Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Land in London

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Land in London

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hold hands as they land at Luton airport in London on Tuesday night (November 10).

Along with Taylor Lautner and New Moon director Chris Weitz, will be having a fan party at Battersea Evolution in London’s Battersea Park.

In addition to a Q&A session, the fan party will also feature one of the Band of Skulls from the flick’s soundtrack. Doors open at 4:30PM and the part starts at 7:00PM on Wednesday, November 11th.

10+ pics inside…

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  • Rachel

    how could you not post the pictures of them holding hands?!?!?!

  • robsten lovin

    They’ve been VERY busy, I see.

  • Julia

    Robsten !!!!



  • lc


    There are pic’s of them holding hands???

  • Dede

    Where are the pics of them walking arm and arm?!?! Their so CUTE!!!!

  • russian girl

    RACHEL, you are absolutely RIGHT!!!

  • Kar

    X17 has the pictures of robsten holding hands getting on a plane

  • coolkid

    The secret is out.

  • Just Jill

    @Rachel: We didn’t get them until now. Be patient

  • Nicole

    they were leaving paris :D

  • robsten lovin


    And more of Taylor of well, please.

  • lc

    omg!!! they are soooo cute and the pic’s on PopSugar are very very clear!!

  • mena

    OMG! They are so adorable!!!!!!! GO ROBSTEN!!!!!

    In your face haters bahahaha!

  • kami

    she has her arm hooked with his and her hand on his arm. is that considered holding hands?

  • c


  • kami

    she has her arm hooked with his and her hand on his arm. is that considered hand holding?

  • elliee

    haha, way to blow over the ‘rumor’ of them not dating. hahahahah.
    least they’re happy, right? ha.

  • jess


  • jess


  • star

    OMG!!!! Yay!

  • aurélie

    they are holding hands we can see it they so cute

  • Kristen

    holding hands and linking arms aren’t the same thing.
    i believe kristen “linked” arms with taylor back when they were filiming new moon in vancouver, does that mean they are dating? lmfao.

  • Katty

    I hate those celebrities that can’t be in a movie without falling for their love interests. Rob and Kristen are together, whatever, maybe they are the select few who just happened to make a movie together, and actually love each other, they’ll be like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, really together, fine. But, if it’s not that way, and they just were together because they were good on screen (sorta) and all that, I think that is stupid. Kristen had a boyfriend before, I’m not sure how they ended, but what if that was her guy, and they broke up because she thought she fell for Rob when it was just all the lights, and new fan base, and all that? I think that this is a big problem with celebrities, they can’t seperate the movies from real life.
    I am not dissing Rob or Kristen, so please don’t yell at me, I’m just saying that this is a problem with celebrities in general, you know?
    Again, I’m not hating, so don’t bash me.

  • Amalie

    yay…thats all i got to say!! ;PPP
    no really, i’m really really happy for them!!! <333333
    && this makes me happy as well.

  • nik

    Halleiluiah………finally we can all say two fingers up to the doubters. Robsten is real.

  • London Lemming

    Two fingers up to you for being an a narrow minded invidual that has nothing better to do then create un-needed gossip and speculation. If they are dating,its nobodies business but theirs. People like you annoy the hell out of me. Are 2 friends not allowed to walk together off a plane,after a long and ardous week of promotion. I suggest you get some REAL proof or you actually spend sometime researching the friendships forged between actors on promotional tours before you comment!

  • RobstenLIVES!!

    OMFG that was the money shot we were all waiting for!!

  • Mel

    @London Lemming: There is proof…first off, JustJared did say “hold hands as they bla bla bla”. Second, if you go see on popsugar, you can actually SEE THEM holding hands. These are pretty blurry, but the ones on other sites may have more. Do some research!

  • Cyn

    i love them both

  • Lulucy

    @Rachel: IKR?? those were the best pics! ;D

  • lmao

    people chill.. they are only linking arms

  • Naomi

    They are too cute :)
    & one of my best friends is going to that tomorrow!

  • Dee

    Loving the pics, I really hope they are dating but even if they aren’t I am still really loving the pics.

  • mena

    They are soooooo couple and i really can’t believe it some people like ‘no they are just friend, it doesn’t mean anything’ bla bla bla…
    Seriously people?!! I mean seriously?!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so happy for them and yeah Go Robsten!!!!!

  • Ericka


  • katie

    Aww! I wouldn’t consider this ‘proof’, I’ve linked arms with male friends and wasn’t romantically interested in them at all… But something tells me these two are together.

  • katie

    @Mel: Holding hands is NOT proof. Sure, it looks like they’re together but this is not firm proof and the doubters have good reason – it’s the hardcore Robsten fans who say there’s absolutely no chance they’re NOT together that are in denial.

  • Lauren

    i know many people arent going to like going on but theres a link to one of robs fan websites with good pictures of them like touching hands…there not properly holding hands its as if kristens carressing it….

    also, its tough for them that there is pictures of them holding hands, with it to come out now whilst there promoting new moon because theres gonna be soooooo much gossip and questions to them, and also, they could face a backlash from fans who never believed that they could really be dating – unless, it was a set up by summit…..but im not bothered if there happy there happy

  • BLEH

    OH PLEASE, ROB. you know your just using kristen. just finish the bloody movie and turn back to your own self.

  • Ms. cullen

    I’m SOOOOO happy for them both!!! ROBSTEN ♥♥♥ These photos+Popsugar’s photos = REAL LOVE – But I still hope that they will say it, because they are maybe just friends who hold hands to confuse us… But Rob’s big smile… I really don’t know :(((

  • hannah

    MY GOSH! so cute! ROBSTEN you ROCK! :D they look soadorable,compatible and CUTE! :D AAAHHHHHHH!!! i truly believe they’re together already :D

  • London Lemming

    I have done my research. There hands are linked and briefly touch on a couple on no shot are they totally holding hands.
    I agree with Katie, This is NOT proof. I stand by my last comment. Some of you on here are pathetic individuals who have no business prying in to the workings of a relationship that has NOTHING to do with you.
    Once you have worked on a movie with a huge following like Twilight,and have learnt the immense depth of the bond the cast and crew share,which is often renewed when they do a promotional tour-then you can comment!

  • Jayckson Lucy

    How cuuuute!

  • Degrassifan

    I agree with Katty you don’t have to be with your costar just because you’re onscreen characters are inlove like with Zanessa and Brangaline both met onscreen.

    Maybe Rob and Kristen have a spark that doesn’t involve their characters it’s them being themselves.

  • vanessa

    there too cuteeee (: <33333333333333
    love them. adore them.
    aaah they should marry ;D

  • Hmmm

    They’re not holding hands. She’s holding his arm and he’s holding a pack of cigarettes and a hat. People do things like that with friends as well as lovers. It doesn’t prove anything.

    It does make it seem more likely that they are doing something. They’ve probably been up to something for a while, even when she was with her bf. Which is kind of messed up, but people make mistakes, especially when they’re young.

    But whether they’re confirmed or denied won’t change a thing about how I feel. I still don’t like her. I still think she is a pain in the butt. I still think she is at best incoherent and at worst unbalanced. I still think she acts like an immature brat with a superiority complex.

    The only thing that has changed is my opinion of him, as it must be reconsidered in light of his attraction to her. Who a person chooses to hang out with (or fool around with) says a lot about their character. If I dislike her so much because of things I think are unadmirable in another person and yet he finds those very things to be very attractive, that tells me that he is not exactly the person he has always seemed to be.

    I would not admire rudeness, b*tchiness, ignorance and sloth in anyone. A person who finds those extremely negative qualities attractive would go down in my estimation.

  • robsten lovin

    They’re the hottest couple in Hollywood right now!

  • ninnia

    I still think they just promote New moon.. I love them but I dont think they are together

  • robin

    OMG!!! they r 2gether!! EEP!!!