Victoria Justice: I'm Not Nina Dobrev

Victoria Justice: I'm Not Nina Dobrev

Victoria Justice takes a break on the set of filming the first Victorious music video to chat with Access Hollywood about her new series.

The 16-year-old shared about the show, “It’s basically about this girl, Tori, who gets thrown into this crazy world of performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts and there, she finds out about her new talents — singing, dancing and acting — and she gets to meet all these crazy kids who go to the school. It’s about expressing yourself and not being afraid of who you are.”

When asked about the striking similarities between her and starlet Nina Dobrev came up, Vic shared, “I know what you’re going to say — I look like Nina Dobrev. I get that all the time. There’s a poster up here for Vampire Diaries and people come up to me and say, ‘Congrats on the poster, Victoria.’ I’m like, ‘What? That’s not me!’ I think you’re beautiful Nina, so it’s a compliment to me. It was funny because she actually came up to me at the Scream Awards and she said that people always tell her that she looks like me too. We bonded over that.”

Victorious premieres on Nickelodeon in early 2010.

Victoria Justice – I’m Not Nina Dobrev
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  • Veselka

    Hey guys did you know that Nina Dobrev(Dobreva) from Vampire Diaries is Bulgarian.I am Bulgarian too.I am soo happy because she got so famous and there aren’t that much famous Bulgarian actors in Hollywood.Have you ever heard about this beautiful country Bulgaria?Please tell me.Bulgaria is small country and a lot of people in the world haven’t heard about usand that’s unfear becouse we have so many things that we’re good at,we have great history.nature and Fenomenal voices.

  • rumi

    her name is nina dobrevA !becouse she is from bulgaria i am from bulgaria too and we have so many beautiful girls :)

  • mia

    i don’t know who nina dobrev is so i looked her up. i guess i can see similarities in their features, but not so much where i’d mix them up. victoria has really prominent cheekbones and nina looks a couple of years older than her (which she is).

  • lisa

    shez cool but on youtube clevver tv waz like shez gonna replace miranda which will never happen because miranda is better.

  • saudia

    It’s true.. they both look alike.. I always think that when I see a pic of Victoria..both gorgeous girls though!! Love them

  • Jeddiey

    Nobody’s trying to replace anybody. I’m excited for Victoria and I think she’s sincere.

  • jess

    I love Victoria, she’s so fun

  • roro

    @Veselka: Most ppl probably only know that Viktor Krum is from Bulgaria. I do know that you guys used to be communists.

  • kamilah

    thats so true. every time i see a post of her on jjj i always think its the girl from the vampire diaries lol

  • kayCee

    She is not a bad singer. She is actually pretty decent and her acting is okay, but there is nothing about her that makes her stand out to me. She is pretty and all but I’m a girl so that doesn’t matter to me talent does. And since her singing doesn’t stand out or sound any different than what I’ve heard before; I mean at least if she had a unique voice I could get into her music but she doesn’t so oh well. I will give her show a chance when it comes out and hope everyone else does as well. Though I hope it focuses more on humor less on the singing.

  • nathalia

    i don’t know who nina dobrev is so i looked her up. they do look alike (:

  • Melissa

    They do have similar facial features but I can tell them apart pretty easily.
    They are both beautiful though.

  • lIB

    They definitely resemble each other. Nina’s face is shaped a little differently….. love her on the ‘Vampire Diaries’ on the CW …. check it on Thursday nights at 7:00…. hot, sweet guys too.

  • Audrey

    we are all very proud of Victoria and wish her great success, love you

  • jayson

    I love em both cause theyre real

  • Cece

    @Veselka: Well, In america atleast you have to not be all that educated to never have heard of bulgaria.!. I mean I’ll be honest i don’t know very much about it ,but still. Also , both victoria and nina are pretty ,but i don’t see the resemblance.

  • ella

    I love these two young actressess. I think, they’re two of the most beautiful girls in the Hollywood today! :))

  • joan

    I’ve never watched victoria’s show, but I’ve seen her in a couple of magazines, and honestly, when I first saw victoria, I DONT even think of ‘she looks like nina dobrev’ but when people say she looks like Nina, I started to realize that she does look like Nina, I don’t really know anything bout Vic, but I think she’s nice on interviews :) and I love Nina! <3

  • Aylin

    i really thought that victoria justice looks like nina dobrev, too, that´s why i began to watch victorious… a funny series.
    actually i watched vampire diaries cause of the vampire-twilight-thing, but really fast i realized that VD is a thousand times better than die twilight-saga(just the movie of course)…

    victoria justice is really beautiful, too..

  • Nicole

    I love Nina, she is an AMAZING actress and The Vampire Diaries is the best show ever! I used to watch Victoria on Zoey 101, but I don’t watch her new show..they definitely look alike! Nina is prettier I think, but they are both pretty!

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