Zac Efron Likes To Look Good

Zac Efron Likes To Look Good

Zac Efron has always suited up and looked dapper on the red carpets of various events.

The 22-year-old actor recently sat down with IESB to chat about his wardrobe, stealing a few things and Orson Welles. Check it:

On picking and choosing his wardrobe: “It’s all about accessories. I notice people that look good. I notice fashion on other people. I enjoy when people try to look their best. I was always taught to try and look my best. That’s my main influence. I’m not looking to influence fashion, any more than the next guy. But, I try to do my best when I’m out representing my movies.”

On taking things from his trailer: “I think I stole some of the stuff. On the last day, they always try to get it out of your trailer, really quick. I always steal some of my wardrobe. I never know what I’m going to need.”

On knowing Orson Welles pretty well: “I read the original book. For my age, I pretty much had the standard knowledge about Orson Welles. I studied him in high school, a little bit before that, and was familiar with a lot of his work, like the War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Coming into this, I thought I was pretty well-read on Orson and then immediately found out that I hadn’t even scratched the surface on this guy. Rick Linklater was the one who really filled us in and supplied us with endless literature, articles and old photos. I think I’ve seen every picture of Orson that ever existed.”

Zac‘s new flick, Me & Orson Welles opens in a limited release on Friday, November 25.

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  • fabp

    orson wells movie sounds boring – but will watch it coz of Zac and can’t wait :D

  • fabp

    didn’t realise i’m 1st… never happened to me b4

  • Amy

    @fabp You think? I think it sounds amazing! I think I’d go see it even if Zac wasn’t in it, Orson Welles is incredible. :)
    And btw, cute interview! Love him! <3

  • Lu

    He doesn’t have try hard. =]

  • amy

    he always looks good!

  • vanessa

    good this great think about him

    zac always looks good

  • Angela

    very cute!
    can’t wait to see MAOW

    oh and Jared. Nov. 25th is a Wed. not a Fri.

  • istar

    actually guys, the movie is amazing. trust me. i saw it at the london premiere. i won tickets. it was funny, dramatic and the acting was amazing. i really really really enjoyed it. im gonna see it again when it actually comes out :D

  • marie

    cant wait to watch this movie! just readng the reviews it makes me want to see it now! hehe… next week!!! :-)

  • sheila

    @fabp: keep an open mind, you might be surprised at what you see.

  • muse

    Loving Zac. He’s got such charm. WIshing for Zanessa also. :D
    Cant wait to see this movie. Hopefully comes to Australia.

  • susan1

    i can’t wait to watch this movie the things is i just checked the website of vue cinema near my place it says to be released on Dec.4 not Nov.25 it means i have to wait another 10 days.

  • lexi

    sssoooo can’t wait for this movie!!!! excited!!!

    and the 25th is a wednesday, not friday!!!!!!!!!

  • kami

    i read the book which was awesome. and from the clips the movie looks just as awesome. so glad zac got to be part of this great film. i absolutely love period movies.

  • gemma

    Its good to know there are men out there who will take into account thier appearance gangster gets boring and looks kinda silly sometimes shame more men dont think like this.

  • nikki

    hahahaha NICEEE zaccc!! wowowow!!<3333

  • Lydia

    zac always looks good

  • 00zanessa4life00

    He really doesn’t have to try hard 2 look good :P
    He is and always will be the best looking guy on this planet!!
    I can’t wait for Me & Orson Welles !! I think it’ll be awesome!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    At everyone who says that Zachary always looks his best. I definitely agree. He can wear something so simple and it can make him look like a sex god. Seriously. For the movie, I think people will really look at Zachary in a different way. He IS a serious actor and he’s amazing at what he does. He won’t disappoint. And @gemma: True that. True that.

  • mykamicks

    Definitely too on the first day of its showing I will fall in line to watch Zac’s movie. One in suport of him, second because he is the lead actor, third ( though have not read the book) I will find interest on said movie why Zac accepted such offer. For sure, his intelligence on choosing doing that film is for his career move & must be in a serious consideration and not for only commercial purposes. I love Zac’s transformation of his career after HSM. Wise move guy.

    As he quotes: “I was always taught to try and look my best. That’s my main influence. I’m not looking to influence fashion, any more than the next guy. ” Oh Zac you are such a humble person. You are always at your best w/o accesorising of anything. Best of luck again on your movie.

  • clara


  • craz

    I admire Orson Wells too. He’s an icon of the XX century. I always wanted to learn more about his work and life. I have the Citizen Kane DVD and the record from the War of the Worlds radio broadcast and I even read the book.
    Of course I’ll see this movie, good thing Zac knows some history and is in the movie so I get to know more about Orson Wells by watching Zac Efron. Wow.I

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    dude do u know u are the best + nessa

  • ANNE

    omg, can’t wait for the movie <3

  • lilli

    such a great the way he represents himself. if he says he dislikes all the papz i can trust him because he’s not tweeting ( twitter -.-) or making fame about his privacy and realationship to vanessa.

  • charlii

    @susan1: same here the United Kingdom get it 10 days after America

  • Danielle

    It’s good to hear some guys try to look good, like Zac, he is always hot!!!

  • Divine Goddess


  • maria

    Some of you may think MAOW looks “boring”, but I can tell you, it’s definitely more my kinda movie. Much more than “17 Again.” I am so glad Zac is doing more substantial movies now; he will only get better working with better directors and better roles. And I think he just can’t help looking good all the time.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!