Selena Gomez Doesn't Do Twilight Either

Selena Gomez Doesn't Do Twilight Either

Besides being Disney Channel princesses, Selena Gomez finally has something else in common with Miley Cyrus — they’re both not big on Twilight.

The 17-year-old Wizards leading lady dished to host Bonnie Hunt on her show that even though she’s Team Jacob, she’s really not a fan of the franchise.

Selena shared, “I don’t watch them. Sorry, I feel bad…even though I am a teenager.”

Sel‘s appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show will air on Wednesday, December 16. Check your local listings for exact times.

TELL JJJ: Are you a big fan of Twilight?

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  • Vulgarjonasyo

    I love the Twilight saga!

    Team- Edcob!


    woooot woot love this girl
    fyi twilight SUCKS ASS

  • stephy

    noo, i dont like twilight. I love Sel & Miley!

  • niki

    no…i never watched nor read a twilight movie or book. i mean why is it such a big deal that they dont like it. i mean people actin like its a sin to not like twilight…its so stupid…geez. get off their back people. its not the end of the world. everyone doesnt like twilight.

  • shannz

    they also shared a bf and a bff lol

  • Aruma

    Of course she’s team Jacob.

    I don’t like Twlight either xD

    i love Sel =)

  • diane n.

    i like twilight, but its overrated.
    the books were good.

  • Lu

    Selena seems like she’s actually being honest. Miley made it seem like she was saying it just to get attention.

  • shannz

    wait 2 bffs

  • jo

    never been into twilight either, so she’s not alone. I don’t get the big deal with robert pattinson either. it’s all too much

  • Naomi

    She confuses me, haha. In an MTV interview she said she saw the movie and thought it was awesome. I wonder if her and Taylor Lautner aren’t friends anymore.

  • overated.

    What is so special about Twilight anyway? Besides the fact that there are “hot” guys in the movie. And the fact that every girl wants a boyfriend like Edward Cullen. I guess people find it very romantic about a vampire watching a girl sleep at night; not creepy at all.

  • blaireb

    @Naomi: Selena said that she liked it, but she doesn’t watch it all the time. like, she’s not a big fan of it.

  • duuumm

    good job selena! i think this is the first time that i’ve liked her. kudos to selena and miley. the books were alright, i guess. i used to be all for team edward, but the movie completely ruined and destroyed edward for me.

  • evalynn

    selena not liking twilight is okay, fine since she never said she did. but miley did say last year at the TCA, i believe, that she realize the appeal of robert pattinson, and she did mention she liked twilight…miley’s such a hypocrite

  • sumbudy frum englund


    I KNOW RIGHT??!!! its creepy.

    so there was this post on MLIA and the girl wrote that she heard a little girl sing “santa claus is coming to town” but a slightly modified version of it::

    he sees you when your sleeping
    he knows when your awake,
    his name is edward cullen,
    so get ready to be r@ped

  • Angela

    I love her, even more now because of this. And Robert Pattinson was way better in Harry Potter, that’s all I’m saying.

  • Smacky35

    YAY My two favourite celebrities and we all dislike twilight

  • selgom

    selena is sooo honest,, and cuteee,, i love her,, i don’t like twilight too,,

  • cheslea

    Thank God for people like Miley and Selena. For a while, I was alone in my lack of interest for twilight. My sister has read the series at least 4 times. I read the first book and that was all…it was okay, not amazing like everyone says it is. I tried watching the movie, but I stopped 5 min into it….i’m not exaggerating. Robert Pattinson is not NOT handsome in any way, shape, or form. His face looks like that of a hobo to me. I don’t understand why women and girls think he’s the hottest thing alive.

    But I don’t think Sel should apologize for not being into twilight.

  • janeybell

    I can’t stand the mess.

  • yourlover
  • http://- Mellz

    No..selena said that she didn’t get into twilight
    after she meet taylor lautner !
    sooo she never saw that movie…i love her for being honest ^^

  • selaly

    I love Selena, she always looks so gorgeous and classic. I love how she just being herself.

  • Nychai

    OH! OH! OH! i knew there was a reason i loved selena gomez so much!

  • suhyeah4

    I’ve watched the movie, but I am not into it. kinda overrated. the hype is too much and kinda makes you expect more out of it.

  • Mamic

    looove selena!!! i love the cast of twilight like kristen, taylor, ashley, kellan etc., but i’m not so into the whole twilight vampire thing. haha =)

  • loz

    finally, i hate twilight is a load of crap!! naww i love her even more, and miley, well i hate her less haha

  • yeaaaa

    NO WAY! Twilight is just too overrated.
    Nothing special there, and it makes me mad sometimes when there is another movie with vampire is said to be copied from Twilight.
    And I hate Robert Patt, i dont get what people sees in him. Yuck!

    Love Selena!

  • Misa


  • Misa

    OMG I HEARD THAT SHE WAS OBSESSED AND ROBERT PATTINSON WAS ” SOOO” “CUTE? . For oonce i ABSOLUTLY DONT believe her. ( ps isn’t weird that it like, 24 hours after miley’s confession) IS IT like A TREND OF SOME SORT?

  • Misa

    dont hate i still think is pretty cute. <3

  • mzindochick

    I LOVE YOU SELENA. !!!!!!!.

    not into twilight either. though i’ve read them and watch them.
    but never caught my attention. :P.


  • TaylorIsInNewMoon

    someone is a bit bitter she got dumped by Taylor Lautner huh

  • Ashley

    twilight is soooo overrated… and lame


    Team Edward….but Taylor Lautner! wooo! he’s very good-looking! Yeah, I’m a fan. Not a fanatic. I get where Sel is coming from.



  • Julie

    Love The Twilight Saga!

  • Mellz

    who said that after miley???
    even before this interview sel already said that she’s not a fan of twilight !!
    @another Interview…sooo…back off

  • Dolly20

    I Luv Twilight <3
    & Im So Excited For New Moon =D

  • Bea

    I can understand that someone doesn’t like Twilight. I love the books but the movie isn’t really good. But I don’t understand Miley’s reason: she doesn’t believe in vampires… Ok, that’s obvious, you don’t have to believe in them to read a book or to watch a movie. I don’t understand her, it’s just fantasy… I love her but that’s odd. I love Selena too, she’s my idol! I don’t know why it’s such a big deal that they don’t like it. We are all different and we should respect what people like & dislike.

  • waschal

    No I’m not a big fan of it either

  • Camilla

    These two dorks are just jealous…I dont watch their crap shows…whoever is over 14 doesnt…time for growing up Miley and Selena…

  • kicking&screamingggx3

    @evalynn: umm. just because you like robert pattinson doesn’t mean you have to like twilight. i mean i love kristen stewart but i hate twilight. i love the jonas brothers but i hate JONAS. i love leighton meester, but i hate gossip girl.

    do you nderstand? robert pattinson IS NOT twilight. he’s a dude.

    see. double standards take place here. selena says she doens’t like it, “oh that’s okay.” miley says she doesn’t like it, FUCKING WORLD WAR 3.

    so what, does that mean miley can’t change her mind? i use to love twilight, now i hate it cuz of all the hype it has.

    she’s a person who can change they’re mind :]

  • justlauras

    I don’t like twilight

  • http://justjared jane

    F*** you, you twilight h8ter’s (excluding selena) New Moon is out over here on saturday cant wait to see my boys on the big screen i am also for both teams go Edward and Jacob…… =) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx selena i love ya ur a gr8 role model and ur pretty too =)

  • marianne

    I can guarantee they don’t watch the series because of their religious beliefs!
    I would put money on it!

  • Kristina

    I love Twilight!! Team Edward!! :D :D

  • vitoriabrasilfandejonasdemisel

    selena is amazing

    i love

  • miss

    im not a big fan of twilight either my sister is but im not. im only team jacob because taylor cute lol but yeah twlights ok.

  • zanessa

    wow, she is soo polite , to be honest and give an answer
    Miley just did it rudely and possiby to get attention

    that’s why I respect Selena so much, love her work

    god bless

>>>>>>> staging1