Big Time Rush Guys: The Girls Kicked Our Butts!

Big Time Rush Guys: The Girls Kicked Our Butts!

Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice chill out with James Maslow and Logan Henderson of Big Time Rush on the Paramount Studios Backlot while shooting a promo for Nickelodeon.

JJJ chatted with Logan, James, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena just the other day and they revealed that during their hockey match, the girls took the lead. James dished, “It’s fair to say that the girls smashed us.”

Kendall added in, “I’m pretty sure I saw Carlos get checked into a trailer by Gage [Golightly].”

Big Time Rush, a scripted comedy that chronicles the journey of four best friends who are given the opportunity of a lifetime when they get a chance to be part of the glamorous L.A. pop music scene, will air a special one-hour preview on Saturday, November 28 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

“Big Time Rush” Meet The Guys
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  • ammdna y arueil

    victoria is gaawjus.

  • adam

    im pretty sure the guys are wearing more makeup than the girls in those pics!

  • jonathan

    The brown haired guy in the black tee looks like a Ken Barbie doll.

    Anyways, hope this show is good.

  • Princess

    Miranda is going to be at my local mall in Sydney, Aus, tomorrow. Im tempted to go see her :)

  • seth

    Nickelodeon does have better shows than that Jonas crap on Disney.

  • laurens65

    I can;t wait to see BIg TIme Rush. James Maslow is my favorite and he is very handsome. Better then Zac Efron by far!!

  • Lisa

    James Maslow looks like shalline woodely for secret life but the guy version

  • sarah

    OMG James Maslow is like SSSSOOOOO cute. i love him he is awesome!!! I hope i get to meet him someday. I am like so in love


    i love JAMES<3

  • jesselle

    OMG logan hendderson.. so cutes

  • sally

    i met James before like two years ago somewhere i don’t noe where but i saw him before he was famous and he still looked the same i just wanted to tell you guys he was still very super sexy hot hot hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (i think he was like about 17 )

    i <3 big time rush

  • rebecca

    logan james and kendall are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rebecca

    logan james and kendall are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big time rush#1fan

    you guys are hot just like justin bieber

  • garcia

    omg thats mean but they r cute

  • angel

    big time rush I like your songs.I listen to them all the times.I have all CD’s. I hope you can email me back !!!!!!!!!!

  • im a boy no lie

    btr im a boy but you have awesome songs and your funny

  • Jacob brewer

    Victora you need to get off my man logan beacause what you dont now is that, that night we made love!!!!!!

  • 2jamesmaslowfan43

    James is SO HOT!!! I love all of the guys but James is my fave, who doesn’t love his washboard abs!?!? Any ways love their cd and show, loved the Halloween ep. (JAMES DIAMOND THE VAMPIRE!!!) Hope I get to meet them someday. JAMES IS MINE!!!!!!


  • mirella avelino soares

    eu amo a banda cine mais que esses idiotas hahahaha

  • dueka

    i love james is sexi i love♥♥♥♥♥

  • http://hotmail selena

    i love logan from big time rush

  • mandY

    Big time Rush are so cool..
    I like it..
    James and Kendall are so cuuteee<!
    I <3 Big time Rush

  • http://sssss karina

    estas dela caca jajajaja

  • bea

    very very beautifull big time rush is very very beautifull
    logan is a very pretty i love you logan ….. <3 <3 <3 is beautifull logan and james …………. i love you …… by by by by bea ….. <3 <3
    big time rush is a very cool !!!!!

  • http://alberto-disip valexxx

    a miranda y a victoria las odio xq el q toca a logan tendran problemas cn migo okzzzz par d estupidas

  • http://msn tahirah

    hi i love big time russh james do you really have a lucky comb and a luckey mirror
    p.s love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dani hartley

    I love BTR and I want to take my 8 year old to see them, but we live in Fremont California and they arent comming anywhere close to us! BTR if your out there PLEASE add more tour dates closer to Fremont California soon =) Sleep train Pavillion in Concord and Shoreline are nice =) (hint hint) You reminde me a lot of my favorite boy band ever NKOTB and you guys are awsome =)

  • adasdsada

    @seth: SOO TRUE!!! I hate Jonas, they suck!! and they look like fags especially at this pic AND THIS VIDEO IS SO FAGGY AND GAY

  • http://Rosaelena234 Rosalínda Ahumada

    te amo mucho logan tengo 18 años contestame porfavor adiossssssssss.

  • http://monce moncerrat estrada hernandez

    pz que soy su admiradora y un saludo a toda la banda de big time rush y k los quiero mucho a todos



  • lozzypops

    omg logan and james are hotttttttttttt <33333

  • yatziri

    woooo big time rush cooollll heee los kiero muxo chicos uu me facinan

  • abril

    te amooooooooooooooooooooo big time rush te amo logan carlos quendals james y logan son re lindos espero qiue algun dia sean mi amigos lo amooooooooooooooooooooo mucho son re lindo lossss amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • salma

    los big time rush son lo maximo y los amo mas a logan es el mas guapo de todos lo siento por todos pero es la verda.

  • http://jhossypacombia jhossita

    lOgAn tE aMo eReS eL mAs gUaPO de toDos de lOs de Big TAME RUSH <3

  • ALE


  • maka hendeson




  • http://@eyleenhenderson Elena henderson maslow schmitd

    I love you Logan and Kendall

  • http://@eyleenhenderson

    i love big time rush C: C:

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