Robert Pattinson is a Gucci Guy

Robert Pattinson is a Gucci Guy

Robert Pattinson suits up in head-to-toe Gucci as he arrives at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon held at Mann’s Village Theater on Monday night (November 16) in Westwood, Calif.

The 23-year-old British actor models off a Gucci MRTW Fall/Winter 2009 black shantung single breasted “Bowie” suit, white dress shirt, black tie with black leather lace up loafers.

Make sure you tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live to catch Robert, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart THIS Friday, November 20 — the same day the flick hits theaters.

15+ pics inside of Gucci guy Robert Pattinson

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Photos: Lester Cohen/WireImage, Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Ria

    Wow. Rob lookss GOOD. I love his suit choice. It looks very good on him.

  • tara


  • janeybell

    Not cute at all. Seriously…why do people find him attractive!?

  • saudia

    Omg so hot .. love him!! Rob always looks amazing in a suit <3

  • alycia

    he’s so hot!he’s lookin good in that suit!

  • gal

    his hair looks like it’s thinning out…

  • Stella

    OMG HOTTIE!!! I am soooo excited for this movie!

  • jojo

    OMG he is hoooooooot

  • bruin

    @janeybell: he’s british and he is charming

  • Krs7

    Oh la la! Couldn’t look any Hotter!!!!

  • overated.

    @alycia: Agreed. And @bruin: There are a lot of British actors just as better but they are underrated. All in all, I think half the people like Robert because of him and the other half like him because his alter ego is Edward Cullen. He’s a good actor but he’s not great looking. In my opinion anyway.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    agreed..I don’t get it either, but its because of his alter ego most likely..I don’t read or watch the Twilight Saga, but still..I don’t get it..look at Alex Pettyfer, now he is actually good looking and Liam Wemsworth (don’t know if I spelt it right)..Its just because ppl like Edward..Its my opinion..

  • bruin

    @overated.: i liked him when he was cedric :)…and i wasn’t serious about the british thing


    Rob looks so dapper ;)

  • http://twitter iluvmtrostation

    he looks so ugly i seriously dnt no wat girls see in him tht make him look hot

  • b

    OMG i love him, soooo HOT : )

  • Love

    He looks so GOOD. Love him! Love that he dressed up!

  • BEBE

    for jealous comments.

    rob is fine. he is freaking gorgeous and handsome. if you didn’t like serious and talented young man who is very much picking weird roles and never got understand the power of become a heartthrob in his life. you’ve got real man. rob is one of them. ciao.

  • OH

    @iluvmtrostation: just like u huh?u fugly

    Rob u r the hottest guy alive and most us loves u unlike some idiots

  • robsten lovin

    You haters need to stop hating. Don’t be mad because he is the most handsome, most successful guy in Young Hollywood right now. If you don’t like him, don’t come on this page. Love Rob

    Robsten– the red hot couple taking over

  • jamie

    @robsten lovin, agreed. :)

  • sarebear

    Rob looks so gorgeous!! LOVE him in a suit!! :-)

  • twilight fan

    Rob looks hot and sexy! he dazzles!

  • me.

    @BEBE: lmfao. just because people doesn’t think robert is “OME, so h0tt!!1! 0RGASM!!!1!one” doesn’t mean that they’re jealous. you twilight fans (well, not all) always say that we’re jealous. JEALOUS OF WHAT?! that’s what i don’t get. and to “robsten lovin”, why would we hate him because he’s handsome? that’s like one of the stupid reasons i’ve ever heard.

    anyway… i like robert. i love him as cedric and hate him as edward. i think he’s good-looking at some time but he looks… um, not that good here.

  • ashpha


    agree w/ u! Now Fans of twilights are more in love w/ EDWARD CULLEN than ROBPAT himself. He is not that good looking nor ugly but definitely he has a massive appeal. I second the motion, no question regarding his acting ability.

  • mena

    All haters can GTFO. That man is sexy as all hell!!!

    If you don’t like him, why are you viewing his pics? you’re just jealous anyway…..

  • Alison

    Rob looks amazing – very handsome and scrubs up nicely.

  • gale


    Dear haters,
    You do not know what you are talking about..
    If you don’t like him, move on don’t waste your time here..!
    Jealous much?! I think so..

    Go ROBERT! You are the best!!!

  • tena

    It was the same with other new man how came on the seen people started hating and it is so unfair rob is a great actor and he look happy doing it know so let him get on with it :)

  • bluerose

    He looks so dashing!

  • athena

    People magazine and whomever voted for Robert Pattison being the sexiest man alive is SOOOOOOOOO MISTAKEN! I don’t get it…this guy has no personality, let alone good looks….I don’t get it….I wouldn’t want to roll over in bed and see him next to me….there is no jealously whatsoever….I just don’t get it…I’m willing to listen….can anybody tell me? Has he said something or done something to make anyone feel they can’t live without seeing his face? Hearing him talk? I’m not a hater of RP….I just don’t get the hype!

  • gale


    Oh my little you are so wrong! Rob really is not just a pretty face like other actors. i like his personality!.. He seems down to earth and humble…

    People that hate him are jealous of his popularity.. That’s all…

    So, Rob-haters get off some place else, you do not know what you are talking about…

    Love you Rob.. Always stay the same…

  • Kthnx

    Im not jealous but wtf happend to Robert?
    He looks like he partied too hard before the premiere..
    Ugh he’s just plain ugly.

  • shereen

    omg!!!rob lukz soooo cuteeeeeeeee…..hez sooo charming…WOW..

  • jlene

    I think the trouble now days is because it’s a FAD people need to get a piece of it or just be a part of it, it’s History! Right now it’s the Twilight Saga which starts out as a love story, now it’s more of an action film./love story, It’s all based on popularity not because their cute, good looking, a good actor/actress or got great bodies….it’s what America gets their high on and where the MONEY IS that’s all that matters. Sensible people wouldn’t get caught up, it’s the other people.

  • jess

    everytime is with other face!! haha so funny! and nice

  • overated.

    @bruin: Yes. Robert as a wizard was MUCH better. ..People paid less attention to him when he played Cedric, and I actually liked Robert then. Now, all the fans like him. Cause he’s Edward. I hate that. But he will always be Cedric to me. Wizards are WAY better than Vampires. All I’m saying,

  • angela

    Yes!!!!!!! Lindooooo como sempre!!