Selena Gomez: I Instant Messaged The Wrong Guy!

Selena Gomez: I Instant Messaged The Wrong Guy!

Selena Gomez admitted to M magazine that she’s guilty of chatting with the wrong guy.

The 17-year-old shared with the mag, “I remember I was on iChat, instant messaging and I accidentally IM’d the wrong person. Basically, I told my friend, ‘Pretend you’re talking to me so it looks like I’m not available to this guy.’”

Sel continued, “But I accidentally sent it to the guy instead! It was the most horrible two months of my life because it just haunted me every day!” Oops!

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  • carlos

    love her im gonna get married one day with her!

  • Joann


  • diane n.

    thats pretty funny though. (:

  • Mathilda (From France :D)

    Kinda :S I was with this guy , and decided to ask my best friend for an advice and texted her ” I really really love him, but don’t trust him, I think he may be seeing somebody else :O” or somethin like that …! Anyway I texted HIM instead, and then he broke up with me because of it. Turned out I was right anyway :)

  • Emma

    Aww…. i Hate it when i do that 2!! but what i said was worseeD:

  • Emily

    totally! one time i was sending an email to this really annoying guy telling him to stop being a jerk but i sed some kinda mean things and i accidently sent it to my friends mom instead! she was like “make sure all your emails are respectful and wont hurt anyone or im going to have to tell your parents.” i was so embarrased!


    that is kinda funny tho , no lie. LOL!

    but i would of been sooooooo embarrassed

  • selaly

    I was with my first BF ever, one time we had a fight and we worked it out already. Later that night I texted my friend and said that he was weird, crazy and stuff, I can’t stand him but I was really just saying. I accidentally sent it to him. And the next day at school was just so awkward but he understood.
    But we broke up like 2 years ago anyway!. LOL

  • Sdoodles

    Awwh, ahah. Thats cute. I love Selena Gomez. :)

  • hariz alagic


  • SJS

    Ouch! Haha. That would be awful. I’ve never done that, but I had this girl I didn’t know accidentally text me a “sexy message” that she had intended to send to her boyfriend. She called me “hot lips.” LOL. Apparently her boyfriend & I had similar numbers. :P

  • none

    Wow Selena is mean. I thought she was a nice girl but it turns out she is mean. That is not nice.

  • Anonymous

    lol thats so funny, that must have sucked i love selly she is awesome(:

  • Hat


    No girl, what Selena did is the only mechanism you have to defend yourself when guys start crawling for you like vultures,

  • zanes

    she`s so pretty here. :)

  • wendy

    LOL i didn’t do this (yet, hopefully not!) but my friend accidentally sent me a message intended for her BF which we just learned because of that wrong sent message. we wouldn’t have found out coz of it. she accidentally sent me sweet nothings.

  • none

    @Hat: yes it is mean and hat i am a guy not a girl. if she is doing this then it shows what a b.i.t.c.h. she is.


    People say what she did was mean, but she was trying to kind of separate herself from the guy casually. She could have flat out said, “Back off, freak!” and that would have been the end of it. Instead, she was trying to hint that she wasn’t interested. She had decent intentions.

    Everyone has talked behind someone else’s back. It happens. Celebrities aren’t holy, despite what some people think, and they’re human, too. One *small* incident shouldn’t change your *entire* opinion of someone.

  • Carlos

    haha I know she feels

  • silly face

    oh that would suck haha she’s human after all

  • qayla




    YES it was so embarrassing”"”"”"” I know how you feel sucks lol!!!
    I LOVE SEL PICTURE SHE LOOKS SO DAMN PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • problem child

    omg! totally done that b4. Iwas talking 2 this guy and then i typed ‘Jordans a retard’ but instead of sending it 2 my friend instead sent it 2 him!

  • This one guy


    All this time I kept on doubting if I really WAS talking to her… Now I know… I feel so.. insignificant right now lol

  • http://yahoo j pumps

    that sucks i wish that happened to me

  • Justin

    i love her so much:)

  • http://Roberto9579626 roberto herrera

    ok it me i did it to selena gomez i sorry i’m the wrong guy ok don’t get me in trouble okay selena text me i want me a best friend my phone it true but i lost my phone but please telling the true it was 4 year.

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