Zac Efron Premieres Me & Orson Welles

Zac Efron Premieres Me & Orson Welles

Sharp looking Zac Efron suits up as he attends the premiere of his new drama, Me & Orson Welles at Vue West End in London on Wednesday evening (November 18).

The 22-year-old actor plays Richard Samuels in the flick alongside beauty Claire Danes, which is a limited release on Friday, November 25th.

Author Robert Klapow joked with the NY Times about his student’s enthusiasm for his achievements. He shared, “For them it’s all about Zac Efron. ‘Can Zac come to school? Can we get his autograph?’”

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty , Jon Furniss/WireImage
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  • selly

    OMG he’s so hooot!

  • jo

    so good looking. he definitely looks his age in these shots.

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    aww he’s so hot x

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks so good. He looks so Matrue and grown Up.

  • bibi

    Looking handsome! can’t wait to see the movie! love the suit, lol

  • marie

    he looks so good!!! love the suit!!! he looks very mature!!

  • amy

    aw i saw an interview he was so nrervous (L)\
    love himm so gorgeous!

  • MandiDesiree

    Ooooooh soooo hottt!

  • Lydia

    i love u with all my heart

  • Pix

    Holy HOTness! He looks great in that suit!

  • carolina


  • ANNE

    he’s beautiful <3

  • Angie

    OMG !!!!!!!!

    he’s so beautiful !!!!!
    Love him <3

    I can’t wait to see MAOW !!!

  • ZANESSA supporter

    I love him!!
    His haircut looks amazing and his suit is sooo sexyy.! :)
    Lucky lukcy Vanessa! SHe gets to kiss him without reason!! :)

  • brenda

    oh my goooooooooooooooooooood he’s so hot! and he looks so beautiful in this photos! i love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim(L)

  • aly

    why…why…why didn’t i find out till this morning (8pm where i live right now)??? my god he looks amazing *sigh* ;)

  • Jo

    Ahhhh gutted i couldnt go to this one :(
    Oh well get to see the film tomorrow in nottinghill

  • hunny

    Smile, Zac. It’s OK to show your pearly whites!

    Looking good.

  • joanne


  • iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou

    does anyone here think that Robert Pattinson is hotter?

  • Cynthiia

    ZAC=HOT !!!!!! <3 :D

  • Leah.

    You can’t deny it.
    Zac Efron is a beautiful man.

  • svenja**

    Just look at his amazing eyes & you know why I love him so terribly (:
    He looks great btw.
    Love his suit. His hair iks so darn sexy (;

  • lmao

    zac is the hottest!

  • Kami

    he looks hot.

    But hes got to smiille=D

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou: In my opinion I think zac is way better looking than rob… Nothing against rob but I don’t really find him that attractive as some people seem to find but zac is hottt!!! :D looking very mature zac!!!

  • Abby

    Now THAT is hot/sexy. I’m loving him in a suit and with his new short hair. The short hair really does make him look more his age. Love it.

  • jess

    OMG! he is SOOO hot!
    love him!

  • jess

    @joanne: you are soo lucky girl! I’m jealous!

  • Danielle

    He is hansome, but I miss Vanessa

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    Zac is the hottest!!
    Robert Pattinson, ewe..

  • roxana

    what a handsome man!!!!looking good Mr. Efron…

  • neds

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL. mmmm mmmm mmm. God, could he be anymore gorgeous, yum

  • ryanefron

    omg he is so hot.

  • kvd3

    he is starting to look like elijah wood and daniel radcliff combined

  • Elly

    omg. hes so damn sexy. If I ever met him I would most definitely Faint LMFAO

  • mech

    he’s gorgeous, of course but… WHERE’S VANESSA, DUDEE?

  • kay


  • pop86

    Whoa! Zac looks mature and so grow-up. Go Zac!!!

  • Haylie

    Omg!! He’s so gorgeous!!! I love you so much Zaccy!!
    You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • duuumm

    woah….he looks extremely handsome in these pics. they’re probably the best pics i’ve seen of him in a while now. considering the fact that he just got off a 9 hour flight hours before he premiered his movie, he looks darn good here. a bit tired…but brilliant.

    btw, theres more pics here

  • cw

    I just asked a young boy in the Soho Hotel (London) if he knew why the paparazzi were waiting outside and if he had seen anyone famous there….turns out that he was actually Zac Efron. I now feels very old and Zac is nursing a slightly damaged ego!

    He looks very young, very short and really pretty!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Definitely a man of his own. Go Zachary !! ..Hopefully I’ll be able to watch Me and Orson Welles !! =)

  • istar

    i was at the premiere!!! no joke.
    i got tickets. he came in our screen and everything before the movie. and he looked right at me!!!! he is soooo much HOTTER in person. i have no idea how, but he is :D

  • Grace formally known as Hmm

    @cw: lol reminds me of the poor dad that saw him at the airport and asked if he was Harry Potter. lol It’d be awesome to accidentally bump into him sometime, I don’t think recognition would be my problem though . . . it’d be actually forming words cause I’d be speechless.

    He looks awesome, hope he had a great time. It looks like there was a lot of fans there, I’m sure that made him feel great and it’ll give the movie a great start for a good showing.

  • maria

    I think Zac looks fabulous!! Very handsome, very mature, very sharp!!


    He’s definitely got the great sex appeal. Reminds me of the young Johnny Depp. I hope he’ll grow to be as talented and perhaps even more. Good luck Zachary.

  • hititquitit

    his hair is still yummy.
    but the suit adds the hot.

    he’s breathtaking. xD

  • Divine Goddess

    hes FUCKIN HOT
    vanessa is so LUCKY

  • Katty

    He looks so mature! That’s amazing! I’m glad people will finally be taking him more seriously because of his recent movie choices. He could easily be like every other star that started out at Disney and go on with teen movies, but he wanted to differenciate his choices. I respect that.
    Go you, Zac! You look $exy, too!