Demi Lovato Has A 'Wonderful Time' at Disneyland

Demi Lovato Has A 'Wonderful Time' at Disneyland

Demi Lovato grabs onto Pluto‘s antlers playfully as they take a break from taping the 2009 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade special for ABC at Disneyland on Monday afternoon (November 9) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 17-year-old singer performed her Christmas cover song, “Wonderful Christmas Time” for the crowds that were there. Demi tweeted, “DISNEYLAND!!!!!!! Just saw Mickey… Nearly FLIPPED out. WOO!!!”

The parade, also featuring BFF Selena Gomez, will air Friday, December 25 on ABC.

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Photos: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland
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  • sg supporter

    selena was supposed to be there, too, i think?
    i read on xD

  • Serena

    But where’re pictures of Selena? She and Demi haven’t been seen together a lot lately. I hope they’re not fighting. :/

  • SJS

    ^Selena taped her part on a different day I think.

    Demi looks pretty. I love her skirt. I don’t like most Christmas cover songs, but i’d like to hear Demi do Silent Night or Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

  • Lic_Merry



    yea selena did her taping for the chrismas parade last week. =/

    wonder why they didn’t do it on the same day…..

    ahhh well

  • alyssa

    So much for my 365day pass! Fail! Totally missed seeing her bcuz of work

  • jo!

    yea me too :/

  • bella

    demi luce preciosa
    la adoro todo le cae super bien
    sos unica eres y serás siempre la mejor
    no te comparo con nadie
    me gusta la combinación negro con azul
    te quedo super ,
    me fascino esas pantys y la faldita expectacular
    gracias demi por permitirnos admirarte
    I love todas tus canciones y tu voz es puro talento
    algo que otras artistas desearían tener y solo se conforman con popularidad
    I love demi lovato saludos siempre desde latinoamerica forever te extrañamos mucho DIOSA
    gracias por las fotos

  • suhyeah4

    Love the Paul McCartney Christmas song she covers! :)

  • sandra

    i work at disneyland, saw stevie wonder yesterday didnt know who he was at 1st lol

    selena gomez always comes into the park

    its not that exiting anymore lol

    i hope the jonas brothes come back again =]]

  • Ryan

    Wow, D looks so radiant, beautiful. Everything about her here – the beauty, outfit, smile, hair.. love it.

  • selaly

    I have never liked her. And I am not a hater!. I never listen to her music or watching her interviews or anything about her. Except when she is with Selena or Miley. SHE IS FAKE.
    Doesn’t look nice to me, Selena and Miley are way more prettier. And they don’t do stupid hollywood stuff like her. SHE LOVES ATTENTION.
    Like She tries to look cool and kind of mysterious with a ray-ban today and the next she has her big mouth laughing.

    Be Yourself DEMI.

  • jezz

    @selaly, strongly agree with you! I hv learned dat JJJ deleted my comment on previous ugly DEMI post! Come on JJJ, be OPEN-MINDED!

  • 2bedatcool

    waith i thought it was live show

  • Mary

    what, demi > selena; demi > miley
    excuse me but demi can sing and selena cant. demi can sing, miley can.. but demi is better.

    and demi is more real.

    so all in all, demi is better. in any way you look at it, demi is better.

    boooo you haters.

  • pouty

    she’s pretty n all but her smile is… really annoying! her smile always seem fake! she shoulda dressed up as The Joker. she already has the smile!

  • pearl

    Gosh,the previous 3 posters were sorta mean….wow…anyway…..i like her….she has an awesome fav demi song is “Don’t Forget”….and i like the video too…..she has a surprisingly great voice for a disney star,its natural unlike the rest whose voices are machinised….not naming names..if ur a disney buff like me,you know….

  • sucy lovato fan!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE demi lovato SOOOOOOOO MUCH she is soooooooo AMAZINGGGGGGGG and role model and my idooool too she is THE BEST,BEST,BEST,BEST,BEST,BEST,BEST!!!
    i love her voice sooooo much and her songs too, demi is THE BEST disney star EVER… I LOVE YOU DEMI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http:/// o

    whoooo nice to see Demi all smiles not like some people are putting it a ride of emotions

  • me

    @EVERY1ROXX: they probably have different schedule…i thought they were fighting but no they aren’t…they’re just so busy with their own lives that it is hard to contact your friend, which i can understand




  • brittany

    demi rocks she’s so pretty i like her she have her nice voice she have the sense of style she really rock

  • selaly

    Stupid Demi lovers are too annoying,
    A fake person is your hero.
    Now she is back in LA, she tweeted Selena and tried to get closer to Selena to get more fame!. NOT MILEY ANYMORE. How about that?.
    Demi would be a nobody without hanging with Sel, Miley and JB.

    And I was wondering why not using a cell to say that?. She tweeted it and if Selena doesn’t reply or go to the party then people will say Selena left Demi and stuff… Smart fake woman goes to Demi. Great JOB!.

  • Selenafan

    I love Selena so much.She is the BEST.I think she is better than demi.Love Selna 4ever<333

  • Selenafan

    Typed too should Love Selena 4ever<333!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia

    Haha some of you haters are really pathetic.

    I love Demi! :D I don’t really watch the Disney land parade.. there are bigger and better things in the Macy’s parade. xP

  • Misa

    OMG Disney stars are soo bubbly… it not even funny. Selena and Demi seem fake in a way… i dont know… but DAMN there happy all the TIME. i find that veryy weird

  • Samantha

    u know there are many things u can say bout demi…but u know what u cant say…..that being famous has chaged a person like her…she is still the down to earth person everyone loves to be around..she does tend to be a little shy well thats just demi and we all love her..of course i am not a fan of her muusic not that i think its bad or anything…its just ppl r ppl and she is a sweet ppl//and if any one wants to start a rumor bout her or even bother her…then u have no life…most ppl dont get famous ppl..well guess what…we r all famous in our own u her him just everyone..and trust me..the news reporters can denie THAT!

  • AnonymousGuy08


    The Joker? She looks more like the Joker when she wears her trademark bright red lipstick. Here she actually looks really good.

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