Victoria Justice Signs With Larry Rudolph (Britney's Manager)

Victoria Justice Signs With Larry Rudolph (Britney's Manager)


Nick starlet Victoria Justice has just signed on with music manager Larry Rudolph!

Larry Rudolph is known throughout the music industry and the world as the man, who helped shape and mold the career of one of the world’s biggest Iconic figures of this century, Britney Spears.

Victoria‘s star quality is undeniable. She is an incredibly gifted actress and singer, and her personality lights up any room. She’s the total package and we are thrilled to be working with her,” Larry shared of Victoria.

Victoria‘s new show, Victorious, is set to hit airwaves in early 2010 on Nickelodeon.

Congrats, Victoria!

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Photos: Keith Munyan/Nickelodeon, Denise Truscello/WireImage
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  • ashley

    wow victoria justice is gonna be huuuuugeeeeeeeeee i wish her the best!!

  • Kevin

    Oh dear God no! This girl does not have “undeniable star quality”. She can’t act as was evident in Nick’s Zoey 101 and I would doubt very much that she can sing very well, at least not without the aid of some heavy auto-tune. A device Britney owes a lot to.
    I can’t wait for a few years to pass so that Victoria Justice and the other untalented gimmicks will be forgotten child stars!

  • jamie

    I think she’s gonna be BIG! Signing with Larry Rudolph, the guy who made Britney into a huge star!

  • aaron

    Yeah man, she’s gonna be an even bigger star now. Especially when her show premieres in a few months on Nick.

  • harper

    There is no way this girl can sing. She talks like a dude and can’t act. She should quit while she’s ahead!!!

  • katy

    shes kinda cool,im not a huge fan but a fan but you guys are being wayy too harsh on her atleast she CAN sing unlike selena gomez and other fake stars,and atleast she can sing unlike the haters @harper and @kevin. just sayin’ shes the only realest person in hollywood so far.


    Larry works with Queen Britney since always what a great manager Victoria is gonna have!

  • Brittany

    he was a good manager before, but now he just sucks..i feel sorry for Victoria..

  • maria

    i think her music will be great. He won’t just sign people if they aren’t good

  • keN

    . . . . . take a snapshot of your life and
    surroundings now, cuz ya might forget
    how simple it was before ‘whats comming’.
    Keep your head screwed on tight and try
    to stay real. Best’O'Luck. Now, go get it..! k

  • mia

    why do all the nick/disney stars feel the need to go into music, is it not enough they hogg the kids channels, now they have to try and sing.

    i cant think of one nick/disney star who hasnt had a music contract. choose one job and stick to it! most of them dont even make the top ten, so why bother.

  • anne

    @Kevin: @<a href=”/2009/11/20/victoria-justice-signs-with-larry-rudolph-brit
    wow!!! who died and made you the authority??? You sound very jealous!

  • nat

    @Kevin: okayyyyyy

  • nat

    y are they embracing this girl to be at the top after icarly ends she will be the new nick face i like her but she need to stop i know she can’t sing.

  • Maya

    I guess we have another Miley-wannabe,just what the world needs after Selena….

  • Samantha

    oh wow i think she would be wonderful//she is such a gifted woman and the way she lights up any room is 100 percent true…she is a wonderful actress to…she makes everything funny on tv…man if zoey 101 was still on air …i am sure victoria would have beed great with her chracter…i really do see big plans for her futer..and she wont be messing it up just like those other crappy stars…she will atually make something of her self!

  • Erica

    guys, stop comparing people. there’s no reason for it. all the girls are different and stars in their own ways. how would you feel if your dream was to be a teen superstar like miley, selena and victoria with people talking behind your backs? there’s no point in comparing ’cause they’re all different & ultra-talented in their own way. let them branch out and see how victoria does. you might be surprised.

  • samantha

    eek haha i met her at a demi concert. thatd be cool to say ”i met her!” when she gets really famous.. hahaha :D

  • http://Google B

    I think people need to be nicer to her because i dont see any of you singing and acting

    Ps. Do you know how much wthey have to work and how much they have to do just to get around people without being annoyed by fans o that goes out to the People ( miley selena demi wannabes) who are saying a bunch of crap about mher

>>>>>>> staging1