Got Milk, Demi Lovato?

Got Milk, Demi Lovato?

Check out Demi Lovato‘s new Got Milk? Ad!

The 17-year-old shares in her ad, “I love drinking milk because it keeps me lean and strong. Not only that, it keeps my hair and nails healthy.”

Demi tweeted this morning about her upcoming party, “YAYY!!! All for my late album release/gradutation/16th-and-17th bday party!!”

Be sure to check out her new music video, “Remember December!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi’s ad?

Demi Lovato – Got Milk? Behind-The-Scenes

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  • janelle

    that’s pretty cool. you could kinda see her black bra unless it’s supposed to be like that…

  • annie ryan

    <3 i love demi and her music video remember dec……<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333!

  • saudia

    She’s always gorgeous. Demi can do no wrong :)

  • anonymous

    I remember her singing sth like why can’t i wear my converse on the red carpet and now she doesn’t wear them very often anywhere…like her music tho.

  • ashleytizzyfan

    That didn’t even look like her when I looked the first time haha.
    But I agree. She is kind of fake now.
    I miss the Demi I idolized in the beginning of her career.

  • Leah.

    I agree, too. I don’t really like that she’s kind of changing her image and everything.
    But, she’s still growing up.
    She’s allowed to change her interests.

  • hannadevonne

    i agree with leah and ashleytizzyfan but shes still amazing nd awesome nd i will always love her no matter what happens or what she does shes bin through a bad life with bulling i think the girl is showing her confidance and an amazing attitude to life nd haters


    luv hanna devonne

  • lo

    Photoshopped much?

  • Shaunette

    Am I the only that notices that’s not her body.. =\
    I love Demi but do the always have to “fix” people NO ONE IS PERFECT.

  • http://none ELLe

    omg demi looks soooooo pretty! i love the black hair on her. no afense but the redish brown from camp rock was not a good color. black makes her look prettyer.

  • act_sing_star

    looking good, demi!

  • holly

    she has bangs again :) but this isnt a very good add for got milk. no offense 2 her

  • bella

    hermosa demi lovato
    pero ante las cámaras teves preciosa
    omg omg que excelente me gusta como te visten bellisima
    I love demi forever
    aia love tambien tu nuevo video remember december ……………..

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Cute! Love Demi :)

  • Angela

    that doesnt look like her at all.
    oh well, love the bangs.

  • maddie

    100% photoshoped.

  • chuchi

    it’s okay.. but what is up with disney girls showing their bras? i mean i love demi but i think she is changing. i’m getting tired and dissapointed now. she’s very talented but i do hope that she won’t grow up that much.

  • Sketch

    I dont understand the whole ooo she has changed discussion. I dont think she has… She was ALWAYS like this. Disney wanted to change her image so she would appeal to Kids, but shes grown out of the silly/ugly Mitichie look they forced her into. Jeesh people, dont like demi fine but dont make excuses for ur sudden dislike..

  • johnson

    can you say soyyyyy milk!!!!!

  • vanessa

    ofcourse is photoshoped ppl demi doesn’t have a choice !

  • yeee

    I LOVE HER, and i agree 100% with ‘Sketch’ i think shes one of the most talented and genuwine star from disney

  • lol

    Wow, photoshopped to the max. Is there anything about her that is real anymore?

  • elliez

    oh, poor thing she has no choice but to be photoshopped, her image is packaged by disney & they are pervs. Still not believin the virgin thing. How could she have 7 boyfriends & still be a virgin? NOway. Attention hoe much!

  • iluvkyleandcolin

    i think demi has an amazing voice but is her bra suppose to be showing??

>>>>>>> staging1