Jonas Brothers Want To Grab Grub with the Grinch

Jonas Brothers Want To Grab Grub with the Grinch

Jonas Brothers rock out the stage at Wembley Arena in London on Friday night (November 20).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — greeted a group of fans before the show during their soundcheck and revealed what historical figures they would love to have dinner with.

The JoBros said that their top three were British actor Daniel Craig, former President Abraham Lincoln and The Grinch!

TELL JJJ: Who would you love to have dinner with?

Jonas Brothers – London Soundcheck, 11/20

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  • shamilah

    i would LOVE to have dinner with JOE JONAS ;P
    aw i couldn’t go to the concert sadly:( but the birmingham 1 ROCKED:)Joe looks soooooo HOT

  • Jana

    with NICK JONAS :D
    awww this boy drives me crazy :D love him… and he is sooo hot :D
    I missed the concert in cologne… :( Hope they come to germany again soon…

  • Megan

    I’d love to have dinner with THEM, lol.
    And Taylor Lautner would be my 2nd choice.

  • Nicole

    The Jonas Brothers are obnoxious. They’re yesterdays news. They’re sound is always the same, and they cannot act.

  • hayley


    oh yeah, they’re so obnoxious.
    i’m surprised you could even spell “obnoxious,” since you used the wrong form of “there/their/they’re” twice.
    troll harder.

  • http:/// o

    why must you people come and annoy us by saying bad things about people we like.If you don’t like the people that are posted get off the DAMN site it’s not that hard.

  • Marly

    I would love to have dinner with Nick, joe and Kevin.

  • Monique

    I Would love to dine with Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato…because they are awesome

  • Shaye

    joe must have been the one to say that he wanted to have dinner with grinch. i would have chosen santa clause or one of the powerpuff girls though!! they’re historical figures right?? lol

  • Chris

    Love these boys. I’d have to agree that I wouldn’t mind having dinner with them. If I had to choose just one, Nick.

    I’m sure Daniel Craig would love knowing he was the answer to which historical figure would you like to have dinner with. Funny!

  • Courtney

    Just amazing!

  • dh x


    all i can say is WOW THEY ARE AMAZING …

  • katherine Caroline

    ohmy gosh it’s amazing …nick jonas E: :] lov’ u’ baby =) everyday i just can remind you =)

  • cassy

    love them, love them and love theeeeeeeeeeeeeem!! they are so fuc**** gorgeous…

  • Michelle


    uh no, she made ONE mistake, and we all have the right to post what we like, so chill out hoe. We can troll wherever we like ;)

  • lulu

    @Nicole: how r they obnoxious? they’re so sweet and do loads 4 charity, and they’re not that bad actors. if u dont like them, go post somewer else.

    X X

  • charlotte

    saw them at wembley……AMAZING!!

  • xxrobynxx

    these guys are amazing! I went to this concert and they were absolutely incredible!! They were so so sweet to all the fans and joe brought one up on stage and sang to her. She was so lucky! :D xx

  • xxrobynxx

    oh yeah and i would love to have dinner with ALL three on them!

  • JJ

    I went to there concert in Birmingham last tuesday 17th. It was amazing. Has anyone got any pics of the one from birmingham.

  • jonascyrus

    OMG!! I love Joes gloves, he looks like a G hahahaha
    Joey, MARRY ME ?? these boys are amazing I’ve been a hardcore fan for a year and a half, I know it’s not alot but you can’t imagine how much I ADORE these boys

  • Kiran Jonas

    i was at that concert! they were incredible! it was my fifth time seeing them and they never fail to amaze me :)
    i wish i could have been a part of the meet and greet though :)

  • anderson

    i would love to have dinner with them but if i could only pick one then it would be nick. i love kevin, joe , and nick

  • Krissy

    I would love to have dinner with the following people’s :)

    1) Jonas Brothers ( obviously :P)
    2) Zanessa :D
    3) Delena
    4) Alexz Johnson ( from instant star)
    5) Lady gaga and beyonce ^^

  • annie daza

    I dream of having a dinner with nick jonas, just he and i, we both alone, me in front of him, and it would be so romantic awww.
    i wouldn’t care having a dinner with anyone else… just NIck xxx =)

  • dunabeach

    Are any of you, or were any of you with, the girl dressed as a bride at the Wembley 20th gig? :-)

  • xXxNAmixxx

    i was @ that concert… it was amazing! :)
    i’d love 2 hav dinner with joe… i like a guy who can make me laugh… :)
    i love them all tho… they’re such an inspiration to me… :) thanks so much guys! :)