The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Poster!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Poster!

It’s time to start the Eclipse promotions — check out the full poster for the third film in the saga!

In the third movie, Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) have been reunited, but their forbidden relationship is threatened to be torn apart again with an evil vampire still seeking her revenge.

Bella is forced to choose between her true love for Edward or her friendship with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) as the struggles between vampires and werewolves continues. But there is still another choice for Bella to make, mortality or immortality?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters on June 30, 2010.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Eclipse poster? Bigger pic inside…

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eclipse poster

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  • mandy

    seems like “the ring” poster

  • VanAHudgensFan

    I love the poster :)

  • niki


  • Bea

    Why aren’t they on it?

  • brad

    i like it better becuz it doesnt have ugly jacob on it :)

  • Mam

    OH men!! I’m still breathless from New Moon!! and you guy are promoting Eclipse already!?
    do you want to kill us all!!??
    HAHAHA:)it’s cool anyway!
    love it<3
    Eclipse is my Fave book of all;)
    see? now I can’t wait for Eclipse:D

  • Kellsey

    Amazing! This movie should be very good. I love this saga, one of the best :) Totally will be seeing this movie at midnight. Can’t wait!

  • Sahina

    i just hope they don’t end up showing too much like they did with New Moon. i’m a fan but showing too much just put me off.

  • Jayckson Lucy

    WOW! I love it! Man, July 1 cannot come fast enough, especially after the New Moon end. It’s beautiful.

  • marie

    ahhhh i can’t wait..!

    ”It’s him, it’s always been him”

    Team EDWARD!

  • amy

    Oh god here we go again :|

  • Ella

    Awesome poster.. My sister reakons its fake hahah

  • Jenna


    oh god so true

  • jess

    sso great!! It will be awesome because of David!!

  • VAshFanForLife

    TEAM EDWARD for life!!!! He’s was the one, he’s been the one, he is the one and he will ALWAYS be the one!!
    can’t wait for eclipse… I’m like reading it for the 100 time.^^
    but breaking dawn is my absolute favorite!!! :D

  • LC

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  • teamjacob

    team jacob.

  • alana

    wowwwwww, cant wait to see jacob kissing bella hahaha
    the poster looks awesome !!

  • VAshFanForLife

    iiu. no!!! and I can’t wait to see bella wants to have more than just kissing with edward!!^^ :D this will be awesome..

  • NaTz.

    Am I the only one who is both Team Edward and Team Jacob at the same time?


    I have a very good answer and theory for that.

  • lmao

    @NaTz.: same here.. just in the books of course, the movies really suck

  • Sarah

    your not the only one im both team edward and team jacob , this poster is amazing , i’ve already seen it on a twilight site so , ur a little late jared , but either waay its amazing , eclipse is my fave book out of the saga so naturally im more excited for it than i was new moon i already have my countdown widget LOL

  • Sarah

    your not the only one im both team edward and team jacob , this poster is amazing , i’ve already seen it on a twilight site so , ur a little late jared , but either waay its amazing , eclipse is my fave book out of the saga so naturally im more excited for it than i was new moon i already have my countdown widget LOL

  • NaTz.


    I thought I was the only one!
    lmao, I prefer the books too =)

    And my fave book is New Moon.


  • tinker178

    OMG!! I think it is perfect!! The book is very dark! So it is good poster!! but there is soooo much romance in the book 2 so i think there should be one with EDWARD BELLA AND JACOB! u

    maybe somthing were bella is in the middle and edward is holding her had and so is edward!1

  • tinker178

    My favoirte books in order are:

    ~Breaking dawn: b/c she is closer to edward and the family, and becomes an vampire!! and she is an extraordinary beautiful vampire! and her charcter is soo diff!!
    ~Eclipse: b/c she is falling in love with jacob! She kisses jacob and edward has mixxed emotions!!
    ~ Tie for New Moon and Twilight: b/c bella finds out more of jacob nd edward….: Twilight cus she meet edward!!

  • iellidy

    so esperar para ver este contando as horas.

  • bruin

    i saw this poster the before new moon came out, my theater had it up already, but i cannot wait for more robert pattinson scenes

  • caroline

    it’s strange that the twilight and new moon posters had bella and edward in them, and as I can see this one doesn’t, I guess they’ll make another one with them in it !

  • carprhys

    love the poster and i cant wait for the movie to come out

    Team Edward all the way

    and my fav out of the saga is breaking dawn but love the all books anyway

  • hayden

    it needs to have bella edward and jacob on it!!!

  • Rocky

    BAD move on Advertisement. it is way too early to start promoting Eclipse…

  • jacobs girl!

    It looks awesome! cant wait till it comes out! I bet it will be better than new moon! Team jacob!!!!!!

  • Kris

    I REALLY hope eclipse is amazing and sticks true to the book. Sure, they’re not going to have every scene be the same but atleast get most of the jist of what was in the book in the movie..
    Eclipse is my favorite book! it’s got enough scenes with Bella & jacob and Bella & edward and Edward & Jacob.. And the wolves and cullen family. PLUS a whole lot of romance too and action. It’s the best in the series IMO.

    Anyway. Just a few things i hope they have in the movie:
    reunion “kidnapping scene” when edward says he prefers brunettes ;)
    motorcycle “you look.. kinda sexy” scene .. so adorable!
    ALL of Chapter 20 compromise. EVERYTHING they shouldn’t change a single thing.
    tent scene of course

    ah! so many more.. I hope they true to what the story comes down to ultimately in the end .. Yes Victoria is trying to kill Bella and theres actions and there are wolves with freaking 12 packs that all the girls will be swooning over BUT the bottom line is down to the core the story is still about and has always been about Bella and Edwards relationship. So i hope they don’t shy away from all the romantic scenes and give us the moments that we love so much about B&E from the books..

    Okay i’m done with my rant :)

  • Kris

    Team Edward all the way !!!!! :D
    i will still loyal to edward! Unlike those who have converted just because taylor lautner looks really good with his shirt off in the pouring rain..
    seriously? shallow much.

    Not all, but admit that a majority of NOW team jacob fans switched because of that.

  • caitlin

    @mandy: Yeah I agree, but it is still pree cool :)

  • Karina

    love the poster. can’t wait for eclipse.

  • francesca

    i am so excited. cant wait for the battle scenes and cullen stuff. i just hope they dont over expose the movie like new moon. i mean trailers, tv spots are cool and all, but it doesnt leave much for when the actual movie comes out. btw, when does the trailer for eclipse come out?

  • Laura

    hey, who know when will be the first Eclipse trailer?

    P.S. I realy like the poster :***

  • Kellbelle

    OMG OMG!! okay thats exactly 13 days after my 17th birthday!!! OMG BEST LATE-B-day PRESENT EVER!!!! : )

  • ninnia

    i really like this poster, I trust David Slade a lot, because I dont like NM very much.. :)

  • luis

    No puedo esperar para verla :D
    jejejje, Twilight y New Moon fueron lo
    mejor ejejejej la primera la vi 3 veces la segunda
    voi por la 3 jejejejj bye

  • Ivy

    The poster is dark and the movie is gonna be dark, too.

  • Emily

    Unfortunately, this darn movie comes out on my birthday. I will see it with few friends, maybe at midnight, but I just don’t like the fact that it’s coming out on my 15th birthday.

  • lauren miria vignola

    I loved the twilight soga New Moon better then the first twilight movie. I am looking forward to see this movie to compare it with the book

  • lauren miria vignola

    I love the Charactor Edward because he is so romantic with Bella and he is so jental with her to. Jacob is too rough with her and I do not like when he controlls her in the movie.

  • jeni

    CNT WAIT !!!! Team Jakeward LOL im sorry i cnt choose its way to hard

  • team Switzerland

    I can’t wait for June 30. Eclipse is my favorite book….”Would you please stop trying to take your clothes off.” and who can forget about the tent scene…..

  • filsan

    oh my god so happy cannot wait and i love eclipse my fave book at of them da sagas and im in between team edward and jacob can’t choose between them im so dere da day it come out in cinema

  • Clearwater imprint

    OMG! They should make a better poster having Edward Bella Seth Riley and Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    UGH! Screw bryce dallas howard
    TEAM SETH!!!!!!!!!!
    TEAM RILEY!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1