Zac Efron Gets Up Early

Zac Efron Gets Up Early

Zac Efron leans back in his chair in an attempt to wake himself up some more as he visits the CBS Early Show in NYC on Monday morning (November 23).

Last week, the 22-year-old actor and his costar Claire Danes premiered their new drama, Me & Orson Welles in London.

Zac recently answered some fan questions for TIME magazine and dished about what he would do on a perfect day off. He shared, “I would do something like — I was going to say ‘go to Disneyland.’ I’m not going to say ‘go to Disneyland,’ even though that would be pretty fun. I’d probably just get lost for a day and have no agenda. Just see where the world takes me.”

Zac Efron & Claire Danes – CBS Early Show, 11/23
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Credit: Doug Meszler; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks good. Poor Boy looks Sleepy.

  • pink sugar

    poor baby looks so sleepy. Love him

  • sheila

    zac’s looking great. i actually think he’s looking better than he did in london. his eyes looked so tired while he was there.

  • Jess!


  • selly

    in the 2nd photo he looks so hot!

  • niki

    jesus, i love his new, more elegant style.
    hes hot

  • Lydia

    i love u

  • lilli

    waaah hot..but those news are borng because there is nothign else to say than HOT !

  • gaby

    even when he’s tired he looks hot. :]

  • Carol


    He looks damn hot.

    Sleepy looks sexy on Zac :P

  • emma

    He looks hot

  • Calee


  • ashytisdalefan

    He is sooooo hot!!!<3

  • sunny

    gosh i love his style !

  • athena

    He does look hot…Sleepy and Good….anyway…I wish I was going to the premiere tonight…..anyone here going? I wonder where it will be.

  • Vicky

    he so stunning ;D

  • MilenaBest

    hotter than ever in the 2nd pic!!!
    thanks JARED! ^_^

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    lol he’s trying to look like rob since the tca lol

    i mean come on !!

  • ******


  • marie

    Zac’s amazing. I love the way he deals with interviews and interviewers… :D

    Can’t wait for the NYC premiere tonight!! Go, Zac!

  • svenja**

    The. Pure. Sex.
    && again he says he won’t get married. Not yet at least.

  • kami

    he’s sure been doing a lot of traveling for this promotion. boy gotta have jet lag by now. bet he’s looking forward to having some down time a thanksgiving.

  • kami


    it would take a hundred expert make up people and a thousand hours of work and they still couldn’t make zac look as ugly as r pattinson.

  • dede

    How can he be so effortlessly gorgeous?!?!!?? Honestly, he just sits there while some others have to try so hard. its just not fair haha. LOVE HIM TO DEATH. Some ppl grow out of celeb crushes but its not possible for me to ever stop loving Zefron xoxoxo

  • athenais

    He’s sexy, i want the same

  • Sweetmalakrock♥


    ok .. rob is soo cute and handsome ..

    zac is ok but not as good as rob …
    and i meant his hair lol..

    and that’s my Opinion .. and u have urs !

  • amy

    I hate it when people are like ‘omg hes so copying robert’ Its pathetic stop comparing them.
    He looks great, he’s been working really hard lately i hope he gets some peace at thanksgiving!

  • Andreza Bersot

    Oh I love him!!!
    because he is so sweet.
    I think he is a good person.
    and my dream is to meet him… OMG!
    Zac, I love You so very much!

  • craz

    Zac looks really good, and is always super nice and articulated!!
    He is hot, smart and cute wow!!
    Rob is ok,, but I’ll chose Zac every single day.

  • kim

    Wow! He looks great!

  • justine

    OMG lol xd the 2nd pic is so amazingly perfect :D

  • nikki

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG hes ssoo hottt<3333<333 i loooove zac efron!!!!!

  • nikki

    @Sweetmalakrock♥: WTFF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! he is trying to be like rob?? if he never had his hair like edward did then noone would ever say that. zac HAD to get his hair cut like that for his new movie CSC. GET OVER yourself u little girl!

  • sheila

    good grief, i wish people would stop with the marriage questions for zac. yes, claire does have a few years on him so its much more sensible for her. so why when you ask claire about marriage does the interviewer have to turn around and ask zac about it? the guy is 22 years old. you’d think these grown interviewers would know better than to ask someone his age about marriage. then he gets in all kinds of hot water with his “fans” or vanessa’s “fans” or his “haters” or whatever you want to call them for saying he’s not thinking about marriage. i think he’s learned to throw in the “not yet” part at the end just so that he covers his butt and fire doesn’t come raining down on his head.

  • brad

    OHH yeah thats my man right there. He amazing, i can’t wait for his movie! ahh panic attack over here :)

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    omg this is my opinion i dont care what anybody thinks i have the right to say my opinion .. u get over ur self LOL !!

    he is tryin to look like him (his hair) ! not like it’s a bad thing !!
    and sweety u said it for hi movie well guess what
    he’s not filming now haha .. and rob is much better !!

  • kami

    zac’s hair is nothing like rob’s hair. pale, scrawny rob looks super dirty and he can’t get a complete sentence out of his mouth. every time i’ve seen him he sounds stoned out of his mind.

    zac is handsome, clean, articulate and very mature. there is no comparison between the two.

    zac is a class act. a very smart dude.

  • nikki

    @Sweetmalakrock♥: OK i respect ur opinion, and umm yah he JUST GOT DONE filming the movie, what do u want him too do grow his hair back out in like 1 week??
    so no he is not compying rob. why would he, he HAD to get his hair cut now he is prob growing it out or just keeping it that way, he didnt change it too be like rob. so shut up aboout that its so stupid. rob isnt the only guy to have short hair, u little annoying girl

  • susan1

    He is in London the other day now he is in New York .He is amazing i can’t wait for his movie.
    The 3rd picture i love it.very smart and cute.

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    lol this is not a respect !

    ok i did not say i want him to grow his hair u r the one who
    brought up the movie and the hair cutting ..!
    and i never said that rob is the only one who dose his hair like that
    but becuse the were togther in vancouver and evry one love
    rob’s hair … and zac looks ok !! get over it sweety .. :)

  • nikki

    @Sweetmalakrock♥: uummm get over what honey?? zac doesnt copying anyone, he can have hair like edward does. i bet rob didnt want his hair like that but he had to cut it like that to play edward. how can zac coopy him??? if he did he would put a fake british voice and dress like him, zac styles his hair differently.

  • nikki

    @kami: YES i agree with you there, zac is a very handsome young man, rob/edward is dirty and eww, everyone from tiwlight is. i love zac he is amazing :)

  • mykamicks

    Obviously one must be changing name and starts trouble again.

    In my opinion, As I saw Zac growing up since 2005 ( from day one of HSM). I seen him the best hollywood young male celebrity who could CARRY any hairstyle aside from his GOOD LOOKS . HE HAS THE FACE WHO HAS NO UGLY ANGLE AT ALL. even he doesnt have to style his hair. The copying thing is obsolete neither the ROBPAT owns or registered that kind of hairstyle itself. In months time, style will just fade away. But the looks itself remains. And that’s Zac EFron.

    Now if you like ROBPAT, better tell it on his thread not here. BTW, formal or laidback looks, he is still the hottiest and handsome.

  • brad

    He is AAHHHH-mazing!! I love him to death <3

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Okay, WOW. Picture # 2, he looks like a freaking SEX GOD. YUM.

    Now, now. Let’s stop bringing Robert in a Zachary post shall we ? And stop comparing them. Goodness, everyone knows that no one is copying each other. They have their own style. In my very own opinion, I think Zachary is much more handsome than Robert. I don’t like vampires very much. WIZARDS OWN ALL !!!

  • http:/// zanessafan

    Well everybody here took the words right out of my mouth he is so sexy when he is sleepy but I do hope he gets enough sleep.

  • Divine Goddess

    HE IS FUCCKIN HOT!!! He looks GORGEOUS in that second photo!!! Damn he’s dreamyyy. Vanessa’s so lucky to wake up to an angel every morning <3

  • Divine Goddess

    HE IS FUCCKIN HOT!!! He looks GORGEOUS in that second photo!!! Damn he’s dreamyyy. Vanessa’s so lucky to wake up to an angel every morning <3 That was a good interview; he’s very well spoken. LMAO on the marriage question. I give him and Vanessa nother four years ;)

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