Ashley Tisdale: Holly, Jingles and Clyde Cute

Ashley Tisdale: Holly, Jingles and Clyde Cute

Ashley Tisdale checks her phone as she leaves the Andre Salon in Beverly Hills on Tuesday evening (November 24).

The 24-year-old actress, who was toting around her YSL “Muse” handbag, is rumored to lend her voice to the upcoming animated holiday tale of Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D. The flick follows two bumbling elves Jingles and Clyde team up with Santa’s daughter Holly to try and help a Michigan family in danger of losing their Xmas tree farm.

Ashley and boyfriend Scott Speer were spotted out on Monday night, catching a movie in downtown Los Angeles.

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Credit: ME/Rocstar/CCR; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Taya

    beautiful <33333

  • zanessa

    absolutely love the shoes
    shes amazing :)
    God Bless x

  • Maria Julia

    i love her

  • anyrodrigues


  • sheila

    good grief, she is at the salon every other day!

  • erin

    That movie isn’t even rumored. Some random person just added it to her list of films on IMDB, not exactly reliable.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    At the salon again?? It’s either the gym or the salon, not being mean but that’s all she seems to be doing lately, when does filming begin for this movie of hers???

  • lucia jonas


  • scarlett

    Is that the iPhone?

    I’m not really a particular fan of Ashley’s, but just couldn’t help myself when I saw the iPhone (if that’s what it is :D)

    I think she’s trying to be too much like Vanessa, especially when she had her darker hair. :/

  • jlene

    So what is she doing these days besides promoting her album, going to the beauty salon, going to the gym and lending her voice?

  • lmao

    @scarlett: yes and her life is so boring, salon, promote, salon, zzzzzzz…

  • J

    @scarlett yes i think she just want to be more like vanessa

  • Gonzalo


    I love you Ashley! =)

  • Qiana

    Didn’t she just get her hair done before her performance. Don’t get me wrong i’m a fan of hers but………I know a lot of people who get their hair done alot but she just gets her hair done WAYYY to much. It’s either she’s with her boyfriend,promotion,gym, and salon thats all she does. Seriously Ashley………………

  • Jannii

    Ohhhh so beautiful. And her voice will be awesome for that =D

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    gym gym gym
    salon salon salon
    blah blah blah
    boring much?

  • Paula

    Emmm, scarlett…. Do you live with Ashley? No. So don’t say nothing that you don’t know, because the paparazzi doesn’t take photos of her every second. And she doesn’t want to be Vanessa because she is better than Vanessa. Nobody knew Vanessa until she stole the role of Gabriella to Ashley only because her hair was brown…. and everybody knows that this was this way because it appeared on Internet.

  • sunni

    @Team seth clearwaterr!:

    omg can you do just much instead of being boring urself
    i bet you workout in skool and get hair done cuz u wanna be pretty.
    JUTS SHUT UP HATERS, why did u even do a comment if u dont like her goosh BE REAL

    ily ASHLEY MICHELLE TISDALE and good movie, my sister il see it lol

  • ZJ207

    do you hear yourself people??
    what do you expect her to do? her job requires her to look good. if not, YOU will be the one saying “ew look at her hair” or “ew she’s fat” or whatever pointless thing u’ll say! I’m pretty sure your life isn’t any better… Plus, you’re complaining about her promoting her album? how is THAT boring? that IS her job!! jeez! there’s really nothing that can please you people! She has a couple of movies for her coming next year, and she’s a celebrity. why is she the only one that has to be criticized for going to the salon or going to the gym?? every other celeb do that, and maybe even more than she does!!!
    It happened that she went to the salon twice a week… come on! when was the last time before that! You’re just superficial and selfish people. she needs time to take care of herself. And her life is DEFINITELY not boring. plus, what do you see from her life besides those couple of pics??? how do you know she’s JUST doing that? and if she’s doing all these things you’re listing, how is her life boring? her life is full of exciting events and many things that i’m pretty sure you’ll never get to do. So stop complaining and let the girl live her own life like she wants! omg. seriously people

  • ZJ207


  • ZJ207

    @Qiana: you forgot meetings, runnning her production company, and preparing for her movies… that’s not enough for you?

    @scarlett: trying to be like vanessa? if the hair is the only thing that makes you say that, then you’re wrong. because her dark hair is her original hair color. so she’s just being HERSELF. now she turned back to blonde because she has a new movie to film!

  • Darren


    omg ZJ207 i think i love you && i totally agree with you, i doubt they could deal with her busy lifestyle tbh.

  • shrey

    omg @ZJ207 tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u , u ar totally rite abt u people r crazy havnt u guys herd after filmimg hsm3 she decided to take the year off just forherself and familly and btw she is going to the salon coz the sleepless beauty people requires her to get a makeover and not coz she wants to get it and as far is her life beng boring is concerned well its not it was her own choice to take a year off and she is going to be in a movie with megryan not like vanessa hudgens who we see in flops movie like bandslm in suckerpunch

  • amber

    eww her jeans
    look like theres stains on them

  • jlene

    @shrey: Is it really that she decided to take a year off or she just doesn’t have any roles to do? At least Vanessa is working, her movies weren’t flops they have great reviews by all means it’s better than that Ailiens in the attic junk. Wow, you must be a faithfull fan but then again it’s great that she has the backing of fans like you guys, keep it up.

  • LG

    @shrey: I agree with you up until the part where you mentioned Vanessa. Vanessa’s movie may not have made a lot of money, but it has amazing reviews. In fact while Aliens in the Attic may have made more money it has a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes compared to Bandslam that has an 80% and is Certified Fresh. I really want to know why you felt the need to justify Ashley by putting Vanessa down. And also what does Bandslam flopping and Vanessa have to do with Ashley going to meetings and getting her hair done? It’s great that you support Ashley, but it seems like you just mentioned Vanessa just to have an excuse to put her down.

    Ashley looks good.

  • ZJ207

    Her movies aren’t flops??? u serious?
    I really don’t have anything against vanessa, BUT:
    Ashley’s Aliens in the Attic made 8M dollars on the first weekend while Bandslam made 2M!!!! Aliens in the Attic made more than its budget, while Bandslam didn’t! So, even though they both didn’t do so “great” but Bandslam did flop, and flopped really hard, no matter what critics said!


    @jlene: Bandslam flopped, really bad, even with good reviews… but both are great, nice movies (Aliens in the Attic and Bandslam!)

  • ZJ207

    @Darren: @shrey: haha thanks guys! :)

  • Susanna

    Aliens did flop actually. It had a much bigger budget than Bandslam, but still only made about 6 million more on opening weekend. It’s not so much about the money that each movie made, but about the amount of money each movie made compared to the amount of money that was spent on each movie. Aliens spent a lot of money and got very little in return, whereas Bandslam spent little money and got very little in return.

    If that’s too confusing then look at it this way: Aliens failed because even though it had a decent amount of promotion, it was a bad movie. Bandslam failed because even though it was a good movie, it was promoted poorly. See the difference?

  • jlene

    @Susanna: Thank You for your explanation but I think it’s honestly a waste of time to explain to these Ashley fans for they don’t see anything beyond what’s in front of them.

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