Joey Pollari - JJJ Exclusive Interview

Joey Pollari - JJJ Exclusive Interview

Joey Pollari stars as Tyler Burns in Disney XD’s first original movie, Skyrunners, premiering TONIGHT!

The 15-year-old actor caught up with JJJ to chat about UFOs, filming in New Zealand and working with Kelly Blatz. Check it:

JJJ: Tell us a bit about your character Tyler?

Joey Pollari: Tyler is a very nerdy very intelligent kid who loves science and who always wants to do well in school. He is a real goody good kid but he’s also nervous about everything and never wants to get into trouble. Tyler isn’t a person who gets into trouble so when the UFO comes into his lap, a huge conflict arises for Tyler it kind of changes him as a person and throughout the movie.

Tyler and I have a lot in common — both of us really don’t like to get in trouble. We like to keep our ground and do the right thing, hoping things work out for the best. Both of our brothers push the envelope too. I like that Tyler has an older brother. I look out for my brother Jeff, just like Tyler looks out for Nick, who is played by Kelly Blatz. Nick in the movie is not always very appreciative in the movie.

JJJ: How was it working with Kelly Blatz?

JP: Oh Kelly. Aaron Stone is really good. He’s this hilarious, easy going, relaxed guy and he’s great to work with. He’s great, very quick and nice to have someone who’s just so easy to work with. He’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.

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JJJ: Do you have any funny on site stories to share with us?

JP: There are so many. It’s hard to choose just one! Oh, we had shot this one scene with hamsters and when we were shot a scene with Kelly holding hamsters. In between one of the takes, Kelly looked up with this look on his face and he was just like, ‘They just peed on me!’ (laughs)

JJJ: The movie was filmed in New Zealand. What was the best thing about filming there?

JP: Other than the best scenery, there’s this “Kiwi Way” attitude. Everyone is very relaxed, nice and outgoing. The people were very welcoming. They have this ‘no worries’ outlook on life and they just live that out.

JJJ: Would you like to go back just to go back?

JP: I would love to go back and get to do all the great activities there. To see the people again…there are a plethora of thinks to do. I didn’t get to do a lot of things that I would’ve liked to, but to go back…I’d do them in an instant

JJJ: During filming, what did you get to do?

JP: We went kayaking to a nearby island and we got to do into a glow worm cave. Kelly and I went dolphin and whale watching. That was pretty cool. We also went to a rugby game with Nathan [Stephenson] and Jackie [MacInnes Woods]. All the things were super fun, really good times.

JJJ: Skyrunners has a UFO theme in it. Do you believe in UFOs?

JP: I always say that anything is possible so I’m keeping my options open. Tyler, my character believes in aliens and outerplace more than I do. Always that possibility. Our universe is gigantic.

JJJ: Do you have any favorite sci-fi movies?

JP: I’m a big sucker for them! Especially the ones that are horribly made like Eight Legged Freaks or something like that. Some of my favorites are ET, of course, Body Snatcher…I love them all. There’s too many to name. The Syfy channel is on all the time at my house.

JJJ: Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

JP: Black Friday! Me and my mom get up early in Minnesota (where I live) and go shopping. You can get all the stuff you want and it’s great to people watch. The greatest spectator sport ever.

JJJ: Are you excited for the premiere of Skyrunners on Friday night?

JP: I am! I haven’t seen whole thing yet either. The special effects in the movie are really cool. They’re all done by by Weta Workshop Ltd., who’ve done all the aliens and everything in Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Narnia. They’re all just really cool.

JJJ: Do you have any guilty pleasures snacks?

JP: Sour gummy worms. On the set, my mom would pick them up. and in between takes, I would chow them down. I had to place them in a secret hiding place on set just for me. I love them.

JJJ: Where would you go on your dream vacation?

JP: I would love to go to Italy…actually, anywhere in Europe, but especially Italy. It would be great to go with my family.


Skyrunners premieres TONIGHT, Thursday, November 27 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

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Photos: Matt Klitscher/Disney XD
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