a chance to stand up for what you believe in. It’s fighting the fight for wildlife, just like the original wildlife warrior, Steve Irwin.”

For more information on Steve Irwin Day, celebrated on Sunday, November 15th, log onto and check out the video below!

The Veronicas Khaki It Up
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  • Kerry


  • terule*

    they are best:!!!love the veronicas!!

  • sarah(france)

    i love them so much <3

  • Kerry

    I love Steve Irwin and The Veronicas are so awesome!

  • none

    Steve Irwin is dead because he couldn’t stay away from the wildlife. Take a hint that is why they are called wildlife. He wouldn’t be dead if he hadn’t been where he didn’t belong. Stop glorifing a stuiped person like Steve Irwin. He was crazy.

  • Camila

    Dear none. He wasnt crazy. He lived for the animals and died for them. I think he is the only human in this life that truely LOVES the animals.

  • ann

    Hmm he was great! I just think what none said was hurtful. Why are some people so mean makes me pissed

  • Martina

    Steve Irwin was great <3 And I love The Veronicas, they’re the best <3

  • none

    It’s the truth he wouldn’t be dead if he wasn’t playing around with wildlife. The guy was crazy. Last count Steve Irwin 0 Wildlife 1.

  • Ayllish


    Your a real wanker you know that? Why call a man who did more for wlidlife then really anyone, “crazy”?
    He wasn’t and thats plain and simple, just because your afraid to do something for nature dosn’t mean anyone who does needs to be labeled “crazy”

  • none

    @Ayllish: getting killed for wildlife is crazy. Call me all the names you want but wen the wildlife is eating you don’t scream for help because I’ll just laugh at you and say I told you so while the wildlife eats you.

  • Ayllish


    Animals don’t eat everybody, there are accidents were they do. But that doesn’t mean that
    1. We shouldn’t help them
    2. That anyone who does help them is crazy

  • none

    @Ayllish: Your a crazy person too. we should leave them alone and yes they do kill people.

  • none

    @Ayllish: Your a crazy person also. We should leave them alone because they do attack and eat people. You’re a real nut job. People like you are what is wrong with this world.

  • caitlin

    love you girls, keep it up!

    and we love you too steve!

  • nikki

    @none: Steve isn’t crazy he just loved animals it wasn’t his or the sting rays fault that he died. And ayllish isn’t a nut job infact you are because your just plain heartless. And its people like YOU how the hell is she a bad person for saying that she loved steve irwin and standing into what she believes in? And we HELP them like pandas for example maybe they could kill us but we help them and thats because the people that help pandas love THEM.

  • none

    @nikki: You’re a tree hugging nut job too.

  • Manuel

    do NOT feed the trolls, guys :-)

  • Jenny

    Aww that was nice of you guys to support the zoo and steve irwin(:

  • riana

    it was sad when steve irwin died =(

  • Anita

    Steve Irwin was great!

  • alex

    How can you call someone a nut job for caring about animals you stupid cow. Clearly your the one thats wrong with this world. Your attitude to wildlife is whats causing extinction.
    RIP Steveeee <3 Ahh and jess and lisa are awesome, People like them are what make me proud to be AUSSIE

>>>>>>> staging1