Miley Cyrus Surprises The Sparkles

Miley Cyrus Surprises The Sparkles

Miley Cyrus teaches some of the “Hoedown Throwdown” to Iowa cheer team The Sparkles backstage at one of her concerts.

The Sparkles, who appeared on Oprah during yesterday’s broadcast, shared their story of how they got their start and what the team has meant to the parents of the special needs children.

Miley shared in her bit, “I’m really excited to meet them. I’ve heard about everything they’ve done.”

She even brought the team out on stage with her during “The Climb!” How awesome!

Miley Cyrus Surprises The Sparkles, 11/24
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  • carol donato

    ooown, that’s cute. i love miley.

  • annie ryan


  • cathy

    oohh… it’s so touching… Love Miley for that…

  • cassy

    not her children so she prob doesnt really care

  • crystalclear4eva

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! that is soo sweeeeet of her this is why i luv miley she is so generous to her fans. miley and oprah<3<3

  • crystalclear4eva

    cassy:what do you mean not her children so she prob doesnt really care?

  • Jeje

    Thats sweet. Those kids will remember that for a long time…Im sure it meant a lot to them.

  • sunni


    why would you even say that, it you was born with autism and people uaslly would make fun of you but these two girls gain ur confedience and made you into something. miley took time too to get to know them and make them feel like superstars. why would u say that thats just rude. nothing nice to say shut up then gosh


  • cheslea

    @cassy: Cassie, what the hell? Seriously, it’s people like you who are always looking for something bad.

  • cheslea

    this was so adorable! I totally heart miley!

  • heat

    she is so amazing, ilh

  • Mary

    That has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Thank you miley for doing that, THAT is what celebrities are supposed to do with their fame, make people who really deserve it happy.

  • saris

    that was so amazingly sweet !
    i almost got tears in my eyes to see the smile at those girls faces =)

  • Ana

    cassy that’s so ridiculous! not her children? WTH??
    i totally agree with chelsea, you ppl are always looking for something bad. you’re disgusting, seriously.

    miley is great and has a great heart.
    it was such a nice thing to do.
    i love her so much!! she’s awesome!

  • daniella!!

    yes miley that was very sweet and touching and gernous of u but did any1 c the shorts she wore during her concert. those r the shortest shorts ive eva seen.

  • Mamic

    these girls are amazing. <3

  • EMMA

    shes amazing i love her so much right now ! miley forever !

  • omg!!

    some people really need to stop being rude .

  • omg!!

    and that was really sweet of miley shes a sweetheart

  • xoxo

    her fans looks so happy they cant stop laughing . i love you miley cyrus your the best in disney !

  • xoxo

    @daniella!!: omg ya that girl wears shorts like other people do omg ! why are you guys making a big deal? she didnt do a crime for the love of god

  • chrissy

    I agree with cassy
    she is so rite
    those r not mileys kids
    cassy was not making fun of the kids at all so WTH…
    its true tht its easier to bring the kids onto the stage
    then to hav them ur own…
    so calm down ppl

  • chrissy

    i agree with u

  • billythekid


    You said that because you are an A-Hole with a capital A. Miley deserves some flak when she talks stupid stuff like “not liking Twilight” etc when she shouldn’t say anything, but she deserves some praise for taking part in stuff like this.

  • asya

    so is this really the worst influence of the year?

  • lifesgood

    she is truly amazing!
    so proud of all she has accomplished=)
    she has a heart of gold<3

  • janeakaj

    wow that was really sweet!!! literally got tears in my eyes from watching this!

  • brittany

    mmk miley cyrus is doing a wonderful thing right huurr. i dont understand all the hate she is getting. whens the last time any of us was on stage with a cheer team like this one? miley cyrus is an amazing person on the inside. and i dont get why ppl look at the cloths shes wearing on the outside. if the case is not her children so she prolly dont care then how about mileys not ur kid.. so why shuld u care. have respect for somone like miley cyrus<3

>>>>>>> staging1