Jonas Brothers: Real Madrid Men

Jonas Brothers: Real Madrid Men

The Jonas Brothers pose with Director of Institutional Relations Emilio Butragueño and Andrea from Disney Channel Spain as they visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Wednesday afternoon (November 11).

Nick, Joe and Kevin each received a personalized Real Madrid shirt from Emilio.

Joe and Nick shared, “We used to play football when we were small. We love Real Madrid, but we don’t have time to watch their games.”

The JoBros also got their pics taken by Cristiano Ronaldo‘s locker.

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Photos: INFdaily, Víctor Carretero/Real Madrid
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    They look so hot!!

  • Vanessa!

    Omg! They are so hot and did nick cut his hair?

  • jo-li

    I don’t think nick cut his hair… I think he put it in a very little ponytail. If u look at the second pic u can see the little pony tail. But they look cute here
    Luv the short hair joe lol

  • Courtney

    They look gorgeous, as always!

  • Claars

    OMG!I was able to see the jonas brothers to juggle with the ball at the news, they went so cute, I died to them.
    I love them.

  • SJS

    Soccer! Great sport. Love the jersey shirts on them too. Joe in particular looks great. He’s the most Spanish/Italian looking of the 3, so it kinda suits him more.

  • SJS

    @jo-li: It’s not a ponytail. It’s the tied off part of his headband hanging down.

  • Kelli

    @jo-li: LOL no, if you go full screen on the second pic, you can see that its just something behind him. definatley not wearing a ponytail! haha

  • mrs.nickj!

    i love themmm:) theyre looking so good

  • disneytwilightfutbol

    wow, this seems really poser-ish. people are going to hate me for saying this, but i bet they know nothing about football. if they did they would know Real sucks, and the only reason they win is because of C.R. and Kaka. I bet half of you have no idea who Cristiano Ronaldo is, and you guys just care that they have Real jerseys.

  • justme

    aww…how come only Ronaldo’s locker and not Ronaldo in person?

  • Chris

    I just care that they look like great. They appear to have had a fun time. And they know enough about sports to know that everyone has their personal favorites and it doesn’t have to be who you like.

  • suhyeah4

    uhm, even though their musicians they know their sports. they are very into the, so if you don’t know anything about them quit judging.


  • gabenceto

    the bets sweety boys !!!!!!!!!

  • lulu

    i love him and all, but, what’s with nick’s headbands? he’s always wearing them they look awful!! he should leave he hair alone coz it’s gorgeous! xx so he ;D

  • Anna

    nick jonas, what are you doing with a headband…it makes me speechless. >.>

    joe looks good with haircut.

  • http://none judy

    joe babby i love u
    you looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hottttttttttt
    big kiss to u

  • aBDUL-aZIZ

    Barcelona is better than the real,
    and Cristiano Ronaldo fag ……

  • Katarine

    Nicholas Jerry Jonas, i swear to moeburg, if you don’t stop cutting your hair, i’m going to have to hurt you. Understood? and i MEAN IT!!!!

  • zanessafan4ever

    Ronnie’s locker? That’s cool. And they look really good!

    Justme- I don’t Think Ronaldo was in Spain that time. He must have been in Portugal.

  • jonascyrus

    Joe, it should be illegal for you to be so GOOD-LOOKING!!

  • Carla

    Are you a Barça fanatic? (: I am… And i totally agree with you. USA is not a soccer country, ain’t it?
    i can’t blame them.

    BARÇA ROx!

  • Carla

    CR IS in Spain… he’s injured, remember? :/

  • Clariness

    i loov them too as family and friend there awesome for there music not there looks look i wish i can meett hem but i can’t i do not have money u guys meeet them and many others but yea i lov them cuss there music NOT THERE LOOKS LOCA

  • http://justjared Notarealmadridfan

    Of all the teams….Real Madrid? There are better teams to support…like MANCHESTER UNITED or BARCELONA. Phft….

  • Ashh

    Take it nicks feeling better.. Thats a relef considering I am seeing them in a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILY

  • jo-jo!

    i agree with you!!

  • Blair

    I’m from NY but my mother is from Spain, you should know that Reeal Madrid is the most famous team, and one of da bests and well, Barcelona is great but they don’ have as money as RM and stars like CR9 and Kaka and JB don’t visit’em. and all de people who thinks RM sucks, you’re so stupids you don’t know nothing about RM cuz RM had always the greatest players in the wourld

  • whateeeeverrr


    ha! that’s funny, because like a week ago i found out who christiano renaldo is from youtube, not kidding. haha.

  • Courtney

    They are handsome!

  • maria pia

    OMJ!!! they’re soooo HOT! specially Joe, i adore his new haircut

  • Mahtab

    do u guys even know about real madrid? usa isn’t a soccer country….i don’t how jb played soccer in their childhood……….REAL MADRID ROX…..and they don’t win just because of Kaka or C.R. ……they have CASILLAS,RAMUS,RAUL,………..(i should mention that i’m a girl)
    REAL ROXXX………(i hate BARCELONA,sorry)

  • Blair

    hey I’m completely agree wih Mahtab, casillas is the best goalie of the world. And Spain is the winner of the Euro cup be4 Italy, germany or any other!! PS: is Sergio Ramos, not Ramus =) and I hate Barca 2.

  • disneytwilightfutbol

    no, I’m a Milan fan all day. C.R. is injured and he’s with his mom and Portugal according to his fansite. the only person I like on Barca is Leo Messi. Brasil is my fav national team btw. And people no, if they actually liked football, like a actual fan the wouldn’t like baseball and basketball. And no one calls Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronnie. Thats just stupid, no offense. And yes I am a Jonas Brothers fan but I’m a bigger football fan.

    AC Milan & Brasil FTW!!!
    Forza Milano!

  • disneytwilightfutbol

    its CRISTIANO ronaldo not Christiano, my points proven. And seriously look at Real’s records, they have gone up since Kaka and C.R. have got there.

  • aza

    I’m from NY but my mother is from Spain, you should know that Reeal Madrid is the most famous team, and one of da bests and well, Barcelona is great but they don’ have as money as RM and stars like CR9 and Kaka and JB don’t visit’em. and all de people who thinks RM sucks, you’re so stupids you don’t know nothing about RM cuz RM had always the greatest players in the wourld

    like duhh..they might be the most famous team, but if you are a genuine football fan, theres no doubt that RM is a circus which has become a laughing stock of European football. As a club, it has done fuck all since the last 5 years, they havent even made it to the KO round of Uefa champions league (the world cup of european football if you dont they might have the most famous players, but Barcelona have won the holy TREBLE, something RM can only dream of. Besides they are run like a circus, 10 managers in the last 10 years, so pathetic. They are better clubs to be supported if you really love football for the sake of the football itself, like Barcelona, Liverpool & Man United for example, Madrid is all style but zero substance i might add

  • bEX

    They are sooo lucky! They got to meet Real Madrid players!! And tour the Bernabeau!!

  • LFCfan

    I totally agree!! Real Madrid are absolute crap!! They just got knocked out of the copa del rey & murdered by 3rd tier team!! lmao. What a joke they are! I hate real madrid. They’re doing los galacticos all over again… They take the talent from elsewhere, like taking xabi alonso from lfc :( & don’t develop players themselves! the only player they’ve had since youth system that’s quality is iker casillas. [they bought ramos from sevilla, so he doesn't count]

    I’m a 16 yr old girl from california btw, i love football [soccer] :)

  • jonas!

    Wow! Ronaldo!

  • Kevin

    Wow now I relly hate them how could they like real Madrid Barcalona is better Lionel messi is the best

  • Sarah

    WHAAAAAAAAT??? This is so unfair:( just because they aree famous they get to stand in the field of Santiago Bernabeu and see C.R’s locker, i bet they dont even see thier games, and they dont even know the names of all the players… unlike me that i can mention every single player of the actual squad, and i watch every single game. i bet they dont even know how to play soccer.
    This s unfair:S
    ok im being too dramatic now

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