Zac Efron is a D.C. Dude

Zac Efron is a D.C. Dude

Trying to keep hidden with a gray hoodie and shades on his head, Zac Efron gets caught walking through the airport as he arrives in Washington, D.C. on Monday evening (November 9).

The 22-year-old actor, carrying a suit bag, is in the nation’s capital to promote his upcoming drama, Me & Orson Welles.

Zac will be joined by costar Claire Danes, Tuesday evening for an invite-only screening at the AMC Loews Georgetown theater.

Prior to the screening, Zac will also meet with some very lucky fans at a private reception at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown.

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Photos: MeetTheFamous/Mark Wilkins
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  • bryan

    nice shades.

  • Lucyo01

    miss zanessa…

  • Carol


  • irene

    awww i love zaac
    anyone knows if there’s a realease date of MAOW in spain?

  • marta

    I luuv u zachary(L)
    u’re so hooot!:)
    Does Someone know if zac is going to come to spain?
    xxx ;)

  • Angie

    sooooooo HOT
    i love him !! <3
    but I miss zanessa :(

  • marta

    @irene: Lol! hicimos casi casi la misma pregunta! Ojala vengaa:D

  • Cynthiia

    Love him to death (ll)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks great in those pictures. I’m becoming a Huge Zac Efron Fan more and More Every single day.

  • Alysha

    He looks so hot!

  • samantha

    sooooooo HOT
    i love him !!
    but i want to see zanessa soon

  • svenja**

    Zac looking gorgeous as always (:
    The hair = hawtness.

  • London Lemming

    This post is about ZAC not ZANESSA. I swear some of you on here are unable to read. PLEASE can we keep the posts relevant?

    JJ-I am pretty sure he landed in DC in the afternoon!

  • kami

    cool. maow promotion has started.

    yep, it was daylight when he arrived,so it was afternoon.

  • me.

    take of that sunglasses, bb. you look way hotter without it.

  • Katty

    I hope he is home in time for Thanksgiving to be with his family and friends.
    Love him, and hope the premiere goes well.

  • istar

    we’ll be seeing him in pretty handsome suits soon! i can’t wait! ;D

  • SUSAN1

    oh well ,zac started getting busy now,he is off at the Georgetown for the special screening,and the following day 11th of Nov.he is going to Houston Cinema Artfest Screeing with co star Claire Danes.
    Love him !!!
    I can’t wait at the uk Premiere.

  • pink sugar

    I can’t to see the premiere pictures. I wonder what his D&G suit looks like.

  • SUSAN1

    @ KATTY*
    You dont mind if i ask !!When was that Thanksgiving day, i know Remembrance day.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw..I feel sorry for him. He was only in L.A for a short time and now he’s in Washington. :( My baby’s going to be so tired. As long as he’s happy and having fun. :D

  • trinisiita Efron’s wife

    omg!!! his face and body is hot (and sexy and delicious..and….)
    Zachary..i can’t wait for the uk premiere…us premiere

    I LOVE HIM!”

  • happy moon


  • andrea

    i am going to meet him there!!!!!!!

  • tasie123

    Ahh he is soooo close to me!!! i live there!!! i really want to seeeee him!!! i love him sooo much!!!

  • zvlover

    i know this isnt a zanessa post or a vanessa post but im wondering when vanessa is going to be done filming?!?! btw zac looks awesome!! as usual!! :]

  • kami

    saw on the zanessa=sweetheart site that zac and claire were at the white house this am. that is awesome, but never heard of a movie being promoted at the white house. here is the blurb.

    “Bob Schieffer interviewed the “Me and Orson Welles” stars for the daily webcast “Washington Unplugged.” The interview airs Friday at 12:30pm. We hear the actors also have interviews at WaPo and were at the White House earlier today. There will be a movie screening in Georgetown tonight.”

    the bob schieffer interview will reach a very wide older audience. bless richard linklater for doing this.

  • ryanefron

    i wish i could meet him :(


    Did you say gray hoodie or gay hoodie?


    I know this is Zac’s thread, but there is news about Vanessa, she will be in L.A. on saturday because there will be a showing of beastly,I guess to see want people think of the movie and to see if they have to change anything before it comes out in July. I read the story on sweetheart blog.

  • athena

    WOw, time sure does fly…Can’t wait to see MAOW! I wonder what’s next after CSC….? I hope he does an incredible drama film…nothing Twilightish though…Vampires are getting overated would be a mistake for Zac to play some type of superhero role now.

  • London Lemming

    The news has no relation to this post!

  • Karen


    Here in the US we have a holiday called Thanksgiving and it is observed on the 4th Thursday in November. This year it will be on the 26th. It is one of our major holidays.

  • duuumm

    hes gonna be in georgetown tonight for the MAOW screening! wish i could be there too.

    also, zac went to the whitehouse today to discuss about funding for the arts in public schools.

  • duuumm

    heres a pic of zac inside the CBS studio. it airs 1230 pm friday.

  • mykamicks

    Hiding his face or not he still looks hot. Kinda his wearing his favorite jeans again.LOL! This will be a busy month for promotion of his movie.

    Zac has already established a massive viewers. I am wishing that MAOW will be another blockbuster one.

  • susan1

    @ Karen.
    Thanks; for answering my question.
    @ Mykamicks;
    I hope that MAOW will be another blockbuster especially here in uk.and some part of the film shooting the place called Isle of Man its a beautiful island that’s why i think zac has two premiere here.

  • bhelle

    ,hoodies back..!! :)

    you cant stop someone putting vanessa or zanessa’s name in zac nor vanessa’s post .. they are together .. zac’s fan and vanessa’s fan are also a zanessa fan .. zac’s fan are also vanessa’s fan .. vanessa’s fan are also zac’s fan .. (no offense)..just my opinion ,,,, and who cares if they want to put vanessa’s name in zac’s thread .. thats what they want .. they just want to say or put what they want to say .. lol

    well .. he’s hot.. :D

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • nikki

    omgomgomgomg!!!!!!! HES SSOO HOTTT