Joe, Nick & Kevin Jonas Go Golfing

Joe, Nick & Kevin Jonas Go Golfing

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas play a relaxing game of golf before their concert at the K Club in Dublin on Tuesday afternoon (November 24).

The sporty trio performed to a sold-out crowd earlier this evening.

The JoBros were just tapped to promote Xbox 360 for the upcoming holiday season. The Jonas campaign is an opportunity to watch on Xbox Live a free JONAS episode with “a custom opening” segment produced with the brothers.

Dad Kevin Sr. shared, “[Xbox is]something they’ve grown up with. We’ve traveled with Xbox since the time it came out. As long as it’s in their dressing room, we’re all good.”

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  • Mkaaa

    Hey Jared, you forgot about Kevin in the article!!
    He’s in the photos!!

  • lauren

    kevin is there too..

  • jonaslover988979


  • Chris

    Yep that one picture is of Kevin. How relaxing could the game be with a camera in your face filming your every move?

  • jenna

    kevin is there too, with his glasses on.

  • Bethany

    Gee Jared, Kevin is in this story too with sexy glasses picture. Thats not nice to leave him out

  • something tells me the xbox360 lovers will not be happy the jobros are promoting their system because they are notz teh hardcorz

  • jen

    KEVIN IS THERE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tara

    umm… hello. Kevin is right there.

  • Sonia

    You dumbass Kevin is golfing with them too

  • Ella

    hahahahahah 260???
    Golf has got to be one of the most boring-est sports everr… But I would totally watch them play.. hahah

  • SJS

    260? Typos happen to the best of us. And yeah, Kevin is there. Love the glasses he’s been rocking lately.

  • sasha

    Kevins there too, hes in the glasses

  • Ella

    yay! he changed it to 360 and added kevins name!

  • jonascyrus

    Are they always hot ?? I love these Jonas boys they are amazing and I can’t wait for Living the dream 2 the first season was amazing ( favorite episode when Joe was learning how to drive HAHAHA) but what I’m REALLLY excited about is CR2!! btw does anyone know when it premieres ??

  • Niamh

    the concert was unreal! omg it was amazing! i was there! they seem like such nice guys! they took a little girl on stage and the crowd knew every single word to all the songs!

  • CHYr91

    The K Club is in County Kildare by the way NOT Dublin!!!

  • Niousha


    its rumored in June

  • Courtney

    They are handsome!

  • shamilah

    awh they all look sooo HOT! especially JOE :P
    Love the boys!!!!!!! missing how there not in the UK anymore:’( pleaseee come back soon We Miss You Already..

  • SJS

    Hooray for the edit button! lol

  • jen

    thts right…..u better include kevin…..hahaha but thank you for fixing it,,,,
    we love KEVIN JONAS!!!

  • Aime

    Darn I wish i knew about this I would have gone there on tuesday .. There show was amazing in Dublin but chyr91 is right the K club is in Kildare .

  • Natasha

    I love them and all but they kinda look like my step-father there and that’s so weird. Shit im sorry Richard but sometimes you look… gay !! Sorry jonas brothers and Jonas brothers fan i had too say that .. :S

  • Nadia

    I play golf too and I want to play with them as well!!! AHHH~~~ JB ROcks!!