Selena Gomez To Star in The Seven Rays?

Selena Gomez To Star in The Seven Rays?

Selena Gomez chats on her cell phone as she and stepdad Brian arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday evening (November 30).

The 17-year-old actress, sporting a HurleyWinchester” jacket and Modern VintageMack” riding boots, is reportedly in talks to star in the movie adaption of “The Seven Rays” by Jessica Bendinger, according to the book’s Twitter account.

“The Seven Rays” is about honor student Beth Michaels who starts receiving gold envelopes with messages like, “YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE.” She thinks that a crazy person might be stalking her. When she begins seeing people’s thoughts, feelings, and personal histories on their electromagnetic fields, she thinks that she might be a crazy person. And then when the hottest boy in town, Richie Mac, kisses and becomes obsessed with her, she knows that something’s up. But she can deal with all of that until her mom gets freaked out by her erratic behavior and sends her to a psychiatric institute for observation.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Selena in “The Seven Rays?”

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  • Matt

    Good for her I guess.

  • Naomi

    I really hope she does that! It seriously sounds amazing! I want to read the book now haha.

  • Angelica

    cool. Selena is awsome!!!!!!!!! :)

  • EvErY1rOxX

    WOAHH! that movie sounds. . . . .erm interesting. um is that suppose to be a horror/ suspense??? a comedy(?)

    I really hope she does this movie too. only because it sounds very different

  • Anonymous

    Sounds a bit out there…guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • katie

    i think that’d be awesome! i’d love to se her branch out and do new things. she’s an incredible actress.

  • Sana

    I wish she does this movie cause it sounds great
    i woulkd definately watch it!!!!

  • justme

    i heard Kellan Lutz is playing Richie Mac

  • dani

    i hope she gets the role, sounds amazing (:

  • none

    if she is as good as everyone says she is it will be a hit if not then i hope she finds a role that is good for her. i love selena but i would hate for it to go to her head and her to wind up the next spears or lohan.

  • angelie

    The Seven Rays is very interesting. This movie has mixed with everything such as horror, love, comedy (I think) and science fiction. I think Selena Gomez can pull off her role in The Seven Rays.

    I heard that Selena Gomez liked this book ” The Seven Rays” according to the author, Jessica Bendinger.

  • sda

    ammmmazing :]

  • sda

    yay for her :]

  • sl

    omg! i cant wait.

  • angel

    I hope she gets this role. But then, I heard Kellan Lutz wants to be Richie? I don’t picture him in that role AT ALL. I hope someone else would play Richie if Selena is Beth. I don’t like the whole 25-trying-to-be-17 thing.

  • angel

    oh, wait…Richie supposed to be like 18/19 or something, right? But still…I hope someone closer to selena’s age plays him. I want this movie to have a good cast that can act, you know, unlike Twilight.
    Which reminds me, how can people be saying this is the next twilight? The story for The Seven Rays is much better than that piece of crap, with it’s sparkling vampires…seriously wtf is that sh!t?

  • anne

    I hope she does this project.

    @none: It doesn’t really mean she’ll end up like lindsay or britney. This movie will be like a challenge for her.

  • Everglowgirl

    OMG, She would be amazing in this film. I already read the book and it was unreal. So good. I can’t wait to see which character she would play! I also heard that Taylor Swift might be in it too!

  • Lauren

    yeah selena is definately good enough to play a part like this and it will be such a different role; because its not anythings shes done so far…and im loving that shes transitioning into more movie roles than staying tv, i know tv can be good to people but i think shes got such a big talent it would be wasted not for everyone to be able to see her on the big screen…and i definately agree with @angel: kellan lutz shouldnt be in this film because i dont think him and selena would look good together shes too young looking if yah get me he does look older than 24…but then again i cant think of anyone who could do it….hmmm

  • angel

    @Lauren I agree! Yeah, I hope this works out for her. She’s such a talented young actress. She deserves to be on the big screen so more people can see her awesomeness. Seriously, all the adults in my family love her. Wizards is the only Disney show they’ll watch. She’s just that good.

  • Carmel

    I think Selena would be perfect for the role!
    It would also be nice to see her do something more serious and not a Disney movie (:
    plus seeing her on the big screen would be awesome!

  • daniella

    @katie: yea i thnk thats good 2!! and dis movie sounds GOOD!! ima check it out :-)

  • monique

    Sounds like a disney channel original movie to me. You need to cast a really young looking man or else the chemistry will look sinister. She still looks like she’s 13.

  • itsmeagain

    sound like a rip-off of “PUSH” only with a much prettier actress.

  • blaireb

    @itsmeagain: What? They’re both completely different!

  • lia

    @angel: HAHA SO RIGHT THANK someone like you agree

  • http://- Mellz

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!
    i really hope that she gets the part !!
    the movie sound awesome !!!

    i know someone who is HOT enough to play richie..
    Steven R. McQueen from Vampire diaries !! he’s HOT hahahaa..

  • http://- Mellz

    NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • silly face

    wow this role is much diffrent then her usaul but i think she can pull it off its really great shes interested in other more darker roles the book looks really good i hope she gets it haha it would be funny if they cast taylor lautner as Richie talk about Awkward !

  • justme

    wtf? Kellan Lutz can act. He just doesn’t have much scene in Twilight and New Moon. Kellan was awesome in 90210 and Warrior and he can pull off as 18 year old

  • http://- Mellz

    dont they think Kellan Lutz is to OLD !!!
    richie is about 19 i guess..


    Omg cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT ROLE FOR SELENA

  • natiele

    eu amo muito a selena gomez ela vc e’muito legal ti amo muito beijossssselena

  • monique

    selena é nick já deu o que tinha que da

  • Selenafan

    I hope she does :)
    Can’t wait for her movies :D

  • evvyd

    i love the idea of selena playing this role; it’s so much more different and has a lot more depth then her usual disney character. she’s a young actress with a lot of potential and i think this will be great for her. honestly being a taylena fan even though im 18 i would love to see t lautner play richie. kellan lutz is a bit too old looking; but i think he can manage to pull it off it was the same as drew seely playing a 18 year old in acs. as long as it’s not another guy from the disney clan though lol. selena will definitely do amazing in this movie can’t wait

  • lindsay

    omg i think selena will be the puuurrrrfect choice for this movie,she acts really good and needs to move from the tv to the big screen,
    I certianly cant wait!

  • bob

    um doesn’t the story of this movie sound just like the story of the book Evermore?

  • dakotaisthebest

    I think DAKOTA FANNING deserves that role. She’s so much more talented at acting and i think she’ll do really good.