Miley Cyrus Crushes on Penn Badgley

Miley Cyrus Crushes on Penn Badgley

Miley Cyrus shares a laugh with new Sweet!Radio Young Hollywood host Zach Sang backstage at her Newark, New Jersey concert held at the Prudential Center on Sunday night (November 8).

Check out what the 16-year-old actress/singer had to say about the Queen of England, the Save Fuzzy campaign and celeb crushes:

On the Twitter campaign, Save Fuzzy: “It’s crazy. If she does that you have to do something. It’s crazy but it’s not my cat, I don’t know what I could do. I’m not going back to Twitter. Poor Fuzzy. It’s kind of twisted.”

On getting to meet the Queen of England: “I’ve been to London before but I’ve never met her. It’s going to be cool. I’d love to teach her the ‘Hoedown Throwdown.’”

On The Last Song: “I talk about it in my show. I feel like I’m showing everyone a piece of my summer. I had a lot of growing up to do and a lot of changes to make in my life. I needed to get away and get away from L.A. for a little while and it was such a blessing to be able to go to Georgia. I’m super excited about this movie. It’s a more mature movie for sure. It’s about her [Ronnie] losing her dad, divorce…real subjects that real people go through.”

On her current celebrity crush: “Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl. I just saw him in The Stepfather and I’m pretty obsessed with him. I actually didn’t know who he was and I went to see the movie as a joke, because the previews looked scary but I wasn’t sure if it was scary. It was actually a good movie.”

Miley Cyrus Chats with Zach Sang
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  • sa5m

    love it …<3

  • simone

    She went to see the movie as a a joke?
    I’m not really sure how that’s a joke buuut..uhh okay.

  • jasmine

    if she wants to lose her critics and all
    i really suggest she stop haivng SO many celeb crushes!
    i mean, its okay to think “hes cute” and all
    oh gosh…


    He’s reaaly awesome … and cute … but engaged :- ((

  • jess efron

    i was a fan of her but until she quited twitter now i’m not her fans anymore

  • mileyfan

    “its not my cat.”
    seriously? just cause its not yours you dont care?
    i used to love you now im getting pretty pissed

  • raich

    I find it annoying how she said that she didnt promote herself on her twitter, uhh duh you didnt have to!!! Your one of the biggest celebs, you have people that do that for you!!!!!!!

  • JoeJonasluvr#1

    the girl that owns the cat isn’t even gonna do it.and why would you stop being a fan just cuz she quit twitter….stupid reason.

  • annie

    It’s ONLY a twitter account,big deal!Everyone was talking bad about everything she wrote,what do you expect?I think she made a good decision leaving twitter…and wake up!She still here,and touring for fans.You love her for “Twitter” if so,you’re pathetic!

  • lisa

    people r so stupid. she thinks he is cute big deal they guy has a girlfriend. let her speak in peace for god sake

  • bingo

    miley is a sweetie but some of you are idiots

  • jasmine

    She just spoiled The Last Song movie for everyone who hasn’t read the book. Ah well.

  • Goosip Girl

    @LUCAS: Blake and Penn are engaged??

  • Goosip Girl

    @raich: true, Miley didn’t promote TTOFL at all and she still topped the charts. That just goes to show you that Miley is truly the queen of Disney Channel :D

  • ella

    Haha, she’s like “kids started watching my show when they were 10; now they’re 15/16″. Um, since when has Hannah Montana been on for 6 years? LEARN TO ADD MILEY!

  • qayla


    yah you’re right, she shouldn’t put down other celebs that are trying to get themselves out there. she’s worked hard already she has a great fan base, so she doesnt need to promote herself but dont hate on other who still need to.

  • John

    @mileyfan Stop pretending you’re a fan. If you don’t go outside and go to city hall, and moon the mayor, I’m going to kill my cat. C’mon!! Are you heartless? This is a good way to control you. Have sex with me or I’ll kill my cat.

>>>>>>> staging1