Alexa Vega & Sean Covel are Engaged!

Alexa Vega & Sean Covel are Engaged!

Former Ruby & The Rockits star Alexa Vega and her producer boyfriend Sean Covel are getting married!

According to Hot Springs Star, the 21-year-old actress and 33-year-old producer are set to tie the knot in Black Hills, South Dakota next year!

Sean revealed to the paper about his plans to propose to Alexa, saying, “I planned to propose in a grove of Christmas trees in Los Angeles, but when I realized we would be back home doing a screening in Hot Springs, I knew this was the perfect opportunity, so I scrapped the old plan and whipped up a new one. My plan was to sneak in the back door while the film [Broken Hill] was playing [during a film festival] and propose backstage behind the proscenium. “I thought it would be a cool way to have our own private moment and still be in front of 400 of my teachers, friends and family.”

Alexa shared, “I had no idea why he wanted to enter through the alley. I thought it was weird, but it seemed like an adventure. I found out later that half the town did something to help, but the entire audience kept it a secret. I went from being worried we’d get arrested for breaking and entering to suddenly realizing exactly what was happening. I think I laughed and cried and squealed all at the same time!”

Sean and Alexa will recite their vows in a ceremony on October 10, 2010.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • wow….age ain’t nothin but a number.

  • jane

    shes sooo young tho

  • michelle

    Whoa! I did not know that they were even together. Nor that she was 21! Wow. She looks so young.

  • sam

    wasn’t she dating austin butler like 2 seconds ago? wth?

  • Anna

    she’s getting married?!
    she doesnt even look 21!
    wow, so young …
    congrats ? lol

  • justme

    I smell another divorced after 5 minutes wedding

  • ninja

    they have been dating for almost two years

  • lulu

    she is young, but hey!! no1 complained wen kevin jonas announced he was gettin married and he’s only 22 and was 21 wen he announced. if they’re both happy, i wish them all the best!! x

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    whoa i think thats a bit young especially if yur boyf is middle-aged…….

  • holly

    aww im so happy for them! alexa is one of my favorite actresses :)

  • lmao

    another marriage that will fail..

  • eLLa

    well, this is a shock.
    she’s so young, and he has quite an ge over her….

  • eLLa


  • musicgirl

    She is reaalllyy young but if your in love why not!:) wish them all the best:)

  • ashytisdalefan

    okay, she is not that young. People get married at 18.
    And former? It ended that fast.

  • gold baybay


    Yeah, so? She’s still young. People who get married at 18 are young to, too young in fact. I honestly respect Beyonce because at 21 years old Jay-Z wanted to marry her but she refused. She tied the knot at 27. Probably the smartest choice she’ll ever make.

  • jo-li

    when i look at the ages together it looks weird(21 and 33) heck their ppl that r married with larger age differnce than 12 years (which bothers me alittle 2). but what weirds me out more is that she looks so young. whenever i look at her i still think spy kids(as if it came out yesturday) but watevs congrats and i hope u 2 work out

  • p.anne

    oh man. the spy kids chick is getting married. way way too young..

  • N

    wow i can’t believe she is already 21 it seems like I just watched her on Spy Kids but if she is happy then Congrats to the couple and I wish them all the best

  • Jazzmin

    There getting married on my birthday! Congrats Alexa! But I think that the guy is too old for Alexa, but if you’re happy then go fot it!

  • mWHITT

    She may be young, but Sean is a great guy from a great family! They will be very happy together, I’m sure!

  • ubed

    wht she engegd…………………i think she should nt do…..some 1 waitng of her..n e ways..she will nt sucess….listen evry1 there r no reson 4 sge in love

    so if love is true than,,,all is truth


    Too young. :( Another mmarrrrriage gonna fail!!!!!!! I’m sorry Lexi but it ‘s truth!

  • wow

    omg they are like 23 years in age

    and he is ulgy as hell!!!!!!!

  • kriiss

    as long as she’s happy, people shouldn’t judge. there are plenty of other people who have a big gap in age, like megan fox,24 and brian austin green, 37.

  • Snow

    Hey you know congrats and I wish you both the best. People are judging me and my boyfriend hardcore because he’s only 6yrs older than me. …FUCK the system and fuck society and its “norms” love is ageless.

    <3 much love

>>>>>>> staging1