Selena Gomez Rocks House of Blues

Selena Gomez Rocks House of Blues

With a ribbon headband in her hair, Selena Gomez greets her fans outside the House of Blues in San Diego on Sunday afternoon (November 15).

The 17-year-old singer/actress performed several songs including her hit song “Falling Down” and her new single, “Naturally.” Check out all the videos from her concert below!

Selena tweeted after the show, saying, “Just got home from my first show, I had such an amazing day today. You guys made my first show so memorable, Thank You so much!!!!! I also found out that San Francisco sold out in an hour, I can’t believe it!!! You are all the best and I am so grateful….. off to bed see you soon Anaheim.”

Selena & The Scene – “Falling Down”

Selena & The Scene – “I Want It That Way”

Selena & The Scene – “I Won’t Apologize”

Selena & The Scene – “Naturally”

Selena & The Scene – “Kiss and Tell”
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  • Amy

    Selena is the best! i love her!♥

  • Serena

    I love this girl. :)

  • Kerry

    I love the “I Want It That Way” Performance! Great cover

  • Kerry

    and…………..I love Backstreet Boys!

  • Selaly

    I watched it on YouTube! I’ve always believed in Selena and always will! I’m so glad that people can really see her great voice now, cause she was nervous on DWTS.
    She sang The Way I Loved You amazingly and super cute with I Like It That Way!.
    You go Selena, let’s rock the next Houses off!.
    Now I love her more!. Her acting and singing are perfect to me!.

  • Jannii

    Hmmm.. it wasnt bad.. but it was kinda boring ^^


    I can’t hear her voice haha

  • Tiffany

    Get all of her clothes at

  • gold baybay

    Yah, wasn’t as bad as I expected. But it didn’t blow me away. This isn’t going to make me buy the album, but fans, I did give her a chance.

  • love-zanessa-selena

    I love her <3<3
    She was amazing : )
    wish you the best SEL. <3<3

  • pouty

    AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNG! love u sel <#

  • Grace DIMOND

    love her :)

    she really is amazing :)

  • Adam

    @gold baybay: I appreciate it. At least you tried.

    I really enjoyed “The Way I Loved You” and she covered “I Want It That Way” very well. I love her!

  • nina caplan

    that was a pretty lame performance, it would have been great with kelly clarkson’s voice… that would be awesome, i mean, she cant even sing the part when she says; “YOU”
    she looks pretty though

  • pouty

    @nina caplan: at least she can sing live unlike ‘great’ singers such as Britney spears!

  • nina caplan

    @gold baybay: haha, true =)

  • nina caplan

    @pouty: but thats the problem, she just sings. its not relevant, her voice is so boring

  • selena fan

    WOW/….everything’s great but i want she performs in a large stage and the tour would be more splendid <3..SELECIOUS yoOo

  • Selaly

    Haters need to get a life! She doesn’t give a shit to haters!.
    So don’t waste your time here!. Seriously, don’t like her then don’t click on her post at all!. Geez.

  • rumi

    she sings the way i loved you the best

  • nina caplan

    @Selaly: hahaha, seems like you get mad xD
    we are not haters, we are just realistic

  • kikiii

    did she cut her hair again???

  • day

    I sincerely think that she could have done better but overall it was a good performance.

  • anonymous

    she looks so awkward on stage..

  • Maddie

    I just LOVE how she points the microphone to the crowd because she can’t sing the “You” part. Wow, she ruined my favorite BSB song. She’s a horrible “singer” if you can even call her that. Those videos show that they totally fixed her voice. And in the first video for ‘Falling Down’ you can hear the backtrack more than you can hear her! That’s just horrible.

  • Adam

    @kikiii: I think she just took the hair extensions out. She looks great with either long or short hair.

  • kikiii

    i prefer with long and lighted hair, but she´s fine anyway i guess

  • meee

    this was kinda boring and not that good of a singer
    she’s no demi or miley

  • flyaway

    @Maddie: Um, I’m pretty sure she CAN sing the “You” part, she just chooses not to. Besides, she sang some semi-high notes in the other songs and it definitely shows she’s improving and is sounding pretty good so far. But of course you would disagree with that because you are a HATER.

    p.s. that wasn’t a “backtrack”, that was her band members! Ethan, Greg, Dane and Joey. and these videos proves that she sounds same as she does in her album. So please, there’s no need for you to lie to yourself.

  • blaireb

    @meee: personally, I think Selena sings better than Miley. I just can’t stand Miley’s voice! ugh!

  • Rocky


    britney Spears can sing, but she doesn’t because she is too busy dancing. Listen to her cover of “You oughta know”

  • Chizzy

    “YOUUUUU!” LOL I can sing that. Too bad Selena can’t. ahaha

  • Gabi
  • Cecilia

    Idk, but she really sounds bored :(
    It’s like.. she has more to give! I expected much more of her.
    But she was alright, i guess (:

  • Heather

    As much as I adoreeee <3 Selena, she’s really not that great live lol

  • stephanie

    wow when i first saw the photos on the site, i looked so fast that she looked like vanessa hudgens. those girls look scary alike! anyways, i’m not going to listen to the performance just yet, but she looks gorgeous as always..

  • V

    She did pretty good. Wasn’t Demi’s party that day, though?

  • Emily

    She’s not bad. She sounded better than on DWTS. I’m proud of how far she’s come.

  • vanessa

    hmmmm…better not really good but better she needs to know how to rock out on stage u just cant jump on stage up and down like that expecially with the kind of songs she sings….but better.

  • aa

    Wow. Selena did pretty good. She definitely has the best voice of all the disney girls. (and she is the hottest!)

  • justic

    @Amy: i like her way more than you duh

  • Megan

    @Maddie: i love you. i agree 1000000000000000000000000000% with your comment. every part of it! her voice is the most computerized thing ever….she lets the audience sing the “you” part because its too high pitched for her to sing. its so funny, i mean i understand once or twice, just to get the audience involved, but all the time just proves she cant sing it. shes just so fake….<333

  • justic

    Selena is awsome i looooooooooooovwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee her

  • Brittany

    I was there, third row! it sounds worse in video, but she’s actually really great live.

  • flyaway

    @Megan: Wow, hater much? SO WHAT if she doesn’t sing the “You” part?? That doesn’t mean she’s any less of a singer. The girl CAN sing, sure she doesn’t have a strong, powerful voice, but at least she has SOME ability to sing. and you’re too much of a pathetic hater to accept that. seriously, just get over it! At least she sang LIVE, so now you can’t say anything about her “lip syncing”, because she’s singing LIVE. Can’t you give her some credit for that?! and there’s no “computerizing” involved, she sounds the same as she does in her album! are you deaf or something?!

  • me.

    @Selaly: umm dude, they’re not haters. they’re just giving their opinians. haters usually say this “fuuuck off selena, you shouldn’t sing at all. you’re ruining the music industry”. but they didn’t… and they’re not. kay? (:

    anyway, i’ve never liked her voice (although her songs are awesome). she should stick to acting cause that;s what she’s good at. and oh god, why oh why did she think making a cover of a BSB song a good idea?


    @me.: I love Selena’s voice and she should definitely CONTINUE singing!!!! :D

  • qayla


    i agree she does sound the same singing live & in her videos. i thought she did great for her FIRST show! just goes to show that as she performs more she will gain confidence in her voice and in performing for a crowd.

    pretty awesome for her first concert :)

  • mart

    wtf happen to ur hair, selena????
    sorry, i luv u, but its horrible like that….

  • paige

    Great she is great a great rolemodel i love her

>>>>>>> staging1