Demi Lovato: Remember December Music Video!

Demi Lovato: Remember December Music Video!

Don’t surrender, surrender, surrender
Please remember, remember December

Check out Demi Lovato‘s new music video “Remember December!”

The 17-year-old People’s Choice nominee has been tweeted sneak peeks the entire week and we’re loving the end product!

Demi enlisted her gal pals Meaghan Martin, Chloe Bridges and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle for the vid and they’re rocking the 80s vibe.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi’s new video?

Demi Lovato – “Remember December” Music Video
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  • Lola

    First? LOVE IT. Demi is the best <3

  • mILDA


  • hannadevonne

    Love it
    its abit like here we go again! x

  • Asha

    I LOVE the video! I pretty much love everything Demi does. The video is FIRE! Screw the haters. ;)

  • Anne_x3

    What’s the difference between this vidand Here We Go Again ? And “we were so in love etc..” ?? She’s waling with some girls, sitting in a car and singing !
    HUH ?!?!

  • Alison

    Nothing happens. She just sings :(
    But it’s still good!

  • i’m from germany

    boring, always the same style. i like demi very much, but her music videos are boring

  • tess

    cool, but not so unique

  • love-zanessa-selena

    I don’t like it :/

  • Selma

    Heuu…. I’mmmmmmmm … gonna say that I’mmmmmmm… not a big fan of this video! I’m agree with you @mILDA !

    Anyway I love DD!!! and i hope she will come one day to MOROCCO!!! <3


  • Deen

    yay i love it, it is Demi`s most powerful vid, but i think that the girls could do something more than just walking. anyways, this is really good!
    and demi is awesome…

  • mizz_julie_devonne

    I’m a big fan of Demi BUT this video is AMAZING!!!! GO DEMS!!!!

  • Lisa

    awesome I love this song aahhhhh demi you ROCK!!!!!!! :D

  • bella

    I love demi
    I love this song
    love remember december
    hermosa que bella voz
    sos una girls expectacular
    me gusto mucho el video saludos desde latinoamerica
    abrazo fuerte a la distancia

  • Faith

    oh come on im not allowed to have a twitter yet and i wanna watch it!!!! is there any way to get it so you dont have to enter your twitter name and password?

  • Disney Fan Promotions

    Well I think it was real sucky that she has it protected like this to where you have to put in your Twitter info to view it. This blows for embedding it to any site I have especially my Myspace fasnsite profile

    Demi Lovato Club

  • Faith

    Ok, if you can’t change the video could you at leadt tell me what time its on disney tonight? or type in your own twitter info?

  • lisa

    it’s not her best video

  • maria pia

    don’t like the video!

  • Zoe

    I love it how she tries to be edgy, but it just doesn’t work…

  • Annie


  • wow

    WOW SERIOUSLY lamest video ever. all her vids are the same. she made it seem like this was gonna be the best video of all time. whatever demi get over yourself please!

  • D

    first of all i love demi and this song
    the video is only OKAY shes done better
    and when shes in the gold top she looks kinda like amy winehouse.

  • BIGGEST Jonas brothers FAN!

    I LOVE DEMI :)

  • Andy

    Needs to do more than just sing.

  • Jannii

    Hmmm.. boring. But I like her hair in it

  • jlene

    Why is this girl constantly screaming in her music, it’s rock & roll but she sounds the same all the time, waste of time, is this all Disney can come up with, Lame….
    This is why kids today have less respect, great big attitudes and lack of self esteem, look @ what is being exposed to them.

  • sepidehshokoufeh

    Demi could make the music video Better than this,that new girl in camp rock2 is so beautiful,What is her role?

  • jusdemetriaa

    I love the vid demi looks awsome but i would want to see something else than just watching demi sing! but anyways.. i still love her

  • chuchi

    what was the point of this? im dissapointed i love this song!

  • ammdna y arueil

    LOL KAY, was it juuuust me, or did that vid look like she was doing really aweful lip singing? like, horrible. boring vid, nothing special. LOVE the song, LOVE demi, this; zero of five stars.

  • antimiley

    i love demi & her amazing voice but this song was TO ROCK & i didn’t really like the song or enjoy it, kinda freaky

  • Treasure

    oh wow. i guess i can just say it was an ok. video. i mean it was kinda…dull :/ something cause she was really moving. her outfits was killin’ it. but she wasn’t dancing. i think i would have been better if she started dancing. cause most people are not just looking for if you can just sing. they don’t wanna see a stick figure, i’m sorry i am just saying. and all she did was sing with her band, sit in the car and walk outside singing. come on. do something else. she is starting to bore me. and this video reminds me of “here we go again” and i am not really a fan. i love her music. but i am sure her fans want to see her do something in her videos and on stage. girl you need to do more and just sing. she can sing, but sorry. i am just being real and telling the truth. well that’s all wanted to say. peace ;)

  • http://Yahoo Vanshia Vats

    Demi u r Rock star .u r too good n beautiful. all the best

  • http://Yahoo Vanshia Vats

    Demi u r Rock star. u r too good n beautiful .all the best .

  • http://Yahoo Vanshika Vats

    Demi u r too good . luv u

  • http://ghcmhgjhgjhhjjh hell hell hell hell hell hell

    i love this song but demi is soooooooooooooooo flat and fat

  • Jennifer Kate brown

    i think demi is ugle

  • Mae

    I like this song and demi but seriously in her black skinny jeans, she looks soooooooooooo FAT! Wow :s

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