Nikki Reed Puts Her Spin on Music

Nikki Reed Puts Her Spin on Music

Nikki Reed knows a little bit about music, but admits that she still has much to learn.

The 21-year-old actress caught up with SPIN magazine at The Twilight Saga: New Moon premiere last week and dished on her fave bands, songs and Joan Jett. Check it:

On her favorite Beatle: “I guess Paul McCartney. This is going to be a controversial thing to say, but I don’t really understand the Beatles. If Kristen were here right now, she would slap me across the face. Then again, if I ask her, ‘What’s the first line of Biggie’s ‘Juicy?’ she wouldn’t know. Why don’t people sit around and talk about Ol’ Dirty Bastard the way they do the Beatles?”

On her go-to song for karaoke: “I don’t drink, and karaoke is something you should only do drunk. But I’m obsessed with Adele. I put on ‘Chasing Pavements’ and sing it in my apartment. The great thing about Adele is if you put her on top volume, you actually sound like her while you’re singing. I’ve gotten a few complaints from the neighbors.”

On the t-shirts Joan Jett gave to her and BFF Kristen Stewart: “Kristen [Stewart] and I share a lot of clothes, so I wear a lot of Joan Jett shirts. Joan made replicas of the ones she used to wear in the ’80s and gave them to us.”

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  • jasmine

    i really hate that she name drops Kristen so much. In every interview she finds a way to drop Kristens name. Its annoying

  • bruin

    @jasmine: she’s her best friend

  • Sarah22

    Jasmine, she did the same thing when she was BFF with Evan Rachel Wood after 13 when Evan became the star and not Nikki…She would name drop Evan, the past two years its been Kristen. But it doesnt seem like the two hang out much anymore. Kristen is always with Rob, and seems to be closer with Taylor and Dakota over Nikki

  • Tom

    bruin who cares if it is her best friend. She name drops like crazy. It sounds like she is desperate to fit in. Nikki was horrible in both Twilight movies. Well they have all been horrible but she has been worst then the rest.

  • Diana

    Please don’t hate on Nikki. FACT: Kristen and Nikki are best friends. Kristen even said so herself and sometimes mentions Nikki in interviews too.

    Sarah22- You see Kristen around Rob more because of work relations… they’re always working together and are the leads in the movie.

    I’m glad Nikki talks about Kristen in interviews because that who fans want to hear about!

  • Sarah22

    Diana, so Kristen getting pictured in LA going to 3 concerts in a row with Rob is for work? (they werent even filming then) Kristen in Vancouver at the Kings of Leon concert snuggling with Rob and not sitting with Nikki is for work? Kristen leaving Teen Choice Awards with Rob while rest of cast stayed and got interviewed is for work? I dont think so.

    And the last time Kristen mentioned being bffs with Nikki was like a year ago, and has only mentioned Nikki a couple times in interviews where as Nikki mentions her in every single interview

    I think its much more believable that Rob/Kristen are bffs and perhaps lovers now, Nikki has her own boyfriend, and they have drifted a little bit apart.

  • elf

    Kristen just mentioned Nikki on Conan last week. They are good friends, there is nothing wrong with what she said.

  • jane

    i didn’t really like nikki before but man, she got gooood music taste. i am in love with NOTORIOUS BIGgie smalls and i love rap so yeah props to her. i think i like her a lil bit better now

  • roro

    Don’t forget you peeded on her Nikki. I’m beginning to warm up to you.

  • jenna

    i love nikki.

    & to all the above ^, they obviously asked her about kristen. so no, she doesn’t name drop.

  • Danielle

    She was ASKED. Shut up you “Robsten relation” fanatics.

  • Paige


    to you and jasmine
    nikki is not name dropping.
    It is more than likely that most of nikki’s friends are in the business
    and it is more than likely that she would talk about her friends in interviews, who just happen to be in the business.
    And also Nikki is on a press tour for a movie she shares with Kristen
    so not so much of name dropping, same goes for the whole Evan Rachel Wood thing.

    I just don’t get why people hate so much on famous people they don’t even know, doesn’t make sense to me

  • emele

    She doesn’t drink but she smokes…that makes alot of sense….

  • Yola

    So nice. I really don’t understand, why people are afraid to say they don’t like Beatles. I think, it’s okay.
    I it’s so great of her, that she doesn’t drink.))

  • Yola

    Emele, she doesn’t smoke. Not anymore.

  • jess

    haha I like the interview very funny!! go Kristen, I could do the same.. I mean in your face!! the Beatles is unic, perfect!! sooo great.. and Joan wow awesome

  • pharmacy weight loss

    Wow, she is so beautiful !