David Henrie Celebrates Demi Lovato

David Henrie Celebrates Demi Lovato

David Henrie clutches onto a motorcycle helmet as he arrives at Demi Lovato‘s party held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday night (November 15).

The 20-year-old actor was one among many of Demi‘s friends who were there to celebrate her new album, Here We Go Again, graduation and birthday.

Others in attendance included Nikki Reed, Benji Madden, Nicole Anderson, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Meaghan Martin, Chloe Bridges, Brandon Smith, KSM, Sterling Knight, Doug Brochu, Tony Oller, Carlson Young, Nicholas Braun, Robert Adamson, Jasmine Richards, Roshon Fegan, Hayley Williams, Dallas Lovato, Madison de la Garza and Cody Linley.

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Credit: Greg Tidwell; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • jonasluv4lif3

    i love david..
    would you marry me?
    oh you already married that lucky fan.. oh well

    i love demi shes my role model xDD

  • anna


  • Ally

    If you read Demi Lovato Twitter she says that she laughs at the rumor that benji madden and Nikki reed were there.

  • lindsay

    cmon, at least check your facts. benji and nikki did NOT attend the party, just look at her twitter. wide open proof right there.

  • V

    Actually, Nikki did. there was pictures.

  • jenny

    no selena? hmm..

  • Sophie


  • suhyeah4

    Sterling Knight was there, eh? YOW! sorry, I love the chemistry they throw off in their show together. hehe.

  • mel

    he rides a motorcycle?? woot woot that just made him ten times hotter… whatever happened to joe’s “motorcycle”?? lol

  • poop

    @V: where did you see the pictures?

  • Serena

    Demi said Nikki and Benji were NOT in attendance. It makes me sad that Selena wasn’t there. It’s like they’re not BFFs anymore. :( Anybody agrees?

  • vanessa

    @Serena: i know were is selena. i think they had a fight or something selena was in town cuz jennifer said that she was practicing her lines for work tomorrow so selena was in town for the show. so idk

  • bella

    si que se divirtieron
    I love demi lovato feliz como siempre
    omg y fue david henrie guapo
    me encanta es una fiesta siempre hay diversión y de la buena
    I love todas las party

  • Zayba

    @Serena, thts wat i thot! i never see them together, its like their no longer frends! i think they musta had a fight bc its like they never seem to talk abt eachother or talk to eachother bc they always used to be like “I miss demi!” or “i miss selena!”
    its sad… selena’s always with taylor swift and demi’s always with meghan martin or anna maria perez de tagle
    sad :(

  • scarlette

    It’s obvious that Demi and Selena ARE NOT BFFs anymore. Demi sent a tweet to Selena a few days before the party saying something like “I hope you can make it to my party this weekend.” Selena never responded, and apparently didn’t even show up…

    Demi has gotten a lot closer to Miley ever since she became famous.

  • Misa

    WOW I THINK SELENA THINK SHE TOO GOOD FOR DEMI?? i hope not, cuz’ i cant believe she ignoring Demi …. :( i dont like where this is going.:(

  • flyaway

    David Henrie is so hot and sexy. and he rides a motorcycle?!
    that makes him even more hotter!!!!!! the hottest guy on Disney!

  • lover

    Demi said Benji Madden and Nikki Reed DIDNT SHOW UP. She tweeted it because there were rumors they’ve attended, her tweet was out of pure sarcasm

  • lover

    oh… and David is super hot

  • D

    are you gonna post pics of demi??

  • http://twitter.com/stephed101 Steph

    She had a show today so i don’t think she was actually in town, demi wouldnt have publicly invited her if hey were fuedin dnt u think

  • cassie


  • zena

    It doesn’t surprise me too much that Demi/Selena have grown apart. They have faaarrr too much going on their lives to spend as much time together as they once did, and it seems whenever a new person shows up in their lives (Miley, Taylor, etc.) that newer friendship is blown out of proportion. I definitely think that gets back to Demi and Selena, and it probably puts them in a tough place/hurt feelings.

    I just hope they remember that they were dear friends BEFORE Hollywood, and they need to work at it to make sure they are still sisters AFTER Hollywood.

    Demi can’t expect Selena to fall in love with all her new acquaintances, just like Selena can’t expect Demi to stay small and local and available like she once was. I seriously hope they work everything out, because this is one friendship that shouldn’t end over the Hollywood experience.

  • zena

    As for the current post, I’m glad to see that Demi/David still hang out, and that he was able to come out and support her successes. Lucky him for having a motorcycle license!

  • pouty

    WHERE’S SELENA??? Oh ya I forgot they’re no more BFFs!

  • http://www.twitter.com annie ryan

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SELENA WHERE WAS SHE SHE DIDENT CAME!:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9TO HER BFFS PARTY DEMI AND SELNA WERE BFF

  • P

    hayley ?????

  • rezza

    this is so sad… not seeing selena’s name on the guests…

  • Gracedimond

    @Serena Selena was not in LA, sh was in San Diego doing a show, Saturday night

  • Gossip Girl

    @vanessa: Stop assuming that you know things. All you know is the crap that is being fed by sites like Ocean Up. Demi and Selena are not fighting. The two have just been busy. Just because you don’t see them everyday, doesn’t mean that they don’t call each other or text each other. Dem says how they call each other all the time bawling their eyes out.

    @pouty: They are still BFFs

  • qayla


    isn’t jennifer stone in Canada shooting a movie? that’s where she’s been for their break

  • London Lemming

    Some of you on here obviously do not have large circles of friends.

    Selena may have responded to Demi privately…. Not everything has to be done publically through twitter for insecure and immature people like some of the posters on this thread.

    Just because there not hanging out together doesn’t mean there not friends. they have their own sets of friends away from each other!

  • olivia

    @V: nikki reed wasnt there. demi said on her twitter that she’s never even met her.

  • http://wendy wendy

    david super hot

>>>>>>> staging1