Robert Pattinson Ponders Flounder

Robert Pattinson Ponders Flounder

Robert Pattinson gets the giggles as he answers a question from a fan during Moviefone‘s UnScripted series.

When asked what fictional character’s brain the 23-year-old would love to pick, he replied, “I can’t think of an answer that would make me sound cool…oh wait, Flounder from The Little Mermaid. Or even the crab, Sebastian.”

Costar Taylor Lautner, director Chris Weitz and JJJ couldn’t help but laugh at his answer.

Check out the rest of the interview inside…

Taylor, Robert and Chris Weitz – Unscripted
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  • b

    lol i saw this the other day….soo funny. Love you Rob :)

  • Melissa

    what is with this cast, and these disney cartoons? hehe! kristen goes on and on about the jungle book while nikki goes on about the lion king, and now this. that’s cool!

  • Kim

    omg, taylor laughing and the aww at sebastian; sooo funny!!!

  • ashlee

    He’s super handsome! :)

  • Abigail

    this is soooooo funny
    and rob is just FUNNY!!!!

  • 1

    Lol :)

  • marisa

    hahahahahhaha,,too funny

  • xoxo

    this is really funny…i love all the unscripted interviews coz some of the questions are really random and the stars actually get to ask their own question.

  • emma

    Awh I love Robert. He’s so funny

  • gale

    LMAO! I f*cking love you ROB!

  • Robyn

    I love taylor
    but not think all three voices are kind of annoying?

  • tena

    Rob is ci=ute as ever :)

  • janeybell

    At least he knows which one is the fish and which one is the crab. When the Harry Potter trio did unscripted back in 2007. Emma Watson mentioned her father and brother dressed up as characters from the little mermaid for her 5th birthday party. They had a quick argument over which one was Sebastian…Dan and Emma BOTH said it was the FISH…but Rupert said it was Crab. It annoyed the heck out of me because Rupert agreed with them. The FISH IS FLOUNDER NOT SEBASTIAN!

  • CS

    “aaw sebastiaan” lol soo funny

  • whateeeeverrr

    LMAOOO. OHHH SEBASTIAN :D XDDD i love rob and taylor!!


    LMAO how random

  • lala

    love rob

  • sushi

    wow chris weitz very hairy..extremely lolz

  • Parker

    i love aww Sebastian part, rob and taylor both are sooo cute, and chris too

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