Demi Lovato - American Music Awards 2009

Demi Lovato - American Music Awards 2009

Demi Lovato goes glamorous as she arrives at the 2009 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (November 22).

The 17-year-old “Here We Go Again” singer will be presenting an award with current American Idol champ Kris Allen during the ceremony tonight.

Over the weekend, Demi stopped off at GBK’s American Music Awards Luxury Gift Lounge and sampled some sweet gifts.

15+ pics inside of Demi Lovato

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Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures; Photos: Steve Granitz/Kevin MazurTiffany Rose/WireImage, Kevork Djansezian/Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • listen to mayday parade

    wow she looks bad… someone needs to tell her you cant wear a dress thats the same colour as your skin, its awkward for all. her hair looks really nice though, a little tooo black, but still nice. i do love her voice, and shes the sweetest girl.


    SHE´S THE BEST <33

  • Gossip Girl

    I just wiped drool from my keyboard! She’s beautiful !Still no Delena Photos though ! Come one Jared ! That’s what were waiting for :D

  • Jose

    she’s weird looking

  • miley

    did anyone notice sweat marks?

  • Diane n.

    Not really diggin the outfit…

  • demi#Fan

    she looks very pretty :D
    I love heeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!

  • Luiza

    SOOOOOOO TERRIBLE ! poor Demi. ugly, ugly, ugly..

  • Gossip Girl

    @listen to mayday parade: @Luiza: I hate to see what yo all look like. Y’all just hating cause that ain’t you looking that gorgeous. But hey, Haters are the ones that get you far!

  • camilla :)

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee demiii! she is so great! i love what she is wearing..the collar is not beautiful, but i love heer! :)

  • agu

    i dont’ like her look at all… :/

  • holly

    so pretty! i wish i could see the full dress! and shoes! lol

  • zena

    Once again, love the hair/face, but really can’t stand the dress. Come on girls, I’m sure they both had much better options to choose from.

  • jasmine

    I think she looks Amazing the dress is the wrong color but it fits her so good! and her hair is as always beautiful! :)

  • VanAHudgensFan

    She looks beautiful. I love her.
    Hope there will be photos with Demi and Selena together on it.

  • Ashley Zaragoza

    Demi looks Gorgeous,the people who don’t like her look WHATEVER!!!

  • jacey

    I just saw her on the show and her full dress is beautiful.

  • holly

    omg i just saw her give the award, her outfit was beautiful!!!! u have 2 c the full outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • bella

    hermosa demi y la vi en directo en mi pais por un canal de cable
    bellisima y se ve cool ,me encanto su vestido ,es una diosa ,I love diosa ,mme encanta su cabello negro ,pero pongan más fotos ,solo esa nada más
    Y miren su sonrrisa encantadora es una joven artista extraordinaria
    super cool gracias American Music Awards 2009 por permitir que una diosa este en el escenario ,para justo llevarse el premio BEYONCE

  • lc

    @Ashley Zaragoza: yeah i have to agree. when i saw the picture here i wasn’t such a fan of the dress, but when i saw her present the award, she still looked good. very gorgeous & glamorous. love this girl.

  • bella

    dejen de expresarse de mi artista favorita ,ya quisieran poder usar ese vestido ,I love demi
    eres una señorita encantadora
    suerte en tu carrera

  • tiffany

    She looks gorgeous expect for the necklace a little to much but still beautiful as always.(:

  • jo-jo!

    agree with you!

  • Gossip Girl


  • itsmeagain

    The necklace is FUGLY but Demi looks bootiful!

  • mia

    she really pretty, but doesnt look 17. she looks about 20-21. where as selena looks 16-17

  • Lauren

    I Really Like Her But I Dont Like Her Hair, She Looks Like A Goth.

  • jenna

    omgg finally selena and demi together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vanessa

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH i wonder if demi and selena are fighting no tweets saying “i can’t wait to see you selena/demi” or anything like that lately :( maybe there just busy

  • oopsie

    she presented with kirssy poo?? aww how cute!

  • hannah

    Am I the only one noticing how AWKWARD their pose is?

    Something about it is wrong. And as much as I love them together, I definitely think something is up between these two. Especially cuz Demi (and Miley now) is really close with the Jonas brothers whereas as Selena is clearly not. Taylor Swift and Selena appeared to have become closer over the past few months. Taylor is also not a Jonas fan.

    I know that there are a lot of assumptions here.

    But something is missing between them.

  • Francy

    Sorry, But Her Outfit Is HIDEOUS.
    And Whats Up With Her Face Her Eyebrows??
    This Girl Has Changed Alot.
    She Looks Fake As Fuck.
    But Whatever Still Like Her Music.

  • Francy

    Haha I Love How It Censored F***.

  • claire

    the dress is beautiful but i think its too light for her..this dress would be better for someone who was tanner…but i still think she looks gorgeous! and her skin looks like freakin porcelain…so beautiful

  • J4zmin J0ker

    I think she looks super beautiful and the dress is not so bad.
    She looks very classy and I think Selena wore those same kind of shoes at another event. x]
    What I don’t like is the necklace. I’m sorry, but it’s way to big and distracting.
    If it had been 10x smaller, it would be nice, but I think it overwhelms the whole outfit and makes the rest of her look a little plain. But she does look very pretty. Especially her hair!

  • Anna


    i agree, her eyebrows look so fakeeeee,

  • love

    she looks really weird

  • miinot

    I think she chose the right color.. less make up.. so more intention to her necklace.
    She’s great.

  • harvey

    Sorry its not working – skin too pale for that dress, hair too dark and heavy looking – only good thing is its not black like she usually wears.



  • Beverly

    I wonder why there is only one picture of the two and then Demi tweets “I miss @m_callahan so much. I wish you were here!!!! She’s one of the few people I know that I can count on, no matter what :)” if you ask me, that is spiteful. It doesn’t matter what someone does to you, to undermine and subtly have a dig at someone is spiteful. If you wanna say something tell the person don’t take the piss and make a indirect dig. Really mean.

  • shenaaa

    YAY demi and selena are back :D

  • Vicky

    She looks beautiful! :]

  • @Raquel__

    I love Demi but she doesnt look good in that dress. The color of the dress is the same as her skin tone..

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    nice .. ! but she kinda looks old !
    love the color of the dress!!

  • vane

    the only one who is fake is SELENA

  • http://- Mellz

    HEY !!! u are the one who is fake !!!

  • GaGa

    I hope this ain’t true, but I could imagine that… :(

  • martina

    i dont like her outfit at all, she had to wear a “dark” dress..
    anyway shes beautiful as always <3

  • justme

    the picture od Demi and Selena…Sel is totally giving the fake vibe. She looks like she doesn’t wanna take pictures with Demi.