Joan Jett on Kristen Stewart: She's an Actress of Weight

Joan Jett on Kristen Stewart: She's an Actress of Weight

This past year, we’ve seen Kristen Stewart transform into Joan Jett for her role in the upcoming The Runaways.

The real Joan Jett caught up with MTV at the red carpet premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on Monday night to praise the 19-year-old actress. Check it:

On Kristen’s “Joan Jett” haircut: “I had a big smile. I thought she looked great. She really wore it well, with her body and the way she carried it. It was [weird]. It was like looking at a little sister.”

On getting to know Kristen: “I don’t know that she had specific questions, so much as she just observed me a lot. We talked; I would talk to her. She didn’t really have to ask me. I’d just dump on her my feelings about the Runaways: what it meant to me, what I thought we were trying to achieve, how I felt about girls playing rock and roll and stepping outside the box of what we were allowed to do in life, just that whole thing. And she’d listen to my accent and watch my body language. She’s an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth, and she’s very serious. She takes it as art.”

On using her own voice in The Runaways: “She’s singing. She’s definitely doing the singing, yeah. And during the filming, she was playing guitar. We went through it. I showed her the positions that I play — because some guitar players will use different hand positions on the boards — so I showed her how I played it, and she picked it up really well. I’m a lefty, too — not guitar-wise, but in my handwriting. So she switched that up too; she was writing with her left hand. She really, really embodied it.”

On watching Kristen’s past work: “I’d obviously heard about the movie [Twilight], but before she was cast as me, I hadn’t seen it. Of course, when she was cast as me, I wanted to see the movie, and I’ve seen everything she’s done. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really entertaining, and I’m excited that she was cast as me in The Runaways.”

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  • tony

    Joan and Kristen!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Brianna

    Miley Cyrus is prettier.

  • er? Hello?

    @Brianna: ur weird. kristen is soooo much prettier than miley

  • nicole

    i really LOLed at the ‘miley cyrus is prettier’ comment. because she really isn’t.

    kristen is probably one of the most real celebrities, ever.

  • anna

    miley cyrus is prettier? honey no. all she does is contradict herself in interviews. i mean, she says she doesn’t listen to pop music and it’s not her style. really miley? really?

    kristen is amazing. she’s really talented, and i’m really looking forward to seeing the runaways. it’s nice to hear someone like joan jett talk about her so positively.

  • Cabbagepie

    Oh yeh and thats what matters of course Brianna? Youre incredibly shallow,
    This post is talking about her talents, not her beauty. Could you be more irrelevant?

  • yourlover
  • Lats

    lolest to miley’s prettier comment.i cant wait to kristen in Runaways.

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    Kristen is the COOLEST and most DOWN TO EARTH person is Hollywood. Anyone else seen New Moon? I have-gonna see it again on Saturddaay!

  • chloe

    I love you kristen

  • http://google alessia

    I really like her ….. and since I am Italian …. a bear from here:) ciaoooooo w kristen

  • http://google alessia93

    I really like her ….. and since I am Italian …. a bear from here:) hello kristen

  • KristenRULES!!

    this gets me so pumped to see The Runaways movie!

  • CS

    aww, i’m so proud of her! can’t wait to see the runaways :)

  • Jess:

    she was writing with her left hand?? wow so she did a great job! joan rocks!kristen rocks!

  • ninnia

    Kristen Stewart is just amazing, love her