Justin Bieber is a Doritos Dude

Justin Bieber is a Doritos Dude

Justin Bieber munches on a mini-bag of Doritos as he leaves a studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (November 18).

The 15-year-old musician did an interview with Chelsea Handler for her E! show, Chelsea Lately.

Justin just released his debut album, My World, yesterday. He revealed to MTV what his album is all about, saying, “It’s basically about my world and what I want in my world kind of thing. … There’s a lot of different songs about girls. Yeah, a lot about girls. But there’s a lot of stuff about real life and stuff that I’ve gone through — just stuff [that] teens in general can relate to.”

Did you get your copy yet?

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • catherine

    CUTTES !

  • Mamic

    haha i saw him at citywalk last night.

  • lauren

    justin bieber is soooooo cute!<3 :D i love him soooooo much!<3 and doritos are gooooood. hahaaa ;)

  • brianna

    awww hes adorable i wonder what he was working on ??
    i’m so proud to call myself a fan of his and bieberblast his music !<3

  • tutti

    wow he’s so cute&handsome!
    I love him soooo muchhh

  • annie

    he is cuuutteeee :)
    love u so much JBiebs

  • Marina

    OMG! he’s so cute! Justinnnn, we love you soooo much!!!! Give me a Doritos! hehe. i love justin so muuuuch!

  • aneet

    I LOVE IT!

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey


  • http://justjaredjr.com #1 Jonas Brother Fan!


  • http://www.twitter.com/Mexicanbieber Patty

    he’s totally amazing,
    and by the way JUST JARED you rock :).
    i’m from Mexico and I’m your fan since 2 years.

  • brad

    just wait till his voice deepens

  • http://webstarts.com/4girlz Misty

    i love justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    back of biches hes mine

  • rmeedios

    I really love him … He’s got smthg special is different than the others !

    From Spain rmee :)

    ( I need My Wordl … Spain is “·$%&/ )


    justin will u date me.

  • michellelovesjustinbieber

    even while eating doritos he is ADORABLE!!!:D gahh, i love that kid!<33333

  • __REbekah__

    he is so cute. i wish i new hem..lls

  • Susan

    i love you Justin Bieber! Love you so much! Love your music!

  • Susan


  • rizkyrose

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee J.B !!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com Bieberlover

    I WUV JBIEB!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    OMG hes so georgous! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER TO DEATH!!!! AHHHH!!!!! Love him al il to much!!!

  • kayj

    wow, obsesed chicks! haha, i would hate being famous!

  • http://sharfina-fina@gmail.com fina

    OMG you’re so cute and handsome


    I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!! <3

  • http://- Selena

    A cute guy that will not of my head…<3 <3

  • Your #1 fAN!

    Hey justin if your reading this “hi i lve you i hope to be your bff”
    oh and girls back off hes soooooooooo mine!!!!!!

  • Anne

    I love Justin, but it is freakishly weird to document him eating Doritos, everyone eats them, but whatev. I love Justin, so friggin hot!
    With the voice of an angel!


    i love you justin !!!!! i’am crazy for you


    i wonder who’s dating him right now…….

  • ljzc19


    for realz but u gotta admit dat he is cute….

  • ashley

    justin is really hot !! i want him to come to my birthday in june and sing to me but right now we dont have the money :( he is in my mind everywhere i go lol i am going through a really tough time and to see him right in front of me and singing to me would be the best thing ever i love you justin bieber !! <3

  • Demming


  • http://myspace.com/artakrasniqi arta krasniqi

    omg !!!
    He is so hott

  • keeki

    hayyy omgg i love justinn bieber im llike hiss bigges t fann in the worlddd omg he should perfrom in london and give me a tickett !!
    i love u justin bieber hoppee uu sseee thiss

  • kalei

    i love you justin!!! i think youre music is great!! n i like your voice. i wish i could meet you!!!!

    love from hawaii:)

  • chairle brown

    he looks like a girl and afagbag

  • bill gates

    he is poor

  • carina


  • marilyn bieber

    you are so cut i love so much i with you where my boy

  • erica

    OMG! HE IS SO SEXY I WANT TO JUSY KISS HIM ALL THE TIME ..!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTIN IS SO DELISIUOS…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://gmail barbara

    hey Justin am a big fan .

  • http://yahoo.com theresa

    justin bieber is so amazing and i love him so back the f…. off b…….


  • justine Palushaj

    Justin Bieber is not a girl so stop listenng to him if you dont like him k thanx

  • Autumn

    I love you Justin Bieber!!!!!!!

  • marre

    i Love Libe Älskar justin bieber
    Im he’s nbr#1 fan

    i just wan’t u too come too sweden i know it’s cold :(
    but whatever u kan come on summer :D

    plez every body here know ho u are WE LOVE U XXXX<3<3<3<3

  • ana maria rodriguez

    um justin u rule uuuuuuuuuuu da best e mail me some time ur soooo cute in tthis pic peace
    li 3lmo

  • catlin

    justin bieber is a guy who totally makes me laugh each time i see him … he has something in his heart that makes my hert pound tooo…jjajajjaaj i don’t really love u i admire u u’ve reaches ur goals wich i love that ur that kind of person im 15 years olld im turning 16 in march 3 lol ur bithday is 2 days away from mine take care jusitin drew bieber..

  • maria

    JE TEAM justin

  • morganlovesjustinnn

    is that an oakland a’s hat? (:

>>>>>>> staging1