Christian Serratos is Runway Ravishing

Christian Serratos is Runway Ravishing

Christian Serratos sparkles on the Winter 2009 cover of Runway magazine.

The 18-year-old actress, who sports Coco Alicia jewels with her white gown, talks about the upcoming sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon in her feature.

Coming back from a recent trip to NYC, Christian tweeted about her experience. She shared, “Saw my first Broadway show. Rock of Ages. So good! And a big thank you to them for having beautiful guys in 80′s glam attire belting it. Ha.”

Runway magazine hits shelves on Wednesday, November 18th.

Also, be sure to check out Christian‘s new PETA ad!

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Credit: Thanks, TwilightMoms!
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  • sandra

    She’s gorgeous! Stunner.

  • tamara
  • marzipan

    Love the Twilight cast.

  • Mr. smee

    People Eating Tasty Animals . . .

    Naked? Ok. Now let’s see her walk down 5th Avenue that way :)

  • poppy

    She is so pretty. Love the jewelry. The bracelet is insane!

  • camu

    STUNNING! she’s so gorgeous, I love her and the PETA ad! GO CHRISTIAN! :D

  • lorilei

    New Moon 11 days

  • jahanna

    Love her always. I’ve watched everything that she does.

  • overated.

    Wow, Twilight people are on every single magazine now. How annoying is that ? I like Christian but Twilight… meh.

  • oscar


    Speak for yourself. Personally can’t get enough of her. Thanks for posting. She looks great in her dress and jewelry. We need to see more.

  • xellent

    WOW! Just WOW!

  • zebra


  • mary

    She looks great in the peta ad!

  • speachless

    i love a girl who is willing to whore her self out as much as she is ..not. thats the problem with the twilight cast they are all overated attention seeking whores. each and everyone of them are over exposing them selves. cant wait till twilight ends

  • roro

    Hey, she’s a minor character, she needs to sell herself anyway she can before the franchise ends. As for the other Twilight ppl you see on the magazine covers, they’re just high in demand. Who would you rather see on them? Not the high school musical gang.

  • daren

    OMG, she is gorgeous! Wow. I’m a bit shocked but she loves animals. If this is what gets people to watch the videos on the brutality animals endure for the sake of selfish people I get it. Keep up the good work, Christian.

  • kellanfan

    HOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!I pledge to not eat meat for a week. If Christian can strip down I’ll stop with the meat. Doing my part!

  • winona

    Beautiful. She seems like she has such a big heart. LOVE HER.

  • amy

    I’ve always been a huge fan of hers. You can’t do anything wrong girl. Forget the haters. Their just jealous meat eaters.

  • puha the buha

    isnt shes as suzie in ned declasified
    she look really pretty

  • aicila

    She is beautiful. These actors from Twilight are all beautiful, talented, genuine and young.
    I am so tired of seeing the different people and characters from the Disney factory!!

>>>>>>> staging1