Big Time Rush -- JJJ Exclusive Interview

Big Time Rush -- JJJ Exclusive Interview

Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt are ready to premiere a sneak peek of their new Nick show, Big Time Rush THIS weekend.

The quartet sat down with to dish about the show, their lovely Nickelodeon ladies and what they do when their not having fun on set. Check it:

JJJ: Hi Guys! Can you tell us a bit about the show?

James: Big Time Rush is a show about four guys who are best friends who are hockey players from Minnesota. This American Idol-esque competition show comes to town and we get the opportunity to audition. My character, James Diamond, has really always wanted to be a pop star. So my friends rush me to the auditions and the producer that came to town, Gustavo Rocque, doesn’t really like me. He ends up liking my best friend Kendall. He, unlike me, probably would’ve gone on a solo tour – Kendall is much more fair and says that he doesn’t want to go unless the rest of us come with.

So it’s this show about Kendall, who doesn’t really want it but is talented, James Diamond, who’s always wanted it, Logan Mitchell, and Carlos Garcia who never thought they’d be in a music group at all, being flown to L.A. and starting this entire adventure of becoming recording artists.

JJJ: What type of music is on the show? Do you play yourselves?

Logan: It’s all kind of different. We’re all trying to find our own sound. Rock/Pop and we have a little cool flare that we have on the music we’re doing right now.

Kendall: The music on the show is kind of the same. We’ve been working with a lot of extremely awesome record producers and we’re mixing in different sounds and trying to figure it out for us. Not really different vocals but we’ll hear something and we’ll work on it and it turns out to be something different – we all have our own little flare and style. When it all comes together it sounds really cool. So, it’s kind of pop/rock but with hip hop and R&B mixed in there too.

Logan: We all have different backgrounds as well, which is good. We play off each other and explore our sounds.

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JJJ: What is your favorite thing about the BTR set?

Carlos: We have this amazing pool set! It’s on one of the sound stages and it’s absolutely incredible. It’s a real pool too. It’s salt water, about 6-8 feet deep. It’s awesome.

Logan: After a long day on set and filming, we’re able to use it and go relax, take a dip in the pool.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite prop on set?

Kendall: We have this tree hat. It sounds ridiculous but it’s so fun. It’s a hat that has all these little tree limbs on it and it’s a camouflage hat. It disguises us well. I can tell you Carlos’ favorite prop is his helmet. He loves that thing so much! It’s a black, hockey helmet and you’ll definitely be seeing it on the show. Whenever there is trouble, that helmet always comes in handy.

JJJ: You recently competed in a hockey game with the girls of Nickelodeon. Who won it?

James: I think it’s fair to say that the girls kicked our butts, they smashed us. We were all pretty impressed with how good they were. They were really good.

Carlos: Well, how can you check a girl in hockey? Especially when they’re as beautiful as Gage Golightly, Ashley Argota and Victoria Justice? You can’t do that. (laughs)

Kendall: I’m pretty sure I saw Carlos get checked into a trailer by Gage.

Carlos: I wasn’t even looking and it just happened. I cried a little. (laughs)

Logan: That day was a lot of fun. We enjoyed filming it and the girls are super sweet. We had a really great time.

JJJ: What type of outdoors activities do you like to do?

Kendall: I spend most of my time playing music or making it. We don’t really get much free time because we’re constantly working – but when I do, I’m making music, hanging out with friends… I like to be creative.

Logan: James and I are big boarders so whenever there is a chance, we’ll go surf and snowboard once in a while. Music, again, is a huge thing. I know whenever we get some time off, we’re always singing and making stuff up.

James: As Logan said too, I’m a big surfer. It’s my big pastime right now. Whenever we get a free moment, I go hit the waves. I also just love being outdoors. Climbing – I just completed Mount Whitney this past June and I’m training to do Mount Rainier when I get a chance. We also like to throw a football during our breaks around the set as well.

Carlos: I’m training to be an astronaut right now. I’m planning a moon launch next year (jokingly). No, actually, I have this crazy passion for musical theater so when I have time, I take a class to keep that passion there because that is where my heart lies. I love In The Heights because it’s a whole Latin show. I also love Hairspray and Bat Boy are equally awesome. I tend to love the rock musicals a lot.


Check back soon for more of the BTR guys and take a listen to their new theme song below! A special one-hour preview of the new series will air on Saturday, November 28 @8:30PM ET/PT, right after iCarly, so be sure to tune in!

Big Time Rush Theme Song
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Photos: Stewart Shining/Nickelodeon
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