Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato to Present at AMAs

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato to Present at AMAs

BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato will light up the stage during the 2009 American Music Awards THIS Sunday, November 22 in Los Angeles.

The duo are set to present an award along with Kristen Bell and songstress Colbie Cailat, E! reports.

Among those nominated for AMAs are Selena and Demi‘s gal pal Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson and Kings of Leon.

The show will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on Sunday (November 22) @ 8-11PM on ABC. Be sure to enter JJJ‘s giveaway with Comic Book Heroes!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Selena and Demi at the awards?

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Photos: Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel
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  • http://www.flowerbooMB-.PICZO.COM zanessa

    yes! at last we will be seeing them together!
    BFF’S i love em both
    god bless em x

  • harmony grace

    aw they’re so cute!! hopefully they’ll present together!!!
    but it’s too bad jb didn’t get any noms……

  • tess

    i knew, that it was not true that they are fighting))

  • Babe

    I was hoping they’ll perfrom…

  • mandy

    yay i’m so glad that they arent fighting! love them both!

  • line

    Yaaayyyyyyy I Love selena and demi<3333333333333333

  • andrea

    Finally the fake fighting rumors will stop. I hope they take a picture with Taylor Swift. All three of them are my favorite people.

  • salina

    Awww that’s so cute. Everyone who thought their friendship was over see it itsnt. Its hard to break a true friendship :)

  • Selaly

    Is Demi nominated too?. Or just Selena and Taylor?.

  • hamzabuarar


  • LC

    finally they’re back together :)

  • dina

    thwy were nver fighting, stop beliveing thess romers people, that was just the media talking! How is mJ a nom and he is dead?

  • gold baybay

    With all due respect, presenting an award together doesn’t mean they’re not in a fight…it just means that they are presenting an award together. Do keep in mind I don’t think they’re fighting but, this doesn’t make a difference.

  • Kimmie M

    Every one is getting this information wrong selena gomez and demi lovato are not presenting the same award together they are just two of announced presenters the for the AMA’s

  • Bravo51

    Demi Lovato Not nominated for any AMA awards
    Selena Gomez is not nominated for any AMA awards.

    Taylor Swift is nominated for 6 AMA awards
    ADULT CONTEMPORARY – Favorite Artist
    ARTIST OF THE YEAR—– but michael jackson is nominated for this also
    POP/ROCK – Favorite Female Artist
    POP/ROCK – Favorite Album
    COUNTRY – Favorite Female Artist
    COUNTRY – Favorite Album

    Miley Cyrus is nominated for two AMA awards
    SOUNDTRACKS – Favorite Album
    Hannah Montana: The Movie
    Hannah Montana 3

  • Andy

    gold baybay I so agree with you

  • Jelly

    can’t wait to see miley on the awards show…and yes selena and demi are presenting together along with two other semi-stars

  • blinky

    Why on earth would they have selena perform? Does she have a hit song? NO. Does anyone know any song she ever sang? NO. She barely sold 50,000 copies of her CD so I don’t think she’ll be asked to perform too many places. Too bad, cuz she is kind of cute.

  • kimmie h

    I can’t wait for all of you to see that they are not presenting together.

  • http://- Mellz

    CAN”T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!

  • Selenafan

    Selena is the BEST.Love her 4ever!!!!!!

  • martina

    yayyyyyy! finally back together
    miss them so much

  • CADY


  • ryan

    Sunday’s ceremony will be a worthwhile watch for myself – Demi & Selena presenting together, Taylor being nominated, & last, but not least, Kelly & Carrie are both performing at the show. I can’t wait to see Demi, Selena, Kelly, & Carrie on the red carpet & during the show. Finally, this will put all the lousy gossip about Demi & Selena being at odds in a feud over Taylor Lautner, not being best friends as they once were to rest.


    coooooooool…i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee demi and selena soooooooo much but i like more demi sorry but demi voice is very prety and her too but i like selena too but on my opinion demi is THE BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST EVER…demi is my idol!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOUUUUUU DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassandra

    @blinky: Actually her album sold more than 100,000.Get your facts straight.

  • shenaaa


  • lili

    ayy niñas enserio qeu bonitas salen! me encantannnnn :) si estan bonitas en esta foto salen asi super super hermosas recontrachulas jiji =*

  • pearl

    thats gonna be one awkward encounter….selena obviously been avoidng demi,demi wanting to make friends with judging selena,taylor swift having asked if it’d be cool if she fake dates selena’s ex for PR for new moon and swifty’s new deluxe album…im not saying this is all true but….i can only imagine if it is,then…mayjah..awkwardness!

  • coco

    there not bak, we aint sure yet but they deleted each other through youtube n stuff
    this is wht happens when disney uses bff’s and turns them to products

  • anonymous

    Every body thinks theyre (best) friends again,but that aint true! Demi and Sel are in a big fight. Its about that Demz is friends with the JBs (and sel isnt,cause she and nick were a couple and broke up,and now they cant like eachother PROOF: JB congratulated Miles and Demi when they had birthday,but they didnt congratulate Selly ) And its about that Demi dated Taylor Lautner (its true!) .. and she told Sel NOT to date him,but she did. AND then Sel began to be friends with Taylor Swift , so Demi picked Miley as her BFF.


    so Yall know Sel said in an interview “When I make mistakes I try to hide them and keep them to myself” . Now this is what Demi twittered :” Id rather look up to someone who makes mistakes than someone who hides them .. ” & “thats why I like Kstew. She is one of the realest people in Hollywood” ANOTHER Jenn Stone and Sellys Cousin wrote on twitter and said “I dont like when people are bashing OUR girl” so who have they meant with OUR GIRL ?! Its clear. They meant Selly with it. Just look up youtube.. There are many videos of Selly and Demi being in a feud (included the silent twitter fightn between them)

    AND if you say.. NO this AINT true.. demi invited Sel to her 17birthday party via twitter. Demi didnt meant it to be a real invitation. She just rubbed Sel in her face,that she cant come. Thats why Sel did a shooting on this day. Just to have a reason for the public why she couldnt come.

    So.. This picture they took on the AMAS.. to U think their smile is real?! Just look at old pics of them.. They used to hug,be close.. The AMA picture is P L A S T I C.

    & Maybe ur wondering why I know this? Im a friend of them.

    xoxo, M.

  • ellie

    i looove selena and demi they rock thier both amazning i like them better then miley cyrus ,they are true romoldes but i still like miley cyrus lets say thet all rocks,but demi and selena are a little better

>>>>>>> staging1