Lucas Cruikshank Films Fred

Lucas Cruikshank Films Fred

Lucas Cruikshank pulls on a backpack full of sleeping bags as he continues to film a feature movie of Fred in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (November 28).

The 16-year-old actor/YouTube sensation tweeted from set after tasting a can of sardines, “Sardines are fricken nasty!!!!!” Guess he didn’t like them!

Lucas recently released his first album titled, “It’s Hackin’ Christimas with Fred” which features several favorite holiday tunes plus two original songs, “Christmas Cash” and “Christmas is Creepy.”

Lucas is also set to star in the upcoming Emo Boy with Jamie King.

25+ pics inside of Lucas Cruikshank

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Credit: Nate Jones/Pedro Andrade; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Ivette Joga

    He’s so fake now :( I remember when he was not famous, I wish we could go back to those times. I really dont get it though. A fred movie? Two hours of a frigging high pitched voice? It’s a horror movie. Shane Dawson should have one. He IS funny:)
    P.S.: I dont hate Fred.

  • jenia

    Fred I love you! And when is this movie premiering?

  • rock_chic_chick

    are they frickin serious? a movie about some annoying youtube person.

  • GaGa

    Who cares?

  • TheRealALyssaCArson

    A fred movie? Aw, heck no!

  • Annie

    Stupid waste of film.

  • Ali(:

    Lucas is kinda becoming famous now. But in my option it’s worse than if u r considered Disney Channel star. After all DC was start for great, I mean really great actors & actresses. You know movie 27 dresses? actress was in DC movie too…
    Lucas will be kind of like Miley, in the way that he will be hard to be someone else than Fred. Miley released HM albums & now it’s very slowly to get away from Hannah Montana.

    Sorry if anyone disagrees! :(

  • shamilah

    Hell NO! a kid who got famous from youtube staring in his own movie :/ i mean whos goign to watch this seriously i cant stand him for 5min in a video but a MOVIE!!! no way

  • pup

    Shane Dawson PWNS this dumb f*u*c*K.

  • mirna

    he is not annoying
    you people are jealous
    and yeah i would go watch that movie
    you rock lucas

  • Ali(:

    Mirna, he may not be annoying, but don’t ya think Fred The Movie wouldn’t be that great idea? After all in youtube all characters are played by Lucas, while if movie would be like that it would be considered not really good.

    I’m not hater of Fred & I sometimes watch him, but I just kinda think that lucas should focus on something else or he would be remembered as Fred…

  • missyd

    yippee!!!! you rock, Lucas!!! me and all my friends will go!!!

  • Alexandra

    I’ve never completely gotten through one of his videos because of the voice. I just can’t stand it.

  • J. Ryan

    please tell me you’re not serious… i had heard rumors but i thought no one would be stupid enough to give this kid a FEATURE FILM!!! i a marathon of brilliant cinema and a few hours to pray that this idiotic turn of event won’t make it to the big screen… straight to DVD is fine, i can’t stop you.

  • Tina

    Lucas seems like a genuinely nice kid.. i hope these nasty comments won’t get him down..


  • @giberetta

    ownnnnnnnnnnnn lucas, i love ya s2

  • sooo

    at last its better than a hannah montana movie

  • sooo


  • jimbo

    @Alexandra: same here Alexandra. i will Never ever understand how anyone finds this kid amusing. i dont come on here to bash Anyone but i will never get this “phenomenon”

  • say whaaaaat?!

    people who watch this are going to have the biggest headache of their lives! i mean, 2 hours to “heeeey it’s freeedd!!!”
    that shiz kills.

  • Varsity Pictures

    @jenia: For all information about the FRED MOVIE Follow us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( We will post new info about the movie and when we will release it very soon!

  • what!?

    oh no!!! A FRED MOVIE! it’s gonna suck!

    well idk

    it’ll probably be good who knows?

    but doubt it!

  • Erinn

    Omg this better be showing in the UK!

  • hannah

    lucas is so hot. i would love to see the movie. LUCAS ROCKS

  • Courtney

    I’m a fan of him because he’s doing stuff I could never do.
    I have dreams, but I could never go out there and show myself.
    I’m a negative person, so comments like this would break my heart big time, and I would hate myself.

    I have found he’s turning fake. If you had fame you’d feel better bout yourself. I’ve sent him nice, not creepy fan mail. If I was famous, I’d answer my fan mail. Whenever people watch my videos and comment nicely I’m gracious! People like that that don’t even try to begin with are sad to me.

    I don’t know if I’d go see it, but I love this kid. He seems really nice. I hate how people spill out gay jokes & hurtful comments. If you were him, you wouldn’t blow it off. It would stick with it and feel like crap. He likes doing this, so let him do it! AT LEAST HE HAS GUTS! And, I’m happy that he’s famous. He said himself he wanted to be famous, and he couldn’t unless he did through youtube.

    And whenever I tweet someone famous on twitter, then never answer me because… I’m obviously not good enough.

  • kaylabUM

    @Tina:d GUD COMMENT

  • kaylabum


  • Melonie Krover

    I can’t wait for the Fred Movie to come out! :D

  • Melonie krover

    I can’t wait for the Fred movie to come out! I love Lucas!

  • inca christianson

    What some of you don’t understand is that Lucas Cruikshank got the attention of script writers and movie producers because of his talent in writing satyre and creating character’s . Although his Fred you tube series served as an audition which got him noticed by Hollywood, what producers saw was a young man who was very talented, and who could write, act and create characters. Lucas’ range of facial expression, and acting abilities is natural for him. Parents pay a fortune to send their kids to acting classes to learn to do what comes natural to Lucas.Lucas created his character Fred, and all the character’s in Fred’s wourld , at thirteen years , along with other characters.The director and writer of Family Guy saw his potential talent in writing satyre, creating characters , acting , as well as doing voice overs for animated films. Lucas’ talent far surpasses other you tube authors. If you want to get noticed by movie producers, create your own, original charactors, and the character’s world , build on your storyline , and stop copying everyone els on you tube. Be original, like Lucas, and keep your work g rated, so it is marketable. Lucas did everything right at 13 to 14 years, and deserves to be where he’s at. lucas plans to go to film school to act, write ,produce and direct. He also is trained in dance(tap, Jazz, Hip Hop), plays guitar, piano and has a great natural singing voice..So instead of hating on Lucas, clean up your own videos and develope a marketable product. Fred is just a character based on his two baby brothers. Fred is not Lucas ..If you can come up with your own original characters, and build around them, you have a great chance of being discovered yourself. Good Luck (smile)

  • xax

    @inca christianson: Are you his mom or something?

  • http://Zyedarkley Sarah St.clair


  • http://sweet_16drea andrea marri mendoza

    I really thought that he was just ‘Youtube sensation’
    i can’t believe that he’d be like this!!
    Oh my God!! I knew that he has everything!!
    I hope he gets his big break like Bieber!!

    When i first saw him on Youtube, he was actually in collaboration with the ‘Annoying Orange’, ..
    He was cute and adorable, alright!!
    But, later on.. I think he was HOT!!

    I hope he sees this comment and like it!!

  • ????

    My brother suggested I might like this website. He was once entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not believe just how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!