Nick Jonas Chats The Administration

Nick Jonas Chats The Administration

Nick Jonas may not be running for President just yet, but he does have his own Administration.

The 17-year-old musician caught up with USA Today to talk about the comings and goings of his new side-project group, The Administration. Made up of drummer Michael Bland and keyboardist Tommy Barbarella, Guitarist David Ryan Harris played on the album, but Sonny Thompson will replace him for live shows — which are coming up soon.

Nick shared, “I had written five or six songs that were on my heart, things that were just pouring out of me with this new and exciting sound. They weren’t necessarily right for the Jonas Brothers, but I thought they could be perfect for something else. It’s a cross between my roots in R&B and soul with a kind of rock/pop music behind it.”

Some of the songs off of their debut album, Who I Am include “The Rose Garden,” “Olive & An Arrow,” “Conspiracy Theory” and “State of Emergency.”

Nick Jonas & the Administration will make its live debut performing a single of the same name on the Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! special Wednesday, December 2 on CBS.

Who I Am is set to hit shelves on February 2.

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  • Cleo


  • Jennifer

    wow….we will see what is it)

  • amy

    First!? :)
    Omg im seeing jobros on sunday :’) so happpppppppy
    nick <3

  • lucy

    met nick yesterday he is so cute <3

  • angela

    Can’t wait!!!

  • salina

    So so so happy for nick! The preview for Who I Am sounded beautiful. LOVE YA NICK!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • gabenceto


  • Queen C jb

    Only at Feb 2nd?! OMJ it’s a long way!

  • suhyeah4

    This will be awesome for sure! The Jonas Brothers will always be a breath of fresh air in my mind. people might label them as another boy band but if they got to know them they’d see how talented and lovable they are.

  • gabrielle

    If Nick is going solo… The Jonas Brothers will never be the same! DON’T do this Nick!

  • Courtney


  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    I love Nick, Kevin and Joe soooooo much!
    But honestly, they will never make it solo. The only
    reason they’re big now is because of ALL of the brothers.
    Yeah so….stick with your bros, Nick….

  • katie

    @gabrielle: what’re you talking about? of course they’ll be the same. its not that big a deal. its just a side project. its something new and fun for him to try out. they need to experience things outside the jonas brothers. nicks got this, joes got acting, and kevins got danielle and a family to think about. im proud of him for branching out and giving this a shot. its a good thing.

  • jonaslover988979

    live shows without joe and kevin to promote this album? really?? thats gonna be kinda weird but i guess cool…. i think tho that the jobros should do the show and just have nicks band come out for maybe a few songs…. cuz thats just gonna be a little awkward w/o joe and kevin…… idk his single sounds amazing but i just think it might be a little weird….

  • mariana

    i love a nick and this is amazing OMG haha

  • lulu

    @lucy: u mey him!? wow, ur so lucky!! i love him so much!! cant w8 2 c them all 22nd nov :D xx

  • Courtney


  • bizz

    Wow the song titles sound deep.I can already tell this album is gonna be amazing.Im also excited to here the new version of tonight and wish him luck at the grammys.

  • sandy

    i love you nick jonas

  • Lorett@

    I love you nick jonas!

  • Lorett@

    i love you nick jonas

  • Taylor

    @#1 Jonas Brother Fan!:

    Actually, the only real reason why they are famous is because of Nick. If it wasn’t for his interest in Broadway and his limited release solo cd back in 2004, the Jonas Brothers wouldn’t have written Please Be Mine together and sang it as brothers, creating their own cd as three. So, technically, Nick made them famous, or at least started their fame. Don’t get me wrong-Joe and Kevin are absolutely amazing and have brilliant talent, but I would have to say Nick holds it all. He could make it solo, but it’s only a side project and, thankfully, they will not break-up; that’s what I believe. They are too close and their music has a connection to all three, but Nick’s solo career is mostly a free run. So… they are all amazing and they will do great things, well, they’ll keep doing great things. (: All three of them.

  • nicole

    @katie i totally agree with you. side projects are cool, and a good experience. but i think they’ll always be the jonas brothers. plus, if nick is writing songs that dont seem to fit for their band, they should’nt force it. they know their sound.

  • Memoona

    I’m really excited for this, and I know it’ll be successful, but I also know, no matter how much the Jonas Brothers say otherwise, the Jonas Brothers will never be the same. I wish that if Nick was gonna do a side project, it would have been a solo music career, not another band. Oh well. It’s their life and they can do whatever. But I hope they’re right and the Jonas Brothers stays as strong as it is. And I’d like to see a side project from Joe and Kevin. Kevin’s probably gonna be busy with Danielle after their wedding, but maybe if Joe did some acting? And I know music is the most important to Nick, all the fans know that, but we know Joe and Kevin love it too, but what if people who don’t know them as well think Joe and Kevin don’t care as much, and the Jonas Brothers is just there to make money? I honestly don’t really like the idea of another band….why couldn’t you have done a solo album instead? Oh well. Good luck to all 3 of you, whatever you choose to do, and I love you forever, wether The Jonas Brothers last or not. I’ll still have all 4 of your albums…

  • AMAnda

    I am very happy for Nick..But I reallllllllly want Joe to do a side-project too…I guess it would rock! I LOVE YOU JOEEEEEEEEE

  • hanoonoo

    0hh i am so happy for him i think his album will rock

  • dreamgirl

    OMG!!! i’m so excited for you Nick! God bles this your project! i can’t wait for february to come!! lol

  • http://justjaridjonyer i love Jonas brothers

    Nick Nik if youer reding this you cant go sola pless ples dont go slow im beging youi dont brock up the band dont scarus to deth with sopid publistey stonts we love you and youer brothers pleeeees dont go sola dont seoriwt the best band ever pleeeeees im beging you dont go sola do not miss youer consorts ples a ted youer consorts you can still mack musick with the Administration

  • http://baltimore michele

    NICK JONAS WILL YOU MARRY ME HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU ARE ALWAY IN MY HEART YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE I Want you by my side a special love song to you i think about nick jonas in my life someone special is you see how i shine when i’m by your side i love you all of my heart

    i want to kiss your ncek please the magic of our love you have a heart of gold sweet dream honey

  • Danielle Barnes

    I really want to meet Nick!!! It would be great to meet him!! Even though he has more improtant things to do! Plus he probably would like it if all his fans weren’t so freking GIRLY!! Common guys he is a rock star yes he is handsome and talented. if I were in is shoes I would like it if my fans would not like me for just my looks and talent and find something else that they like about me!! Just cuz he is famous doen’t mean that he is not a regular normal dude!!! Get a grip!!

  • Colleeen johnson

    Congratulations on “who I Am”.

    When I first heard the song, tears filled my eyes, because of self reflection. I felt every word described my true feelings of love, life , hiding pain and hiding my true feelings. I am disabled and am very ill and suffer severly with fibromyalgia. I am in tremendous pain 24/7, even in my sleep. Thanks Nick, your song encourages and inspires me. I feel excited each time I here it. Thanks to Disney channel 51 comcast cable in Lauderhil Fl., My grand daughters and I faithfully watch the Jonas Brothers. May God Bless You all throughout your endeavors.

    Colleen Johnson

  • http://baltimore michele







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