Vanessa Hudgens: New Ecko Shots!

Vanessa Hudgens: New Ecko Shots!

Check out these new shots of Vanessa Hudgens for Ecko Red!

Doesn’t the 20-year-old actress look hot in a blue off-the-shoulder top?

The Marc EckoBria” Sneaker, which Vanessa wears in the next shot, are now available online! We love the pattern on them.

Check out the Vanessa‘s full version of “Winter Wonderland” below and be sure to pick up a copy of A Very Special Christmas, Vol. 7, which hits shelves next week!

The album also features Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus and Mitchel Musso.

Vanessa Hudgens – “Winter Wonderland”
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Photos: Ecko Red
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  • sara12

    amazing and hot

    miss her

  • kami

    vanessa gonna be on some vc radio show today? hope they ask her questions bout her upcoming projects.

  • Babiivfanforeva

    Vanessa sounds amazing in this, I’ve been listening to it nonstop since yesterday, her voice is so strong and beautiful!! Can’t wait to buy the album on Monday :)

  • zanessa4eva

    vanessa looks fabulous in this shoot…!!
    the preview for the song was great.. definitely buying the album to hear the rest ^^

  • Eika

    she truly sounds amazing <3
    Love her voice.

  • Althea

    I couldn’t stop listening to that song!!!!! Love her shirt.

  • mykamicks

    I wont be tired repeating these: Alluring, Sexy & Hot!

    As what she previously mentioned, her calves makes her legs strong by wearing those heels. Whoa! 5 inches looks her legs hottier!

    Purple printed tops on her tanning skin. Love it!

  • jess

    she looks amazing in this shoot!
    and her voice is so beautiful! I love the music!

  • emma

    She sounds amazing!! And those pictures are stunning of her

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    vanessa looks fantastic in these photos
    be buying as a gift this cd

  • Karen

    Vanessa is a beautiful young woman but I have to say that for me I don’t believe I have ever seen her sooo beautiful. I saw this picture earlier on another site and just kept going back to look at it because I was so drawn to it. I don’t know if it is the style of the dress, the color of the dress, or the pose, her figure, how well done her makeup is, or just what—I think it is all the above—but the complete combination is perfect.

  • Jazmin

    She looks hot and beautiful. She sound amazing and love her this version, can’t wait to buy the CD.

    Please buy the CD it’s for a good cause!!

    Thanks for posting JJjr

  • Camii

    She sounds amazing! ;D

  • VHud_rocks!

    Wow..she sounds amazing..

  • lala

    she look more pretty and cute without make-up on


    Vanessa sound amazing in this,I would definitely be buying this.
    And this shot is just perfect.Vanessa is so flawlessly beautiful and I just can’t stop looking at this photos.
    Lucky Zac hah
    love zanessa

  • kami

    not only is she beautiful she knows how to pose. i looooveee the jazzy sound of her voice in winter wonderland. this girl is amazing. and the camera loves her.

  • siddy

    love love her voice.

  • Euge
  • Vhudsupporter

    This is my new favorite christmas song!! It is amazing! If you look up the words “Talent”, “beauty” and “Amazing” in the dictionary, the defination for it will simply be “Vanessa Hudgens”!! she looks breathtaking! But hey it’s really no surprise right? :)

  • zanessa_rockz

    The song is amazing and I love the way she’s singing jazz.
    And this new shot just blew me away I actually can’t take me eyes off of her.
    That’s something that only Vanessa Hudgens can do.Just FLAWLESSLY PERFECT

  • Athenais

    She’s splendid

  • amanda

    omg. she is so hot. i love the blue dress. her voice is amazing

  • Lu

    Oh my God! She looks so gorgeous!! And her voice is just so amazing!!
    I love u Nessa!!! And I miss u so much!!! Thanks for posting JJJ!

  • tess

    love pics, song is so good

  • Klo

    She looks stunning! Go baby V! Wish there were some pics of her from out and about, but happy she got time with Mo and Zac before she went back to Canada and he jetsetted off to England!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    hudgens v 4 ever the best !

  • lslsharon

    Vanessa looks soooo HOT in the pics!!!!!!

  • lslsharon

    She sounds sooooooooooo amazing!!!!

  • pink sugar

    Vanessa looks fabulous.

    The dress is an embarrassment Ecko should be shame to think any girl would that hideous dress.

  • Vanne


  • Vanessa lover

    I love her


    Vanessa, Is more beautiful, very time i see her. and i love her pictures. She has a great body and very beautiful legs to dye for. She is a very beautiful women. She is a beautiful women in the inside as well as the outside, which makes her absolutely beautiful.

  • suzy

    she sounds good.

  • TAta

    I adore this song!!! her voice is amazing here! and it’s so easy to imagine her in the movie about 50s, where she sings the blues or jazz and the boss of gangsters is in love with her :) :) :)

  • http://jjj telma

    OMG she looks stunning, and that high heels makes her more sexy

    love her wua wua wua Vanessa

  • http://jjj marcy

    can’t stop watching this pic, she looks so beautifull

    can’t stop listening the song eather

    Vanessa rocks

  • Vanessa lover

    She sounds great can’t wait for the cd to come out

  • Jess!

    looooooooooooooove her voice

  • Tiffany

    Get all of her clothes here

  • masbonita

    I hate, hate , hate…that I don’t have her legs! . Gorgeus, bella.
    Thanks for the post. My two favorite Nessa and David’s Archuleta Cd

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    Her voice is so AMAZING and SWEET!!!
    And she’s just BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS!!!
    I LOVE HER!!!! ♥

  • heat

    she looks amazing! her voice in the song is GREAT!

  • Danielle


  • musicgirl

    She is the BEST:) and maan she sings that song AMAZING!
    and no ords can describe how HOT and GORGEOUSE she is!<3

  • jlene

    I saw this on another site and couldn’t stop listening too it, so beautiful, sexy, it the reason why we have christmas song, it puts you in the mood, it’s a great song.
    Vanessa has the whole package, a rare find, Zac is one lucky guy although it’s a sad thing that we don’t get to see them together anymore, that’s alright still love them together or individually.

  • vfan

    She looks gorgeous!
    Love you V! :)

  • susan1

    its is great christmas song i’m never tired listening up to now still on i put already in my ipod Winter and Wonderland.
    Vanessa you looks amazing i love that blue dress.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Yes. Yes she does look hot JJJ. Very. Winter Wonderland has become my favorite Christmas song now. Lol. Sexy and seductive voice there Vanessa. ;)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Btw, totally forgot to mention this, but the first picture is absolutely stunning. Like really, her wearing those clothes and the shoes (which I totally love) makes her look like a beauty. I love it.

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