Kirsten Prout: The Vatican Condemns Everything

Kirsten Prout: The Vatican Condemns Everything

Kirsten Prout recently sat down with PopEater to chat about all things Eclipse, Tae Kwon Do and the Vatican. Check out what the 19-year-old actress had to say:

On how she won the role of Lucy: “I just got the call. I went for one of the other vampires, Bree, and the vampire Bree is supposed to be thirteen years old with very short brown hair. So physically I was absolutely wrong for the part. But I went in, and the casting director and the director liked me so much that they said, ‘OK, you know what? We have another part.’ So they fit me in through that audition, into Lucy, who is also a newborn vampire, and she actually is the one who turns Jasper, which is interesting. The thing about Lucy is that she has long blond hair and very very pale blue eyes and skin, so physically I was a big match for Lucy. I went in for one more audition for Lucy and I ended up showing up on set a few days later.”

On finishing her tae kwon do training while filming Elektra: “I did tae kwon do for a very long time, and I made it to recommended black. I consider myself a black belt just because…(laughs) I got recommended black belt, and then I got Elektra and I couldn’t go to class anymore, but I had four personal trainers, who were all trained in tae kwon do and various martial arts. I did all my own stunts. (laughs) I pretty much finished my training there.”

On the Vatican condemning the Twilight franchise: “As for the Vatican…the Vatican pretty much condemns everything. It condemned Harry Potter. (laughs) Anything bigger than the actual church is condemned a lot of the time. To have attention, and that kind of fandom and that dedication, I think that’s unattractive to them. And it’s kind of expected. Vampires, mythical creatures of the night. I mean, look at the witch hunts and all these things that have happened with the Vatican. It’s a topic that they don’t really like to discuss a lot. It is what it is. And everyone is going to have their different reactions and everyone is entitled to say what they want….And it’s just a movie at the end of the day…just go in and enjoy the movie! Take it for what it is. It’s make-believe. It’s a teenage franchise. It’s a lot of fun.”

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  • md

    Wow she’s pretty!

  • Kevin

    Indeed she is pretty. Clearly she’s intelligent too. Loved her handling of the Vatican question.

  • md

    Thanks for backing me up on that!

  • md

    @Kevin: Hey thanks for backing me up and my little sis would like to know if you are Kevin Jonas?

  • Huiu

    She’s so obviously Protestant

  • MVD

    Ignorance and bigotry always bits you in the a**, as we can see in this case. This chick has NO IDEA what she’s talking about.