Vanessa Hudgens: Neutrogena Blooper Bouncy

Vanessa Hudgens: Neutrogena Blooper Bouncy

Vanessa Hudgens gets giggly and bouncy in this exclusive video from Neutrogena.

You’ll even get a sneak peek into Vanessa, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Gabrielle Union and Susie Castillo‘s foreign commercials.

Despite some mistakes, they still did great! JJJ is loving Vanessa‘s, 20, fishy face.

Check out the video below!

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Vanessa Hudgens & Emma Roberts – Neutrogena Bloopers
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  • http://adf ello

    FIRST!!!!!! she looks pretty:)

  • Lic_MerRy

    OMG! Vanessa so funny! we Love u fRom MÈXICO!

    Foow Me @Lic_MerRy

  • Serena

    Beautiful. :)

  • London Lemming

    I think its a good video. But personally i feel some of the outtakes are a little staged.

    My favourites are when they are trying to say it in a different tongue (Language)

  • carly

    vanessa looks so AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL =)

  • Anna

    aww cute. love vanessa and hayden<3

  • meme!!

    awwwwwwwwww Vanessa is sooo CUTEEE!!

  • Jess!

    OMG!! Vanessa is sooo gorgeous!!

  • agu

    vanessa is just STUNNING!

  • jo

    They are all really beautiful!

  • 00zanessa4life00

    aww vanessa is soo cute :P
    i love the vid !! soo funny :D
    i love nessas fish face thing :D

  • Carol

    Gawd I love V
    She’s too damn cute, adorable and beautiful.
    Her smile is stunning

    And Hayden is such a cutie too.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I am SO jealous of ALL of them. They really are beautiful. On the inside and out. :D Lol, I too love Vanessa’s fishy face and also where they’re saying it in another language. Vanessa’s laugh is so contagious too. Hehe.

  • VHud_rocks! cute..

  • .

    She is so cute! I luv vanessa

  • Christy

    Vanessa Hudgens looks cute and funny. She looks gorgeous too. So is emma roberts, Love vanessa’s fishy face thing too.

  • roxana

    oh thank you jared.. this video helped a lot. i was missing Vanessa,,she is been working really hard in Vancouver, but this video made my night. i love her, she is one beautiful girl!!!

  • heat

    lol those were really great, always love watching bloopers!

  • j

    LMAO!! that was so funny!

  • Jazmin

    Great bloopers….all girls are beautiful in their own way. Vanessa was just so cute and just simply beautiful!!!!

    Vanessa’s been busy working in Vancouver and have had no news or pix :( but this makes up for it…..Thanks JJjr for posting and making my night… :)

  • Jazmin

    oh..and love also the fishy face.

  • kami

    that was super cute.

  • Katty

    Aw, they are so funny. I love Vanessa, she is my fave.
    I want Vanessa news!!!!!! BAH

  • jlene

    Great bloopers, all of the women look great and boy are they funny with their expressions. Finally something on Vanessa hopefully to get some pics of her after her filming in Vancover, can’t wait.

  • marie

    vanessa’s too darn cute

  • lmao


  • LG

    She’s just to cute.

  • lmao

    vanessa: nada remueve impurezasmaquilla blaaah! LOL

  • itzel

    vanessa is beautiful :) its my favorite

  • Jess!

    i looooooooooooove the fishy face. :D

  • Vanne

    awwwwwww she is sooooooooo beautiful, i miss her so much……….please ness come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  • Alexia

    wow they are all oh so pretty.
    Vanessa’s such a goof ball. lmfao.

  • masbonita

    CUTE!!! Love Nessa smile.

  • birdie

    All the girls are so pretty. Vanessa is my favorite. I love her joy, and
    she always looks like she’s having fun.

  • Calee

    I just have one comment about it.

  • pop86

    All the girls are beautiful.

  • lslsharon

    Vanessa is soooooo pretty!!!!!

  • lslsharon

    Sooooo cute !!!Love Nessa!!!!!

  • Babiivfanforeva

    awww shes so bloody cute!!! awwww eeep shes so pretty and such a good spokesperson for neutrogena, they all are so gorgeous <3

  • Morengirla

    Lovely V

  • puppylover

    She is sooooo pretty.

  • puppylover

    Get all of Vanessa’s clothes here

  • dani

    Awe she’s so cute lol. I miss seeing her and Zac together though

  • MISHYb

    SHE ISS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. she out shines the rest well Gabriella Union is pretty up there as well as being GORGEOUS. But Mrs. Efron is friggin’ adorable how can Zac Efron NOT LOVE Vanessa Hudgens HELL I DO.

  • boji

    Love them all but I have to admit Vanessa is my favourite. She’s just so adorable and cute.


    LOVE IT!

  • http://teamhudgensindex minda

    vanessa is simply beautiful, bubbly and exciting thats why we love, adore and admire her

  • megz

    she is funny.. you can tell she has a great sense of humor….she did a nice try on trying to speak spanish or latin, i’m pretty sure it was spanish. any way she looks so pretty she looks so huggable =) i love her

  • Cindylover1969

    Vanessa Hudgens + Emma Roberts + Gabrielle Union + Hayden Panettiere = Epic win.

  • Taylor l-lover

    Baby V forever

>>>>>>> staging1