Taylor Lautner To Host Saturday Night Live

Taylor Lautner To Host Saturday Night Live

Mark your calendars!

Taylor Lautner will be hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, December 12th.

The 17-year-old Twilight actor will be performing skits with the SNL cast and introducing musical guest Bon Jovi, according to EW.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Taylor’s rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift hosted the comedy sketch show and even sent a wink and a kiss his way.

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Photos: Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone
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  • mikaela

    well im definitely watching this.

  • b

    OMG ! I love both Taylor and Bon Jovi ! This is going to be amazing !

  • http://www.twitter.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    Ah yay! Thank you for the info!

  • mia

    i’d actually rather see rob host it. i’m not a twilight fan but i’ve seen an interview or two with them and rob has more of a personality.

  • cass

    OMG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GUNNA SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bailee

    Oh my gosh, this is gonna be like the perfect ending to my bday! :)

  • Sarah

    hey im gonna be in new york that day are u able to see them before or after the show like do they come out?

  • Angelica

    Great! I’ll be tuning in to listen to Bon Jovi and looking at a shirtless Taylor Lautner. lol. They better write a skit with him without his shirt on!

  • c

    ughh…im sorry but I WANT ROB<3

  • Moira

    Is he going to host the show shirtless?

  • Deyanira

    cant wait!!!!

  • mrs jonas lautner

    its gonna be sooooooooooooooo GOOD! !!
    i cant wait to see it ! TEAM JACOB <3

  • brad

    why is he hosting it dude, rob is the star not him

  • Loren

    Was Rob unavailable or something?

  • MIchelle


  • http://www.elblogdeorne.blogspot.com ornella

    i want to see it right now ! iwant kristen host SNL too !

  • Dalovely

    *cough* Who cares about Rob? He’s a bit lame and probably too chicken to do SNL!

  • sweetness

    Wow! Awesome news Taylor…will definitely be watching SNL!

  • anonymous

    yess! taylor is so much more talented and hotter than rob

  • Nia

    I would def prefer Rob. Taylor seems immature and annoying.

  • abc

    Rob would be cool too, but I don’t think he’d want to host….doesn’t seem like he likes all the attention on him, based on what he says during interviews. Rob would be funny though =] I like the idea of Taylor hosting, I think he could pull it off. Kellan Lutz would be funny as well!

  • Jenna


    hahaha i agree 110%

  • anonymous

    I’ll definately be looking forward to Bon Jovi more than taylor lautner. This is going to be a great show!

  • Mimi

    dude was rob unavailble or something cause rlly… how many ppl actually no TL? like srsly. Robs more known … i dont even like Twilight. but if I had 2 chose than … rlly?

  • lycuricy

    Loren, you are so right!!!!!!

  • Beth

    Jusy cause robs more known doesnt mean he should host. GOSH WHY DO PEOPLE NOT LIKE TAYLOR. hes amazing :)

  • http://justjared.com Dreamsz09

    I can’t to see taylor. And Brad, what u talking about? Taylor a star as well not just Rob. TEAM JACOB!!!

  • marie

    Ugh! I’m so sick of this kid! He is everywhere.. BORING!

    ps; I do NOT want more freakin shirtless taylor!

  • yumi

    this kid is so gay….

  • NaTz.

    I loved Taylor in NEW MOON!

    He is so hot!

    haha =P

  • what!?

    okay here’s the thing…. first off… twilight was all about robert…. taylor needs his chance! … second … uhm taylor’s better! EVEN PEREZ SAID THAT and u can’t deny that taylor has more charisma and he can actually be funny!…. robert’s funny too but idk how to explain it… taylor will do great!!! i knw that for sure! robert would just be… AKWARD!! i really don’t know robert that well cuz i dnt wanna know about him but from what i’ve seen he doesn’t have the carisma taylor has so HA!
    you go taylor!

  • twilightzz

    Ohh boy .. I can’t believe there’s so many haters here! Team Taylor All The Way!

  • xoxo


  • Taylor#1

    Obviously Taylor got the part not Rob!….Taylor is Way better looking neways!

  • haha

    Yall just hating cus Taylor is better! That’s the truth! You cant handle!

  • gold baybay

    When I watched this is at the movies everyone (during promos) was screaming for Jacob, not Robert. It was a completely full theatre to. Robert definitely has personality, but Taylor has my vote. NOT for reasons you might think. And Rob looks and apparently spells bad. Every girl at my school is obsessed with Jacob so with all due respect I’m going to have to disagree and say Taylor is more well known. Now anyway.


  • Becka

    i can’t wait to watch it, I want to know what kind of monolog he’s going to do.

  • Laken WIles

    Yes, i love him(:

  • mech


  • Rose


    Rob had to take a shower on that day…

  • http://justjared.com sillypplsz

    this is awesome, i can wait to see it! and BRAD, i soo disagree with you. New Moon was all about Taylor. He is a star. Rob can move to the left.

  • Aisha

    ALL U HATERS NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT’S MORE ROB-CENTRIC AND STAY THERE!! STOP BLAMING TAYLOR FOR WOT THE SUITS R DOING!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!! IF U DON’T LIKE HIM THEN DON’T WATCH!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!! UGH I CAN’T STAND HATERS!! Obviously they wanted him cuz he’s more accessable than the others. Have u watched their behavior in front of the small screen? ACKWARD!! So they’re going wt the MOST COOL & CALM of the trio to host the show. He wouldn’t freak out if they give him something funny to do that would make him make fun of himself. He doesn’t seem to mind the spotlight so much as the other 2. He doesn’t look uncomfertable like the other 2 either. I’ll be looking fwd. to this show. 2 of my FAVES will be on that nite. I can’t wait. TEAM JACOB BABY!! GOOD GOING TAYLOR!! YOUNGEST HOST FOR SNL!!!! Another milestone for u!!! CONGRATS!!

  • karre

    its a change dude

  • duuumm

    OH NO!!! TAYLOR LAUTNER CANNOT ACT FOR HIS LIFE. and im not just saying that. hes gonna screw this thing up.

  • newport beach, 92660

    you sexy sexy boy…. :|

  • meghan

    the things id do to him…

  • Dawn

    @mia: are you kidding? of course there is going to be a difference Rob is a grown man and Taylor is well a very fine growing boy. BUT for 17 he has a great personality, this kid has become a over night star with HOT sex appeal, i think he is doing a great job keeping it together!!! Give him some more time and he will be blowing top stars off the screen :)

  • gaga

    amen dawn!! what a lovely comment and i myself will be tuning in to watch snl that day all taylor fans should

    lets blow the ratings out of the water it will reflect great on taylor

    ok i have a question would any of u watch and other movies taylor lautner stars in in the future- i certainly will!! anyone watching valentines day??

  • Nicole

    OH MY GOD!!!! I am so excited to see Taylor hosting Saturday Night Live!!! He is gonna be an amazing host Ahhhhh!! I Love Taylor Daniel Lautner!!!


    Sooo Excited!!!

    glad its not Rob

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